Silently Falling for Her

Silently Falling for Her

By:  M.Mireya  Updated just now
Language: English
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This is a SEQUEL TO TOGETHER WITH LOVE story. Mireya Waters was such a charming girl, who would light up the whole place with her smile. She is beautiful. She loves Alexander since middle school and admires him knowing that he is would never notice her, not to mention he is a player. She is an outcast, Alexander never notices her until she saves his sister Isabella from getting bullied. Alexander Knight is a cocky, arrogant, rich bastard who plays around girls. He slept with most of the girls in his college. All he does is use girls for sex and dump them after it. What happens when a particular amethyst eye colored girl Mireya Waters grabs his attention? Little did she know he is falling for her. Little did she know he is going to claim her as his. Little did he know that she likes him for years. Little did he know he started falling for her deep down in his heart. The past from both of their lives resurfaces. Their relationship is tested at all costs. A lot of love, betrayal, hardships, and kisses...

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30 Chapters
All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher.               -----------------------------------------------------------------------This is a SEQUEL TO TOGETHER WITH LOVE story. It is a standalone book. You don't have to read the first book to read this.Mireya Waters is such a charming girl, who would light up the whole place with her smile. She is beautiful. She loves Alexander since middle school and admires him knowing that he is would never notice her, not to mention he is a player. She is an outcast, Alexander never notices her unt
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Chapter 1
MIREYA'S P.O.V: "I'm so nervous bel." I nervously jogged my legs. "I know. It's important to Alex. It was his dream to win the Championship."  "I hope everything goes well." Sweats glistened in my face as I rubbed them off. While Bella too sat there nervously. His parents too sat along with us with a tensed expression. The National Championship game was a way bigger deal for them. There were cameras everywhere. People shouting their commands over the mic. Several assistants walked around with headsets and black blazers making sure everything ran smoothly. I was sitting with Isabella who is also anxious about her brother's match. "Alright, folks! We have quite the game coming your way soon!" The announcer shouted over the mic. He kept on rambling about the opponent team's victory. I rubbed my palms on my jeans to dry my sweat off. Read more
Chapter 2
ALEX'S P.O.V: Mireya.That's a different and unique name. I'd never noticed her until the small stunt or ruckus she pulled out in the cafeteria yesterday. But her amethyst eyes felt that I knew her somewhere and I couldn't point it out.Yesterday,As usual, I and jocks, to be precise they are my family are heading towards the cafeteria for our lunch. Today was a pretty boring day for us since we attended all the classes without fail. It was my senior year and I want to finish it without any bad impression. Even though I have been joking around all these years, I do want to finish my senior year without trouble.When we entered the
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Chapter 3
MIREYA'S P.O.V: Breathe in, Breathe out.What the heck is happening around me!I was going to school like it was a normal day, but things have turned out to be different. Alexander was there in the cafeteria. I never expected him to show up this soon. He talked with me. He and his popular crew always come to the cafeteria later, but they came soon yesterday. Isabella didn't say anything about this which means she handled the situation by herself and I'm glad she did it.Holy molly! Alexander made a conversation with me.I was in a full happy mood while I worked in the cafe. My co-worker Amy asked me what's got me so happy, but I was just laughing at her. I know that I'm being foolish for laughing without any reason. But Alex had a little chat with me soared my mood up to the clouds. Even though I was a bit rude to him, he smoothly brushed it off. I tried so hard not to blush and to be obvious that I'm att
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Chapter 4
ALEXANDER'S P.O.V: The guys and I were warming up for the match. It's been only four days since Mireya stepped into our life, she already won everyone's heart. She doesn't smile often just a bit of her lips lifting upwards or she will let out a breathy laugh. I never heard her full blow laugh till now. I'm kidding right. I was just like known her for only four days and I'm thinking of hearing her laugh. When did Alex care about it? It was new for me too. She became important to us as she has been with Isabella not leaving her side. Lie to yourself, Alex. My inner sense mocked me. Her answers were cut short and she is having a hard time accepting us as her friends. Already Ethan likes her like his little sister because of her height. Carter would always tease her just to rile her up and make her cuss at him. Adam would just make conversation here and there. Ryan is her best friend and me being the cockier person
