Whispers of Love

Whispers of Love

By:  Gwyneth  Completed
Language: English
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Kurt Morgan was like a light and shining armor to Annika Channing when they first met. But what he did heroically to save Annika from the harassment of customers ended in suspicion when he suddenly proposed to Annika to pretend to be his girlfriend. Because of the large amount of money Annika needed to support her sister, who is in jail, she agreed. But she later discovered that Kurt's brother was actually the reason her sister was in jail. Suspicions about Kurt's true intentions in approaching her resurfaced - did he simply come up with the idea to spy on her and to protect his brother? And she suddenly questioned his love as well? She was confused and puzzled about who she was going to listen to. Who should she trust more: her sister, a blood relative, or the man who makes her heart pound?

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46 Chapters
Girl in The Bar
“Hey, Annika! Will you work and move faster?! We have lots of customers tonight.” A female who was the manager of the bar Annika was working for shouted at her with a straight face, so she immediately came back to her senses and nodded continuously. “Here, take this. Serve this to table number 7… and faster!” The manager added, so Annika went out to the hall to serve the food.    The loud and cheerful music welcomed her as she was looking for table number 7. She rolled her eyes around the area and at last, she was able to find it in no time. Two men were sitting at that table, but what caught her attention was the first man who was looking very mysteriously. He was wearing a signature white polo, an expensive watch and by the looks of him, Annika knew he was crazily rich. She wasn’t sure what was happening to her, but she was magnetized by his gaze.   “Your order has arrived,” Annika told them as she put down the food together with some
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The moment she heard what Kurt whispered in her ear, her heart suddenly started to beat faster and faster. She got scared and nervous as she didn’t understand a thing that was happening at the moment, everything was moving so fast. She didn’t see the man get punched earlier, next thing she knew, he was just on the ground.  Now, the guy who saved her was asking her to be his girlfriend. “What is he saying? I think he got the wrong girl, he might be mistaken. Something like this would never happen in the real world, this is something that only happens in movies. A complete stranger asking me to be his girlfriend? What is happening?” She thought to herself as she felt a little overwhelmed about all of the things that were happening at the moment. "Are you nuts? I don't even know you."  Kurt on the other hand was just laughing and smiling at Annika as she couldn’t hold back anymore, sh
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When she came back to the kitchen, her boss Nikki was furious at her. She was looking at Annika with a pissed look, she didn’t know what her boss was going to do to her after the accident that she may or may not have caused earlier. “So Annika? What do you have to say for yourself? Don’t you know the trouble you caused me after everything you’ve done earlier? I’m just lucky that they weren’t going to sue me or my business. Good thing I was able to talk to those men before they went out.” Nikki said in an infuriated tone of voice as she looked enraged and reddish all over.  “So it’s my fault? They’re the ones who grabbed me and tried to make me sit with them, yeah that wasn’t going to happen. It was either the, or me, and obviously, I chose the latter.” Annika said to herself in a low tone of voice to make sure that her boss doesn’t find out about her ranting.  Read more
Undesired Feelings
“You should know that I’m not that kind of person. You of all people should know that, but I don’t think that I can choose you over a business that I’ve poured my heart and soul into for so many years already.” She said in a dejected tone of voice as she had a hard time firing her employee.  “I’m sorry Annika, but it was either you or my business, and I choose my business because this is something I worked hard to build for years on end. This is something that I put effort and sacrifices to get to where I am right now, I won’t let anyone ruin it because of a lawsuit that I could potentially face. Nope, I am not having that right now, I’d rather fire you on the spot, it may seem harsh but this is reality. Sometimes, it’ll hit you right in the face, but most of the time, it’ll knock you down on the cold hard floor and make you realize that the entire world is always against you and you will hav
