Loving The Rogue

Loving The Rogue

By:  A. O. Anjay  Ongoing
Language: English
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Miranda Jenkins has just moved from the city of Las Vegas to Tennessee in search of a more simple, laid back life. On her first few days in the small town surrounded by acres forests, she sees a wolf. But, it's badly injured! Moved by pity, she tries to help the dying wolf by calling for the animal rescue but when she turns around, a naked man has replaced the wolf! What the hell!? Jonas has been a lab rat all his life, subject to the cruel torture of evil scientists who are hell bent on creating an healing elixir from his genes. He finally escapes their shackles but it comes at a price. He's saved by a young lady and there's where the story begins. Follow their journey in this tantalizing story of loving the Rogue.

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14 chapters
Chapter 1
Miranda's P. O. V      " Mom, you're being too loud." I groaned as I stared out the window, watched as the trees zipped by.      " Sorry, sorry. " She muttered, her voice apologetic. I sighed, running a hand through my hair. Glancing at her, I let out a small smile.      " It's okay, I'm not angry. Just tired."  I said.      " And I know that more than anyone. Don't worry dear, we're almost there. You're going to love it here! It's so quiet not to mention how clean the air is. It's going to be such a great change for you due too.…" And just like that, my mum continued rambling.  I couldn't get angry at it though, it was her way of coping. She always talked a lot when she was nervous.     I stared ahead, my gaze unseeing. Here I am, a twenty four year old lady who's life is about to come to a standstill due to a terminal disease. I was diagnosed of pulmona
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Chapter 2
(Somewhere in Tennessee)       Two men in lab clothing, had their brows knit in concentration as they watched one of their partners inject something into an injured animal. Their breath caught in their throats, they watched intently, hoping for a reaction… Anything.   " What happened? Did it heal? Did you see any closing of wounds?" A scrawny man with a goatee beard asked. Most of his middle hair had disappeared and he had dark circles underneath his eyes. He looked repulsive enough but on closer inspection, once could detect the slightest hint of a scratch on his wrinkling skin close to his eyes, giving him a savage look.     The younger man shook his head, glancing at him with downcast eyes. " No, he's still the same." He muttered.    " Damnit! After all the work we put in." He murmured to himself, displeased.     " Isn't it hopeless already?" His partner asked.
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Chapter 3
Miranda Pov     I woke up with a start, feeling invigorated. Stretching on the bed, I groaned as I slipped out of it, running a finger through my hair. I had a good sleep nice last, a first of it's kind. Usually my sleep time gets interrupted with cough. I smiled to myself, I night enjoy staying here after all. It's quietness is soothing. I trudged to the bathroom, brushing my teeth and took my bath. Once I thorough with that, I stepped out, a towel wrapped around my body. I want to go hiking today and explore the wounds while at it. I've always loved nature but there wasn't enough trees back in Las Vegas to live out that dream.       Rummaging my closet, I brought out a track suit and fixed running shoes on my legs. Packing my hair into a tight, I looked ready. I left my room, straight to the kitchen to have a cup of green tea before taking my water bottle. My phone and earphones with me, I took a face mask and procceded out of the h
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Chapter 4
           Chapter 4Miranda's Pov         A few days later, I got ready to go and see the stranger I had rescued. I was unable to sleep last night as I kept worrying about him. When I finally dozed off in the early hours of the morning, he plagued my dreams. I've never reacted this strongly to anyone before so it made me a worried. What was it about him?         Hurriedly eating my breakfast, I gulped down a bottle of water, making sure I took my pills too. I was ready. I stepped out of house, locking the door behind me and keeping the key. Walking all the way to the bus stop, i boarded a taxi and headed straight to the hospital. When I arrived, I found out the hospital was in commotion.      " What's going on?" I asked one of the nurses who was running in my direction. She was frantic, breathing heavily. She pointed at a ward, trying to form the words.&
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Chapter 5
Miranda Pov " Hey! Why did you do that!!" I shot at him but he didn't say a word, just kept growling at the television, his eyes glowing. I glanced back at the television, wondering what made him so riled up. " You don't like him?" I asked, pointing at the man on the television. The growling lessened but his eyes were still glowing. Reluctantly, he nodded. I sighed, plopping back to my seat, letting out a sigh, I turned off the television. " Okay, I won't show him to you anymore. See?" I said glancing at the now blank television. He stopped growling but he still stood there, staring at me. Feeling a bit uncomfortable by his stares, I stood up, walking towards him. " Come on, let's get you to a room. You need to rest." I muttered pushing him. He didn't move at all, so I had to use all of my strength to do that and that was hard. He was built like a brick wall and was so heavy. it was hard pushing him forward. By the time we got to an empty room, I was alread
