The Villainess Wants To Live

The Villainess Wants To Live

By:  Fellyce  Ongoing
Language: English
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Cho Sarang, the famous kpop idol and actress, finally, for the first time, decided to live out one part of her life, saying goodbye to her empty and lonely life and start anew. But fate seems to be playing a cruel joke on her when an unexpected accident took her life, making all her dreams and hopes shattered into dust. On top of that, she found herself transmigrated into the last novel she read, as the pitiful villainess, Belladonna Reigna Astaseul. The abandoned princess who died miserably after attempting a coup d'etat.

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50 Chapters
Cho Sarang
"Let's not meet each other again, eomma," I smiled coldly at the familiar, stern looking middle-aged woman sitting in front of me, before picking up the document that finalized my contract termination from her table.   This was it. I was finally free.   I couldn't help but feel relieved. It was like a heavy weight that had been weighing me down for years and years was lifted off my shoulders as I walked out of my old agency.   I gave one last look at the place that was so familiar to me for the past seventeen years. A practice room that was like home. The recording studio that raised me in my youth. The place that held so many memories.   Goodbye... &nbs
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The Beginning After The End
A groan escaped my lips as another wave of pain and nausea hit me. I felt like crying, screaming away all the pain. I was about to open my eyes when sudden fragments of foreign memories rushed into my mind, swamping my brain like a tidal wave. Whose memories are these?! Wait, am I even alive? More foreign thoughts began to fill my head. An abandoned castle. A beautiful woman with long platinum blonde hair and emerald green eyes holding a tiny baby who was swaddled in warm blankets, while looking out the window all day long, missing her husband who never visited her even once. Wait? What kind of fucked up thoughts are these?! Read more
That night, after convincing the worried Elle that I was alright and wanted to sleep early, I bid her goodnight and was finally left alone in the room. The moonlight shone through the cracks of the slightly opened curtains, illuminating the room. I sat in front of the desk and contemplated my new life, trying to come up with a plan to survive in this completely a whole new world. I grabbed a quill, or I don't know, this? Their pen?  "Shit," I cursed when the ink splattered on my hand.  Gosh, I wondered how people could write using this thing.  Anyway, I had to make do for now so I di
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I Just Need To Survive
For the first few days, I still thought that I was hallucinating or dreaming since I was in an accident. However, the reality betrayed my expectations. Nothing changed even if I slapped myself, cursed the author or cried all night    I tried everything I could come up with, thinking everything was just a dream.   I, who never practiced any religion in my past life even tried to pray to God, then I prayed to Budha. Neither heard or answered my prayers, so I got creative. I prayed to Zeus, and Hades, and then Morpheus, Isis, Diana, Freyja.   None answered. So in the end, I had no choice but to accept this as reality.    Read more
Time flies. A little more than a month had already passed since Alistair stumbled into the Lily Palace and met his half sister, Belladonna. Alistair had visited her a few times since then under the pretense of falling in love with her beautiful garden. But still, he couldn't figure her out. His forgotten half sister. It was completely unexpected, but since she somehow appeared in front of him, he couldn't help but be curious. The moment he faced the princess who barely reached his chest as she shone her amethyst eyes at him, a part of him was shaken. '... She's different from what I've expected.' B
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Calm Before The Storm
It was already evening when Alistair finished his sword training. Instead of taking his time on the training grounds like he usually does, he went to bathe and changed his clothes into something more grand than his usual indoor clothing. Perhaps Alistair's appearance left quite an impression, that Alfons, the butler of Star Palace asked his master if he was going to see his mother, the empress. "No." He answered without changing his expression. "I'm going to Lily Palace. Prepare some chamomile tea leaves and any kind of dessert with chocolate flavor, I'm going to take it there." Even though the butler was concerned about his master spending more time at Lily Palace, he knew better than to question his decision. So like the obedient butler he was, he just did what he was told
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The Storm Is Coming
My relationship with Alistair improved a lot since our first meeting, and he had visited regularly since then. We even had a tea party yesterday.  I don't think he trusts me yet, but at least he doesn't hate me.  Well, don't get me started about his appearance. I don't think I'll be immune no matter how many times I see that face. He'll still look like a Greek God to me, it was so unreal.  Come to think of it, the crown prince was said to be admired not only for his gorgeous face, but also for his power in the empire. The crown prince at the frontline. I thought I could only see the situation in a drama.  Since the frontline is literally the first place to face the enemy, most emperors or soon to
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Your Hands Are Warm
The usually composed Alistair looked murderous while walking towards Lily Palace with a sense of urgency.  After Osiris told him what was happening there, he felt something tugging at his chest. So he didn't even think twice when he ordered Osiris and his guard to come with him to Lily Palace.  He knew he was being emotional right now which is not like himself. But he couldn't deny that a month he had spent with Bella made him experience countless new emotions that he didn't know he was capable of feeling. It was the first time that he felt the urge to protect someone so badly.  ‘How many years did she have to endure it by herself? She must have suffered a lot.’  Alistair thought with
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Bring Your Lil Sis To Work Day
It's been two days since I started living in Star Palace. I spent the first day resting and sleeping, which I admitted I really needed.  For my moving gift, Alistair bought me a whole new closet and jewelry. He even appointed a dozen new maids only for me. Isn't he spoiling me too much?  Elle had already recovered since I healed her with my healing magic.  She was very excited when she saw the gift that Alistair bought me, even more than me. She told me that her dream was to dress me up in nice and luxurious clothes that befit a princess, and that dream could finally become reality. Why do you have such a shallow dream, nanny?Read more
A pair of amethyst eyes stared down at me coldly. His mouth formed a thin line as he watched me being dragged to the center of the plaza. Not an ounce of mercy could be seen in his expressionless face.  A beautiful woman with long reddish brown hair and emerald green eyes was standing beside him. It was really a sight to behold. The male lead and the heroine.  And here I was, the pitiful villainess that would soon meet her end. I could neither move nor scream as the executioner forced my head to stay still under the guillotine. It happened in a flash. My eyes still transfixed at those amethyst eyes that mirrored mine as the cold sharp blade cut down my neck, separating the head and the body.  Read more Protection Status