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Chapter 5
MIREYA'S P.O.V: I was hurt, but the effort Alex took made me forget his mistake. He was so persistent in making me forgive him. I was annoyed, but looking at his cute pouty face made me change my decision. At the night yesterday, Adrian showed up suddenly in the cafe. I thought he was going for the audition for a month but he returned sooner as they would call them once he got selected. The results will be out in a month or sooner and Adrian was nervous about it. He will get selected and I know it. That night I wanted to give an intro to Alex about Adrian, but I never thought he would think of him as my boyfriend. First Kayden, now Adrian. It's pretty tough for the people since I and Adrian are not alike.Adrian knows Alex well and I don't know he talked with him or something. Adrian came home late after Alex lashed at me. Everyone interacted with Adrian so well and they all patched up quickly as you all know how boys talk. Ryan dropped m
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Chapter 6
ALEXANDER'S P.O.V:   I'm such a fucking pussy! I can't even hold my hands without touching her. The way she mingled with my family by being herself was fucking good. Raymond adored her because he was so excited to have her home and she is Isabella's best friend for years. My mom and dad loved her and treated her like another kid of the house. Adam is such a soft guy and it is obvious to say that he likes her. Here I'm being and going crazy because of her. When I saw her fucking amethyst eyes I lost my sanity. I like it when she laughed when I teased her. I fucking love her laugh. She was easing to us now and feels comfortable, but she is still a bit distant and I could sense it. I was lucky she had me as a partner for her project.  Mom was asking something about her health and she looked nervous when I noticed their conversation. I hope she is
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Chapter 7
MIREYA'S P.O.V: I didn't know what happened to him that instant. He acted so weirdly and disappointed and he left the house in instant. We were playing the game nicely but after that question, he left the house as he was afraid to hear something further. He left just like that. And he still hasn't talked to me.  Does he want me to tell him that I will date him? I thought for a moment that's why he got disappointed. I shook my head out of these stupid and ridiculous thoughts of Alex thinking of me to date him. In the meantime, Adam and I grew closer together and I accompanied them to their detentions and it's my way of thanking them. Alex ignored me during detentions too so Adam was the only one to accompany me so we became pretty close with each other during that time. Alex was ignoring me for a few days and today is the day we are going on a trip. I was so mad at him. How can I tell him that I already love him to date him? I was afraid to answe
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Chapter 8
ALEXANDER P.O.V:   "I can't walk an inch after this." She groaned closing her eyes lying on the ground without any care like a cute fluffy panda. She became the little girl in our group just like Isabella not as a sister but as a good friend. I was being a jerk to her for the past few days. I just got disappointed after all and I took it out on her ignoring her. I would always feel her stare at me hoping that I would talk with her. I wanted to talk with her, but something in me stopped, and that was my ego. She hurt my ego. No girl rejected me, but she was the first one to do it.  Adam and she bonded pretty much while I ignored her and Adam started treating her as his best friend and I'm happy that he did. He always flirts with girls or sleeps with them, but she accepted her as a friend was surprising to me after what happened to him. I was glad he was getting along. I just wanted to talk with her and the urge increased day by day.
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Chapter 9
MIREYA'S P.O.V: "She is just my sister's best friend. Nothing more, nothing less. She is like a sister to me." Alex said and my whole world came crumbling down. My heart ached like it was going to pass out. I knew he thought of me as a sister. I fucking hate him so much and love him so much to hate. He was leading me on all this time. I shouldn't have let my feelings pass on too much for him. I never regret loving him, but it still hurts to hear of him to think me like that.  I felt like I couldn't breathe. I left the conversation and went to see Isabella. She is the one who would calm me down now.  "I- Isabella..." My voice quivered as she woke up at that instant as my voice cracked.  "What happened? Why are you crying? Whose ass should I beat now?" She pulled her towards me and hugged me tightly as I cried in her arms.  "Hey, Hope. Why are you crying?" She asked stroking my hair while I cried silently in
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