Monster's Heart Her Desire

Monster's Heart Her Desire

By:  D'Light  Completed
Language: English
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"......VOICES IN MY HEAD AND THEY WON'T STOP TALKING...." "....AND OURS IS A LOVE THAT HAPPENS ONCE IN A LIFETIME..." Young, handsome Daniel Winchester shows up in small and quiet Riverside. Rumors are flying about the new comer in town. Josie Geronimo is intruiged by the new teacher in her community high school. She desire to unravel the mystery behind the stormy clouds in his eyes; she must lose some innocence during this quest. Life is determined to play a fast one on her as she descovers Daniel's old identity. Daniel is captured by the innocent young girl giving him so much attention, he's scared not to hurt her, he's scared to love her. Still, this is a love that comes once in a lifetime; they must grab and harness it to the fullest. The road is rough, dark and scary, yet, Daniel and Josie must travel this path to reach each other.

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57 Chapters
The new Teacher
JOSIE"Honey, breakfast is ready" Dad is calling from downstairs. Good old Dad. He's made breakfast already. The sweet smell of pancakes and waffles float upstairs to my bedroom. My tummy growls." Boy, sounds like a thousand hungry lions are in there." I tap my tummy lightly for silence "Josie. Honey. Breakfast !" Dad calls again, voice laden with impatience."Be down in a bit Dad. Gotta fix me up a bit." I reply even as I jump out of bed.  I stretch my thick body and run my hands through my hair.I have always been lucky with my hair, it's rich and thick the only way a typical Navajo can have it. I love to consider my dark long hair as one of the lucky traits I got from Mom. I look a lot like my late mom than dad, she was a beauty. All the boys in my senior y
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Attraction at first sight
 This announcement is met by absolute silence from the class. I am shocked. Greek god is our new teacher. This guy is so young, not more than thirty I reckon. He's freaking hot too. Who sent this dude down here?  My thoughts are wandering when Stacey taps my hand lightly in an effort to call my attention back to the room. Apparently, my mates have been introducing themselves to Mr. Winchester while I was still in Wonderland. I look up to find him looking down at me. His eyes are the same deep shade of brown as his hair. They are intensely cold and distant, that chilly gaze was fixed on my face.  The words catch in my throat as my tongue suddenly goes limp in my mouth. "Well the class is waiting, Miss..."  Those eyes hold me transfixed. It seems he has a sharp tongue too. " Jo- J
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Mr Greek god
JOSIE  School is out and Stacey offered to drop me off at work. I know she's doing this not because she's such a nice person.Stacey isn't a very nice person. She eats lunch at Patty's. I guess she figured she could get an extra cup of a milkshake if she saves me the ten minutes’ walk.  We are standing beside Stacey's truck she prefers to call 'Reddie'. It is an old beat-up truck that used to belong to Frankie as a present for his sixteenth birthday. Well, that was years before I came to Kansas.  Reddie is in bad form today and has refused to start. Stacey has this toolbox she takes around with her. It contains all she needs to fix the truck whenever it is in one of it's moods such as today. I stand by and watch her get down to fixing God-knows-what in the bonnet.
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My Culutiwa
The smile that spreads across my face is genuine for the first time in a long while." Hey man!" Stan bellows " wanna spill some paint?" " Let's do it." Adrenaline is pumping through my veins. I can already feel the pleasure of holding a paint brush in my hand.  The smell of a long-lasting friendship hangs thickly in the air.     *.         *.            *I am tied to one of the dining chairs in the room. Randy is sitting on an empty beer crate before me, a can of beer in hand. The ropes cut deep into my wrists and I cry out in pain. Randy's face is a contorted mask of delight. Saliva po
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Desiring his desire
 Josie had just introduced me to the talkative old lady when she began to talk about Jeremy's nephew being in town. Obviously Riverside isn't aware of who I am. I don't think they know who my Mama was either.  The papers,  its the only way they must have known. I am blinded with rage by the time I pull up in my driveway. I had left the kitchen in a hurry leaving Josie and Patty confused. I haven't been this mad since I left Florida.  " I would only be the ruin of her. " I tell myself about Josie. She's young and pretty and would soon be leaving high school. Bringing my cursed self into her life would cause her nothing but pain. I am determined not to see Josie again to save her the pain and to stop myself from wanting her, only this would be near impossible to achieve.  Read more
Chapter 6
Thinking about her makes me want to see her. I push away the thought." I don't need the girl. I don't worth her. " I say silently." What girl? " Trace asks. I must have said that aloud.My face goes red with embarrassment and I laugh nervously to hide it."Aww, Trace, nobody. There is no girl. "Trace looks at me with that cynical look of hers. I am convinced the lady is a mind reader. She laughs mockingly at me and sluggishly push her pregnant body away from the studio. I am left alone with Stan." I painted that during the one week I spent in Florida some years back" Stan says pointing to a watercolor hanging on the wall." It's be
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Chapter 7
Prom Night"Ann, Ann is that you? " Dad asked playfully upon seeing me in my mother's prom dress."No dad. It's Josie" I reply smiling" You look so much like her on that blessed night. " Dad walks up the short flight of stairs to me." Princessa, you know she's proud of you wherever she is right? " he asks taking my slender wrist in his large hand."I know. "" Good girl. So, what are you gonna do? "" Make her proud, Dad. " I reply. This has been our thing since mom died: Dad reminding me of how great I was and how mom expects me to make her proud from the great beyond. I know Dad wants me to be the perfect daughter, he's so scared o
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Chapter 8
JOSIESitting out here with Daniel is cool. I shock myself by using his first name. I feel like I have known him forever. While we talk, I can't see the clouds anymore in his eyes. His brown eyes are warm and friendly. They make me think about puppies."Josie" He calls. His voice is very small, yet deep. I look up to see him fidgety."Done the couple dance thing before? "" Uhm, no why? " I ask, genuinely surprised."Come. " He says, standing up to his feet. He stretches his hand towards mine. I think it's the timbre in his voice that does it. It calls me to him, it's beyond the simple command. It reaches out to my soul. I stand to my feet." Do you like the Judds? " he asks, wrap
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Chapter 9
Saturday morningIt is the buzzing of my cell phone that wakes me up. I had fallen asleep with the paper on which I sketched Josie plastered to my chest. The sweat on my body made the paper stay stuck. The events of the previous evening come rushing back. I smile, I can still smell her on me."Hello," I say picking up my phone"Hello Dan" It's Trace screaming at the top of her voice, she sounded traumatized."Trace, is that you? " Tension begins to rise in my chest."Where's Stan?" I ask apprehensively. How can he leave the woman alone at this time? She's near her due date for Chris sakes."Stan's not here, he has some businesses up in Detroit to handle."Read more
Chapter 10
JOSIEDaniel Winchester is Mr. Jeremy's nephew, the one who moved down here from Florida. The guy whom they say killed his father. This is so much information for me to process at the same time. I have been moving around the house like a shell-shocked person since breakfast. Stacey had left to an errand for her father. Dad does not seem to understand the sudden change in my mood. I have never been one for hiding my emotions."Hey Hijita, " Dad calls from the doorway, I turn towards him eyes blank and revealing nothing."Are you okay? ""I am, Dad. " I answer and nod my head."You look like one who has seen a ghost, are you sure you are okay? ""I am. "Read more Protection Status