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As she was walking out of there, something suddenly came through her mind. She kept thinking to herself about what she and Kurt agreed to, their terms and agreements about each other’s side.  She was thinking if she had forgotten to say something to him, she was having second thoughts as well. Annika wasn’t sure if she would still continue with their little deal, she was wondering if Kurt was having second thoughts as well. “When he said that I was one of a kind earlier back at the bar, I felt like I was special for once. But did he really mean it? I wonder if he was lying or not, but why do I care anyway? He and I met a few hours ago, I don’t even know anything about him, why would I care about what he thinks about me? Is this seriously happening right now? Why do I even care about whether he meant what he said earlier or not? That’s because I don’t, I don't care about a single thing he said or will say in the future abo
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Out of Line
“Oh no… I think I forgot to tell him something. But he already said that falling in love was not an option, so I guess that’s the same thing with what I was thinking earlier? I mean, not falling in love means that feelings should and will never get involved because he deemed it so? I think it’s the same thing with a different name for it, yes. So I guess that’s settled now, I just need to do one last thing, I should really get out of here.” Annika thought to herself as she felt like people were still watching her and could hear her every single thought. The anxiety started to creep up on her again, she didn’t know what she was supposed to do to make everything stop. But this isn’t normal for Annika, she hasn’t experienced any anxiety before meeting Kurt. She felt like he did something to her to make her feel like she always has to worry a
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Wardrobe Change
“Oh I better text him the address, I think it’s almost time for our date. Or not, he didn’t exactly tell me any time.” She said in a reluctant tone of voice, she felt like she was being forced into what she was doing even though she agreed with full consent. Almost ten minutes had since passed when he gave him the address to their house, he was riding through a rough and unpaved road with his sports car. It's not a car that’s usually built for roads like that. When he was on his way, he thought that the address she gave him was a fake one since he wasn’t expecting Annika to be living in what looked like to him, a dump. “This is where she lives? Oh my… I just hope that she's already ready.” He thought to himself as she honked his horn in front of the house she said she lived in.&n
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Uncomfortable Feeling
Kurt arrived a few minutes after the call ended. Annika was very excited to shop for new clothes. She remembered how many clothes she used to shop before and this made her a little sad. Annika followed Kurt attentively. Annika was a little surprised when Kurt went to the most expensive store. She didn’t need to research it because just by looking at the store, she knows it’s a hella expensive one. The manager from the store offered them a free champagne. Annika was amazed by all the beautiful dresses. She can wear some dresses that celebrities have worn to the red carpet. She felt shy because she thinks this is too much for Kurt. Kurt tapped her on the shoulder “go look for clothes. I’ll wait for you here.” She replied. “Isn’t this too much?” Kurt smirked. “You’re not gonna spend a single penny here. You don’t have to worry.” She
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Embarrassing Date
After the talk with Kurt last night, Annika still feels a little hurt with what Kurt said to her. It affected her self-esteem. She was wondering if she has enough patience to deal with Kurt’s personality. Today, they are going on another date. Kurt told her that he would pick her up today. He didn’t say where they were going but he advised her to wear the black halter neck maxi dress.Kurt, on the other hand, is feeling excited about their date today. He prepared a lot for this date. He is going to take Annika to their family restaurant. He wanted Annika to meet the people who work for them in their restaurant and at the same time, he wanted his mother to know about his girlfriend. He knew that the people from their restaurant would report this to his mother. Two birds in one stone.Annika was preparing for their date when Kurt called her. She waite
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The Drunk Truth
Kurt was laughing so much it almost brought tears to his eyes. ‘What was she thinking?’ The thought of Annika expecting him to kiss her was too funny for him. This is making Annika more uncomfortable and embarrassed. Kurt was being insensitive. “Kurt, please stop. They are looking at us.” She whispered. Kurt composed himself and tried to stop laughing. “Let’s sit down for a while.” Annika went to the restroom because she was on the verge of crying. ‘This is so embarrassing’ she said to herself. She washed her face and looked in the mirror. Someone knocked on the door and when she turned, she was shocked to see Kurt in the girl’s restroom. “What the hell, Kurt?&rdqu
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