Living With The Player

Living With The Player

By:  Crystal Oduwa  Completed
Language: English
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Camilla is a decent girl by the books — The greatest bad thing she did was burn her own home. The other complication in her life is a secret that includes Dylan Emerton. What's absurd is that Camilla is compelled to move into Dylan's house, the alternative is being homeless. Being this close to him is futile. Camilla thinks back to her past. His touch. The pain that ensued. But Dylan doesn't. Not even in the slightest. How long will it take before their past traps them? And of what good is the undeniable attraction to each other.

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125 chapters
How It All Began
CAMILA   The kind officer placed a blanket over my shivering body, I watched as our house burned to the ground. Mom and dad were a few feet away, barely keeping a grip on their control but still trying to remain strong for me. I was numb, well not fully since I had small injuries from running outside.   They tried to comfort me but it was of no use, my pictures, my files, everything gone in the blink of an eye and we were rendered homeless.   Dad went ahead to make some phone calls, trying to get us a roof over our heads for the night. We'd probably book a hotel room, for the night, but I can't help but think how expensive that'll be, it's not like we'll stay in one room. I can't do anything to help them, it's not making things better in realizing that this is all my fault. It's my fault our house caught fire and burnt to the ground. How could I be so silly and reckless?   Like most
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Butt Naked
CAMILLA RENÉE           The jerk didn't look away, even after I had a towel over my skin, he still ogled at my body, letting his eyes roam over my body, mentally undressing me, flicking the towel off with his hands. Ugh! I raised my head in embarrassment only to meet him smirking as nothing happened.   "Oh wait, I think I remember you now." He said and I froze. My embarrassed demeanour was replaced with fright instead. He made me so easily.   "Oh no..." I thought as he cocked his head to my side, daring to take a step forward even.   "We go to the same high school right?" He asked. I exhaled in relief before nodding my head.   "Knew it. In that case, I'll see you tomorrow, please don't go blabbing to everyone that we live together. I'd prefer if that's kept between us. Got it?"    It wasn't much of a question
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The Calm Before The Storm
CAMILLA RENÉE I was dumbstruck at his words, my lips could barely mumble a reply. Even if I wanted to, who would I reply to first? Dylan shamelessly yelled my name from afar, getting the attention of anyone who cared to look, and they were a lot due to his popularity, or should I reply to my boyfriend first? He's curious to know why Dylan Emerton saw me butt naked, literally.    I just want to crawl into a hole then disappear. I'm so confused.   Kyle's hands disengaged from mine, forcing me to make a headstart on my decision. He's hurt. I turned back and met .the look of pain and hurt on his face. I turned again shooting a massive glare at Dylan, he replied with a smirk as he strode away. That's his plan? Chaos? Disrupt my quiet and peaceful life. He didn't want or need anything except to make me seem like a complete fool in front of my boyfriend, now he's left a huge mess, but Dylan doesn't care. It's all fun a
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More Than Meets The Eye
**CAMILLA**Classes went great except for the fact that Kyle was being extra all through. I get the fact that he's my boyfriend, I'm all his and all, but after the encounter with Dylan, a switch in his head tunned up a bit. For instance, he was being overprotective. I liked guys marking their territory, but not in excess. I'm not a caged dog. He refused to let me out of his sight for even a second and he was driving me nuts, not to mention shooting death glares at guys, most of them who were my friends and simply wanted to say hi. It was becoming annoying, I tried to understand his fears, but I might snap any moment from now. I just can't with him. Thankfully, it was lunch break and I headed to the cafeteria, he trailed behind. I stopped abruptly, turning around to glare at him. Kyle doesn't eat lunch ninety per cent of times with me. He's busy with practice for his extra curricular activities. It gets choking sometimes with him, so l
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A Monster In The House
