The Last Dress

The Last Dress

By:  Vitamincee  Ongoing
Language: English
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There was a girl that was ready to face her death without having any regrets by shutting everyone down. She had not experienced falling in love with a person and taking risks. However, when she decided to go to college, she met a guy. And without any notice, her life was slowly changing. Is she finally willing to take the risk even if she knew their end game?

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30 Chapters
Veronika Race Mendez
"I'm not going to sugarcoat things for you, Miss Mendez. You only have at least eight months to live based on your test results" My heart skipped a beat. My mom, who was trying hard not to cry, held my hand. The doctor looked at me straightly but I can see her worries too. I smiled at them both, telling them that it's okay. "It's okay mum. Im fine, you don't need to be worried" I am prepared. I already knew this would happen to me. I know I won't live any longer in this chaotic but beautiful world. I have cancer, some sort of malignant neoplasm of blood-forming tissues. It was discovered just last year because I noticed that I was getting a lot of bruises and I was paler as well. So I decided to have a check up, but it was a little too late. "I am sorry to inform you that you're not getting any better. You have stage 4 acute lymphoblastic leukemia so you have to expect the worst" The first time I heard that news, I was
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Bucket Lists
Since we don't have a class scheduled every Friday. I also did not have any plans. I forgot to make a plan because I was so hung up on figuring out what I felt yesterday. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I better check my SNS first. Same old news, same old viral videos, same old messages, same old faces, same ol-wait, a new friend request and a message request. Who could it be? Click. Killian Je with captain hooks profile picture. Eh? Killian, my block mate? Should I accept him? Wait, I better read his message first. Maybe it's important. You know, I always get 'How are you' , 'Are you doing fine' , 'You okay' messages. I know they're all concerned but I hate it, it's like they really pity me so mom explained why they sent me those and now I kind of am trying to understand them. Opening. Killian Je: [Can I come over to your house? We need to make our bucket list] Well at least that's a refreshing new message to read but what will I re
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Probability Of...
"Can any of you give me the definition of Probability?" The teacher asked the whole class. Probability. What is the probability of me having a longer life here on earth? I guess 1 out 10 chances. I'm not really worried about that. If my probability to live is less than the others, then I might as well live my life to the fullest and enjoy the little things that come my way. Now what would be the first thing that I would do? Should I follow my bucket list? I know there is also a least probability that I will finish all that was written on the list in just eight months but nevertheless I will do all of it, or at least I will try my best to. "Miss Mendez, do you mind if you share your daydream with us?" I was surprised because everyone was looking at me and the teacher was right in front of me. That happened real quick. What should I do? This is embarrassing. I wanna slap myself right now. Ugh. "I-i was thinking about it's
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Wish Come True (Part 1)
It had been three days since that awkward confession happened and guess what?I told Mal about it and it seemed like she was more excited than me. Well of course, I felt a little excited because it was my first time being courted but I could not forget the fact that I'm not here to stay any longer. I'm a time ticking bomb, I could explode any moment.I am currently at school because it's Wednesday and we have a class schedule for certain subjects."Race, what are you thinking?" Killian asked, I faced him. We're here at the cafeteria eating lunch together. It was kinda awkward because most of the students eating were looking at us.Especially his ex-girlfriend along with her squad. If looks can kill then I probably would not last in eight months, I would be lying right now in my customized coffin."Nothing. It's just that everybody is staring at us" I simply told him. He told me the other day that h
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Wish Come True (Part 2)
"How did you do all of this?" I asked them. Killian held my hand and faced me. Mal just smiled behind him."You want to cover songs in a recording studio right?" He softly asked me. I smiled and nodded. Since I was a kid I wanna do this."Heiro and I made this. It was supposed to be a vacant room but I asked mom if it's alright if I make a recording studio and she agreed. Do you like it, Vey?" Mal excitedly said.I looked at the designs, the piano, the sound systems, all there is in a real recording studio. I can't believe it's really here.Although, I always wanted to record in a real studio with music producers and directors but their efforts are really...I can't explain it. It's unexplainable."We know it's not the exact studio with directors and producers..." Killian said but I did not let him finish his speech."Are you kidding me? I-I love it. This is really incredible you guys, I mean no words can e
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The Encounter
Time flies so fast that I did not even notice it's the last week of August. I've been very busy also because Killian and I were assigned to sing an original country song in honor of the Language Month celebration this Friday.We've been practicing but most of the time having fun on the things that we're doing.Oh I have crazy news, our video having a duet went viral. Crazy right? I never thought it would be a hit and the cover of songs Mal gave to her step dad was a hit as well.Everytime I turn on the radio, I hear a lot of listeners texting the DJ to play my cover songs. How cool is that?"Race we need to do our last practice now in the theatre hall" Since then Killian and I have been inseparable. It's like our bodies are glued together. Everytime we have an activity that is done by a pair, we instantly stare at each other giving a signal.And now we are heading to the theatre hall together for practice. Mom and Dad
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Heated Argument
"Y-you don't know what happened." That was the only phrase she could say.Please, I thought this was a scary fight. Now I think I'm the bad girl here. Somebody give me a lioness, not a kitty cat."Maybe, but I do know that you're being desperate. He's never coming back to you so just move on. Go find another toy to play with. That's what you're good at right?" After I said that she slapped me again. Is that all she can do? No pulling of hair? Tearing of clothes? Throwing of high heels like I always see in the movies?"She's all yours. Do whatever you want with her" My heart skipped a beat. W-what? Is she going to leave me with these pervert looking guys?No. Please no."Go get the camera ready Gabe. This is going to be fun" He put on his evil smile. God help me. I don't want to die right now.Just close your eyes Veronika. This is all just a dream. A nightmare to be exact. Close your eyes and everything wi
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Gossips and Controversies
Killian took me home safely yesterday. He told my parents what happened and that he was gonna take care of it. He also said that it would be best if I would be absent the whole day today but I insisted on going. I don't want to be absent because if I do, they would probably think that I'm scared of them and I will never give them that satisfaction until my last breath. I changed my clothes and got out of the house after eating my breakfast. I'm now riding a taxi on my way to the campus. After twenty minutes with a traffic delay I finally arrived at campus. I paid the driver my fare and got outside of his taxi. Walking alone, I always put my earphones on so I dont have to hear their nonsense gossip everyday. I mean why talk about something that isnt true or if it is true why waste your time on that? Time is too precious to waste. At least for me it is. I am still walking but I sensed something strange
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Just the Two of Us
Two weeks have passed since that fiasco. Everything went smoothly, after that talk we had with the Dean. She then met with the faculty about the case, and they decided to expel Sasha and her minions due to the embarrassment they had caused on campus.That exact night, the Dean, I mean, auntie, visited me at home, then she told us about their final decision. Fortunately for those three, I begged my auntie to change their decision because if they expelled them, no other campus would accept them. Their future will be ruined, and I don't want that to happen to them. I know they also have future plans in life that they want to achieve.She hesitated at first, but I didn't give up on as
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"I don't want to watch movies anymore. Let's go to the garden." He took the tray that I was holding and headed straight to the garden. Wow. He could've at least waited for me, right? What a gentleman, indeed, Killian.Be thankful he helped you with the tray.I'm not talking to you anymore. I've had enough of you today.Both of us were walking towards a certain spot.I saw him sitting on the ground with a blanket and a basket. How d
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