Rebel Rising The Lost Alpha's Mate

Rebel Rising The Lost Alpha's Mate

By:  MiriGoogag  Completed
Language: English
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A quick and easy trip. That's all the peace treaty mission was supposed to be. Sebastian knew better than to think it would go easily, not with his best friend at the helm of the mission. And for the first time in Sebastian's life, he is finding himself at odds with the man he is there to protect. And the main reason? The insanely pretty little thief who he is struggling to keep his eyes off of. Even if he has convinced himself it's because he doesn't trust her. Wren has spent her life searching for a way to free her mother from Alpha Alden's slavery and she finally has the answer— War. When a neighboring pack comes looking for peace Wren finds the opportunity to finally start the war she has been searching for. What she didn't expect to find was an attractive Alpha's son and his silent brooding muscle man who won't take his eyes off of her. And she isn't all that sure she wants him to… Plans go awry and mistakes are made but can love really conquer all, or is it merely a weapon to be used against them?

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90 Chapters
Chapter 1: Song Bird
Chapter 1: Song Bird ~Sebastian~ There are two kinds of wolves in this world, those with a chip on their shoulder and those who are just downright cheery fuckers. I personally have a few chips on my shoulders. The first one is the annoyingly cheery asshat sitting in front of me. The Alpha to be — Nickolai. Don’t get me wrong, I would die for this boy. Well, man, I guess since he turned eighteen a week ago. And since that day, he has been a grinning fool with a hero complex and the need to prove himself. I don’t understand why he wants to prove himself. The Alphaship is his. That’s how it goes. The alpha has a kid, and the kid gets the title. And I get to babysit. “Hey, Seb!” Nickolai calls from the passenger seat. He spins around, with a half-cocked grin on his face and I sigh internally. I love this freak of sunshine and smiles, about as much as I hate him. I’d call it a solid ‘he’s fine. And that’s saying a lot for me, but damn. He has been overbearing and annoying the whole d
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Chapter 2: Rebel
Chapter 2: Rebel ~Wren~ I slink in through the loose shingles on the roof, softly landing in our makeshift hideout loft. It isn’t much, honestly, it looks like a child’s playhouse, but when all the outliers are beggars or thieves, it’s hard to come by nice things for a rebel headquarters. We are lucky that Ms. Grayford is deaf and never travels upstairs. Not that she would care if she did. She hates Alpha Alden as much as we all do. The illustrious Alpha Alden, leader of the Black Moon Pack and royal asshole of the surrounding lands. He hates all things happy and makes it his mission to destroy all heavenly bestowed gifts, like true mates. Rumor is that it all started when his heart was broken. He couldn’t stand for anyone else to be happy when he was miserable, so he made everyone’s life as shitty as he felt. I don’t give a shit how it started, I just care how it will end. With Alden dead and the missing mates, he has as slaves in his packhouse, reunited with their families and l
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Chapter 3: Dibs
Chapter 3: Dibs ~Sebastian~ “Oh, oh shit! Dibs. I call dibs!” Nickolai whispers loudly. Day two and I already want to kill him and blame this pack for it. It’s just Nickolai and I exploring today while Tank does whatever the hell he wants to do. This is how it always is, though, the never-ending life of the Alpha babysitter. “Nickolai, you don’t have to call dibs on the things you are buying. You just pay for them and they are yours.” I remind him. He doesn’t pay me any mind. As he walks through the crowd the following something, no, someone. His eyes are glued in front of him as he eases around people, gently pushing past them. How sweet of him to care. I, however, do not, so I square my shoulders and walk straight ahead, knocking into person after person, feeling an odd sense of satisfaction. Am I looking for a fight? Bet your ass I am. I want to punch someone, feel the crunch of their jaw under my fists. I groan internally. This is what he does to me. He makes me hate the wo
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Chapter 4: Tail
I pull my zipper hoodie back on, toss the hood up over my dark hair as I walk through the door to the restaurant. Nickolai has decided he wants to treat us all to dinner, considering it’s really his father’s money and all expenses are already covered. We amuse him. Tank is sitting at the table grinning from ear to ear, chatting with Nickolai who has very clearly already started drinking. The moment I’m in Nickolai’s sight, he beams at me, though he says nothing.“Well, look who is back from his hours-long run,” Tank says, raising a beer to me. “Should you be drinking so much?” I ask, raising a brow to Nickolai.“Ah, come on. Let the boy drink his beer. He is going to be Alpha soon enough and he won’t be allowed to have any real fun,” Tank jokes. Nickolai frowns at Tank. Though he is excited to be taking over the helm of his father, he is
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Chapter 5: Love Sickness