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Chapter 6
     " I've decided, I'm going to be keeping you," I announced, and he looked up at me, his ears perked up. " Just until, we found out who you are, where you're from, and where you're going to." I continued as if he could reply. He just stared at me, a blank look on his face. Straightening up, I cleared my throat. " For that, you're going to need a name. What would you like to call yourself?" She asked him, a brow raised. He looked down at his toes.     " Why do I keep expecting something different?" She mumbled to herself before thinking of a name. " What do I possibly call you now?" I asked him but he just tilted his head to his side. I sighed, rubbing my forehead. " Of course, I've forgotten you don't speak."  I thought about it for a while, placing a hand on my chin.      " How about Jonas? I did that suits you, although I should probably think of a better name..." I stopped when he nodded his head. " You li
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Chapter 7
Miranda's Pov Days passed and I continued teaching Jonas a lot of things he seemed to not know. He still barely talks but he's a lot more expressive now, not to forget how hostile he is to strangers. And boy, is he clingy. He hardly sleeps in the room unless I'm there and when I wake up in the morning, he's already awake, staring at my face, a smug smile on. I usually brush him off and go about my duties with him on my tail like an obedient puppy. Needless to say, I enjoy his company a lot. He's made living in this quiet town a lot more fun. I had already finished dressing up today and asked him he would like to go hiking with me. He didn't understand at first but when I pointed outside, he nodded once, sprinting outside. He'd been cooped up inside for a long time now, he'd been raring to go out. I chuckled as I picked up my water bottle and joined him outside. We began walking on premade trails, enjoying the scenery. Occasionally Jonas would stop, sni
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Chapter 8
Miranda's Pov After the unpleasant visit from the stranger, things continued normally between us. My health got better and Jonas is almost civilized. He still hasn't said a word to me, but I'm beginning to enjoy his silence. Our mornings usually start with us making breakfast together, then we go hiking and spent the rest of the day lazing around. My mom also calls regularly to check up on me. I picked up a course online for want of something to do and I have been busying myself with it. This morning was no different, I was busy at the kitchen making breakfast while Jonas stood at the doorway, watching me with his hands crossed. His huge body filled the small area and I suddenly felt claustrophobic. I glanced at him, a smile on my face. " Hey, why are you standing there? Won't you come to help me?" I asked, pouting. He chuckled, unfolding his hands as he walked closer. But instead of helping me out, he wrapped his hands around my waist, pull
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Chapter 9
Miranda's Pov. I woke up with a start the next day, a smile on my lips. It had been hard to fall asleep last night and when I finally did, it was to dream X-rated dreams with Jonas in it. Blood rushed up to my cheeks as I remembered the contents of the dreams. How I wish they could happen in real life! Unfortunately, I need my head to be clear today or I might be taking the first move as regards those dreams. I got out of the bed, trudged to the bathroom, and brushed my teeth. Then dropped by the shower, having a slow, thoughtful bath. These past few weeks have been the happiest day of my life and the reason couldn't be far-fetched. It was all because of Jonas. His presence in my life had turned a lot of things around. I didn't realize how much was missing till he showed up. I wondered I would survive if something happened to him... Or rather, if he got caught by those demons again. I resolved in my mind then, I was going to do everything I can to make
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Chapter 10
Jonas Pov I watch her as she busies herself in the kitchen, making breakfast for the both of us. Her hair is packed into a loose bun at the top of her head, her face tightened in concentration. Other than that, she's always smiling. She glances up at me and her face lits up in a smile and I smile back, a warm spreading all over me. She's so beautiful, I don't think she even realises that. She saved her life, if it weren't for her, I would have been dead the day. She also wasn't scared of me and I felt at at ease with her. She's through cooking the bacon and she turns of the cooker, plating it, making sure mine is always more than us. She never eats much. Wanting more than just staring at her, I walk over to her side, wrapping my hands around her waist as I placed my nose of her neck, inhaling her scent. She smells so sweet, it's intoxicating. She stiffens at first but soon relaxes, a small chuckle coming out from her lips. " Jonas, wh
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