**CAMILLA**In the next few seconds, he had taken a few steps forward and gripped my hand. In shock, I gasped and wriggled, he held me tighter, and reached for the other, pulling me forward, so I ended up fully in his grip.This was the guy I'm supposed to stay away from? As I said, that wouldn't be possible. I cleared my throat, trying to break free from his grip. He wants me to say something, lose my head and voice out so he could smirk in victory. No. I will not give him that much victory. "Camilla?" He called in a soft tone. I forgot my decision of merely three seconds ago as my insides were melting into goo at the sound of his voice.He might have forgotten what happened but I relive it every day, I Try to forget but it seems impossible and being so close to him brings all the feelings back in full force. I can't let him get into my head again, I'm in love with Kyle and not frocking around with another guy. This is
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**CAMILLA** I jumped on him, the goal was to try to pin him down. He kept giggling, due to my indirect tickling, or it could turn out as my advances and actions were amusing to Dylan. The latter fits his personality better. I got more annoyed and threw punches on every part of his body that I could."Say you’re sorry."I commanded, this was tiring, but I didn't want to back down without securing anything for myself.Instead of apologising as I asked, he chuckled, His stupid dreamy eyes twinkling with excitement. What did I say a second ago?My eyes shifted from his and to the position we were in. I was straddling him and his hands were extremely close to my ass. That explains his excitement and eagerness not to leave anytime soon.I blushed furiously, trying to get off him, he only pushed back and our faces were almost touching. I gulped trying to keep my eyes off his lips. Don't give into temptation. This is what he want
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Killing Dylan
**CAMILLA**In the midst of everything, I thought quick and acted fast. The first thing I did was control the situation, Dylan had the narrative since everyone looked up to him and the lies he had to tell.I got off the bike immediately, brushing past the students which had just gathered to watch the scene playing out in front of them, they enjoyed it more than dance parties or prom night, especially on issues concerning the school nerd and the player. Take about a dynamic duo not to mention the power couple of the Century.If only I gave two shits about them, their thoughts, or words. I didn't.I had bigger fishes to fry, more important things on my mind, I was strictly on the verge of losing him.I ran towards Kyle who was running in the opposite direction, trying to get as far away from me as humanly possible. With good reasons, his girlfriend now lives with a guy who has a record of screwing half the girls in the school, he saw her bu
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He Wants Her
**CAMILLA**It was my way of gaining a sense of control if any still existed. Get a grip on my anger or quench it at least. Either way, I'm going to kill him with my bare hands, I'll squeeze that stupid neck of his till it snaps then breaks. I'll choke him until he gasps for air, he won't be able to breathe and even then I won't feel pity nor stop for a damn thing. He'll pay for doing this. I'll multiply the pain I'm in ten folds before serving it on his plate.I didn't do anything. Not to him at least. Sure I wrong a whole bunch of other people, just not him. Why does he intend on ruining my life?Fuck. I'm so mad. Enough talk, it's time for action. He's dead. Dylan is dead.I knew where he was. The fucking soccer pitch. That's where I'm headed to. I don't give two shits who overhears or how they take the news. Hell the entire school can figure out we live together, I don't care. He made those rules then broke them, it's no bother if I do so myse
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The Player's Plus One
**CAMILLA**It'll be the words of a liar if I say this current position wasn't getting me aroused, or I didn't like how we were in the moment.I did like it. A lot. Not only was this exceptionally hot, but this was also the first time anyone has ever made me feel wanted. I'm spouting rubbish in some way, but I don't see any way to properly describe it aside from these words.Sure as hell I was caught up in my thoughts and not what was happening, but I could tell his eyes were fixated on mine, I tried to look away but I just couldn’t. It was like my eyes had a mind of their own and they ended up moving back to meet his, I was getting lost in them until I heard whistles. First just one and then it was almost as if they competed for who could whistle the loudest.I turned back to see most of the guys from the soccer team staring at us, they were the ones whistling, if that wasn't enough, being caught by more than a dozen boys pinned to the
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His Date?
**CAMILLA**In some way, I fought to find the hidden meanings behind those words. It was Dylan, it couldn't have been that plain, there's something tucked away, I just can't see it yet.He wants me to accompany him to this event. That almost makes it seem like...Was Dylan Emerton asking me out on a date or something? That can’t be possible. I'm in over my head, but then again bringing someone to an event signifies asking the person out on a date, he also said it'll be less boring if I'm around.Could I be overthinking it?There's the other option. He's said this before and I believe him at this point.Seeing as his parents are trying to make me feel comfortable and at ease, they might have put him up to this, Dylan can't say no to them. Apart from the "parent" title, they can cut him off from everything he needs to keep up the bad boy lifestyle, his credit cards will be shut down, no clothes, no flaunting money around, and no gi
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