She moves to the kitchen, closer to where I am, and I hear her silent sobs. She tries to keep them quiet as she grabs the tea kettle and fills it with water, sticking it on the stove to heat. Then she crosses to the shelf that used to be a pantry, the door now missing, and she grabs a glass container with herbs in it. She then pulls out her phone and dials a number, anxiously chewing on her nails. “Freesa,” she says with a relieved sigh. “It’s Wren. He is really bad again.” Her words are laced with worry and I imagine her eyes are glistening with tears as she leans on the counter with her back facing me. Her head droops forward as she nods solemnly. “Yeah, no, I know that. I just. I really think you should come see him.” She pauses again, before straightening up again. “You did?” She sounds surprised. “Lovesickness? What the hell is that?” I frown. It’s not an illness I have ever heard of before; I mean, outside of the human world, making jokes about it. “I’m sorry. It sounds li
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Chapter 6: Hollow
~Wren~ After walking dad to his bed and giving him the medication I swiped from the pharmacy for his pain, I finally stalk to my room and drop onto my bed. Today has sucked, yet been strangely good at the same time. There is nothing quite like feeling at the top of the world, only to crawl back home to the depths of despair. It’s getting harder and harder to escape the harsh reality that if I don’t figure out a way to free my mother from her servitude at the packhouse soon, Dad will die. And as much as it’s not my fault, it will happen because I failed him. I look at the fancy clothes that Lacy lent me. I feel like such a fraud. None of this is me. The flirting and dressing up, yeah it’s fun to put on a mask and pretend for a little while, but the second I remember why I’m doing what I’m doing, I’m bogged down by the guilt my genuine smile brings me. If my father can’t be happy, then I don’t have a right to it either. Shit, no one in the outliers is privy to happiness, not unles
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Chapter 7: Nicknames
“You look exhausted,” Sebastion says to me, his eyes straight forward as we walk through the park in the city. Nickolai is flitting from vendor to vendor, looking back to check on me now and again as he suspiciously buys everything he can, including a few floral items. Maybe I am mistaken and maybe they are for his mother or perhaps he has a sister? Who am I to assume these gifts are for me? Yet the gleam in his eye and the smirk on his lips pull me back to that thought process. I look over now at Sebastion, who is watching me curiously, and I realize he had spoken. “Oh, uh. Thanks?” I say, not sure if he is being rude or observant. He laughs and my heart flutters at the sound as I watch him, inspecting every part of his face. His dark eyes glimmer and shine, full of mirth. And the lines around his lips hint to me that maybe he does more smiling than he lets on. For the first time since meeting him, he seems relaxed, and it looks fucking glorious on him. He gives me a strange loo
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Chapter 8: Renewed Hope
I should feel guilty about kissing Nickolai to steal from him, but I can’t find myself hating the kiss as I step back from him. It was a sweet kiss. It was gentle and telling, not at all wanting. Nickolai is a gentle alpha. He has an air about him that just pulls you in like a magnet. He gazes down at me as he tugs on a piece of my loose hair, a ghost of a smile on his lips. “Uh…” I say, chuckling nervously. “What was that about?” “Oh,” his face falls suddenly and my chest feels weird at his disappointment. “I thought… you weren’t going to kiss me. Were you?” He asks, looking deflated. It’s a look I can’t stand. I don’t really understand how I feel about Nickolai. I like him. He is sexy and adorable at the same time and I want to like him but something feels like it's missing. But maybe it’s my apprehension because I know I’m lying to him? Or maybe it’s the pulling in my heart telling me not to let my walls down for him. It’s not a feeling I can put my finger on, not yet anyway, s
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Chapter 9: Alpha Asshole
~Sebastian~ Nickolai, Tank, and I wait patiently outside the packhouse–if you could call it a house. This place is more like a mini fortress preparing for war. We had to come through two checkpoints to get here and here we wait, six minutes past our meeting time. I lean against the post on the front steps of the large white mansion while Nickolai sighs heavily, checking his watch once more. “Be still, Nickolai” I mutter. “Easy for you to say! You’re a brute with no actual emotions.” I quirk a brow with mild amusement. He is nervous and I can see why. This is important. We want to leave a good impression on Alpha Alden, even if he is leaving a bad one on us. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that.” he groans in frustration. “It’s fine. You didn’t hurt my tender feelings,” I joke. Nickolai leans on the post opposite me while Tank stands at the bottom of the steps looking around, no doubt feeling anxious the more we wait. From a protection standpoint, the longer we wait for such a meeting
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Chapter 10: Hello, Mother
~Wren~In ideal circumstances, Alden would have left on time to show the boys the pack lands. But the word ideal and Alden don’t play well together, so here I am, fifteen minutes later, cursing the asshole who has zero concepts of time. It’s not surprising that he is self-absorbed and can’t be bothered to do things with a time constraint. That would mean admitting that the world doesn’t spin around him like he is earth’s axis. The sun is closing in on its highest point of the day and where I am usually one for hiding in the shadows, today I am flat against the top of the wall. Which sucks for me because sweat mingles with the cotton of my shirt and I have no doubt that it looks like I was just involved in a wet t-shirt contest. I was overly excited about the mission, for obvious reasons, so I have been in place for close to an hour now. My patience is now near nonexistence.A feminine loud
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