The Luna's Rejected Assassin

The Luna's Rejected Assassin

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Bella's life in prison is slowly breaking her. Hope ebbs away until one night, a desperate Luna comes to her cell with an offer she can't refuse. She can walk free, but must return with the hulking, dangerous man with three angry scars on his neck. Wolfless, lost and scared Bella must find him in time. Together their pasts have the potential to be the foundation of something more but can love truly overcome all? White Forest Pack Series *Book 1 - A Banished Alpha *Book 2 - The Luna's Rejected Assassin *Book 3 - The Beta's Prize

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95 chapters
Chapter 1
Entering the mouth of a darkened cave a short young woman tentatively made her way along the cragged surface. Whispered instructions told her to stand in a distinctive circle of stones created on the ground.  Her brown eyes squinted in the darkness of the cave, trying to ignore the drips of water landing on her head and the certainty there was animal faeces underfoot. Scrunching her nose, she silently weaved her way into the darkening void until with the very last of her vision she saw the circle of fist-sized stones. Standing in it she quickly announced, “I’m here,” her heart racing. This man had been hard to track down, although repeatedly assured he was worth it by the shadowy figures she had already been forced to negotiate with. “What do you want with me?” a deep, menacing voice replied. She spun around quickly seeking the voice’s face, but the cave rendered it impossible to catch the direction. “Well?” he snapped impatiently. Read more
Chapter 2. Helena POV
Waking up, I realise I am alone in the bed yet again, Alexander must have got out of bed ahead of me. He says it is because he hates to see how sad I look when he leaves but it hurts me more to wake up alone. I thought the point of having a mate was to never feel lonely again.He is overwhelmed with work as Alpha of this huge pack, following the battle with the Five Lakes Alpha’s everything turned upside down, including losing his father. These last months have shaken his confidence. Every decision he makes he worries will be the one that destroys his father’s legacy. It has been chaotic with the funeral, the coronation, strategic planning for the pack’s future, a never-ending list of things for a leader to do.My world has changed too. Now I am officially Luna I cannot just take off running or vanish into the library whenever I feel like it. The daily running of the castle has fallen to me, so I have my fair share of boring meetings to co
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Chapter 3. Bella POV
Another grey and pointless day of my shitty life begins. It has been almost eight months since what was meant to be Helena and Bram’s commitment ceremony. The party where my life completed its path towards self-destruction. As the only prisoner currently in the hold, all I can do is wait for my turn to be hung and paraded against the East Wall as a warning for others. It is the only fitting punishment for a crime like mine.In these desperate times, I seek the past for comfort. I can still easily picture Bram, his dark eyes and slicked-back hair, lying beside me, taking up nearly all the bed. He could paint the most fantastic images with his words.Worlds of balls, titles, prestige, power to make the world anything we liked, it was intoxicating. He would kiss me gently, pet me and reassure me that I was the most important person in his world.“Bella, you are my guiding star, you know. Everything I am doing is for you.&r
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Chapter 4. Helena POV
Things are going from bad to worse. Not only has Ivan written to confirm he is returning with Azalea in the next two weeks, but a new vision has also emerged.   The last time I had such a strangely specific recurring dream every element came true. The blue four-poster bed of Bram's room, my feet being dragged barefoot through the grass as I was rescued from the burning ballroom and the silver blade stained with ruby-red drops of blood. I would have lost Alexander that day if it hadn't been for those visions, it made me realise he was in danger and I managed to save him from being crushed. My heart was in my stomach as I wrote down the details, fighting the urge to throw up as I urgently scribbled the remnants of my memory.   -------- Bloods
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Chapter 5. Bella POV
I lay on my bed staring at the ceiling, just listening to the sound of my own heart and pulse. Half-eaten food litters the cell and at night the sounds of rats have started to keep me awake. It is half-eaten because it is disgusting and I would rather go hungry right now. Wallowing in self-pity doesn't require too many calories either. However, I know that a few more months of hunger and I will eat any slop they give me. My lethargy towards my own life does not extend to starving to death just yet. I try to ignore the fact that if I am treated mercifully, as they would describe, I could be in this room for another sixty years.   Once more I cast my mind to a different location and try to evacuate reality. Laid on the narrow bed, staring vacantly upwards, my imagination took me to a better place. One where I still had Gitte and where Bram adored everything about me. I am like an untethered boa
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Chapter 6. Bella POV
The question hung in the air like a bad smell. Helena seemed surprised I didn't leap up at the bars like a pound dog snapping at her offer. Instead, I remained seated, silent. She forgets I have been the fool for someone else's plan before.   "Well?" she hissed quietly.    "I need to know more before I can make a decision," I replied coolly.   "The goblet I showed you and the man... is from a vision I've been having. The last time I had these visions it was the night of the ballroom fire...everything came true."   The ballroom fire. I had missed that bit of the evening, having been placed under arrest and escorted away by then. I did not see Bram, exposed for having blackmailed Helena into pretending they had a
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Chapter 7. Bella POV
New energy seeped into my bones last night. For the first time in eight months, I was edgy, alert and aware of my surroundings. The guards still paid me no attention, scattering my twice-daily bowl of support towards me as usual. The main difference was this time, I ate it. I felt as obvious as a glowworm, an aura of energy pulsing out of me.   If Luna Helena intended to talk to them there I would need to be very nimble to not be seen behind her as I ran for the exit.   Once past the guard's station, it is upstairs, into the main warren of corridors outlining the castle which I know inside out anyway. Being late at night only the Moon Goddesses goodwill is going to keep me safe from bumping into someone.    In my pitifully ragged prison clothes, I certainly won't be pas
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Chapter 8. Helena POV
It's been three days since Bella's escape and Alexander is furious. Every spare Beta, Omega and child, have been put on patrol, every town notified about her appearance and notoriety.   Late at night, when I am dressed for bed in my silk robe, Alexander finally returns from another meeting. Fyre warns me to swallow down my resentment at being left behind all day again.   He paced the plushly carpeted floor of our suite quickly, his face drawn and sullen. It reminds me of when he was banished and his mind was a mystery to me. When Bram persuaded Bella to murder Luna Grace he didn't just get rid of his mate, he pinned the blame on his brother so he could move up the line of succession.    As he silently sits at his desk I feel the tension building between us.
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Chapter 9. Lucien POV
I don't know why I'm dawdling on this Alpha Alexander job. Normally I get my payment and set off like a missile and my neck is searingly bad right now. The focus and tension of hunting these people down have been the only thing easing the pain for the past few years. Even sex fails to dispel to constant agony, despite testing the theory with every woman who flung herself at me.   I'm deep in Five Lakes territory, still a few hundred miles from Silver City where this new target is based. I've asked around a few rough bars about this guy. You can't trust a slavishly loyal Beta to tell you the truth. It's the omegas, the servant types who confirm if the guy is a piece of shit or not.   So far though it seems he's an angel. Framed by his brother, banished for three years then the instant he gets cle
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Chapter 10. Bella POV
It's not like I'm directly disobeying Luna Helena's orders. I'll be keeping an eye out for this scarred psycho but starting as far as possible from White Forest. Twenty minutes after starting the bike I had my confidence but found myself heading south as fast as possible without stopping except for fuel. It was like an out of body experience, the route, the direction, everything just seemed right so I went with it, chasing the horizon. My conscience continuously gnawed at me, if I was to find this man surely I needed to be stopping in villages, taverns and asking some questions. The newfound taste of freedom was too sweet to give up though. As soon as the sun rose my escape would be known and my grey eyes and short dark hair would be distinctive enough for people to claim a reward on my head. So I rode. The sun shone and the nights were mellow, warm enough to sleep outdoors after all day tearing through the countryside. With the supplies in my bag, I could av
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