Captured By The Dragon

Captured By The Dragon

By:  Caroline Above Story  Completed
Language: English
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Fear instantly overcame my senses. I had been trafficked. They’re selling me to shifters. Shifters paid irresistible money to own human girls, Everything was shaking all around me as if I was in the back of a moving car. An unpleasant smell that could have woken me from even my darkest dreams filled the air and convinced me that I was wide awake. Fear instantly overcame my senses. Where was I? What was I doing here? Who took me? “Help…” I tried to shout. My torn throat wouldn’t allow it. In my mind, images flashed of barbaric shifters standing outside that door. Big, tall and rough creatures that knew no manners and only wanted to claim things. I’d heard stories since I was old enough to understand that they favored pretty human girls and plucked them off the roads as if they were all free for the taking. ** Patara tried to move back away from the handsome young man, but he held her firm. Squeezing her chin a little harder to keep her in place. His blue-grey, beautiful eyes looked over her every feature as if he wanted to burn the image in his mind. “Would you like me to take you away?” He asked in a husky voice. His words made her skin litter in goosebumps. She couldn’t speak, only nod desperately. “And what do you offer me in exchange for your rescue? Would you like to follow me?” Slowly, she nodded her head and put her hand in his. “Remember your promises,” he said against her ear. She held her breath. “The last person who betrayed me got to see what his insides looked like before I slit his throat.”

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88 chapters
#Chapter 1 ill-fate
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#Chapter 2 Living Hell
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#Chapter 3 Virgin Test
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#Chapter 6 Supping with the Devil
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#Chapter 7 Domineering Eyes
Patara The stranger’s threat frightened me to my core. My hands trembled as he moved closer to whisper in my ear. “My name is Dylan and from now on—you’re mine.”My eyes widened as he stepped back. Goosebumps trailed across my flesh and made shiver as his words sunk their teeth deep into me. I wanted to be free, not belong to someone. Least of all a scary stranger that I had only just met. Even more so, I didn’t want to belong to a sadistic Snake King who wanted me delivered straight to his bed—that scared me most of all.Dylan leaned behind me to grip the gag I had torn from my mouth earlier. I could say nothing as he shoved it back in my mouth without a warning. My eyes screamed questions at the boy, he only smirked again as he pushed me back in the van and slammed the door shut.I gripped onto the door desperately, but it wouldn’t open. What was he doing! Did he lie to me? Was h
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#Chapter 8 Monsters
PataraDylan took me in his arms without a word and walked across the rushing river as if the flow didn’t bother him at all. I gripped onto him tightly as the cold water splashed up at me with each step he took.He set me down once we were on the other side. I glanced up to gaze in his eyes but the blue shade had turned as black as nightmares. I blinked and they were once again blue like the stormy skies.Had I imagined that?The corner of his mouth moved up slightly as he reached out to touch my face with a sense of gentleness that felt like only a shadow of his real emotion.I swallowed the thick lump in my throat and glanced around us. “What—where are we?” I stammered.Dylan’s smile turned to a smirk as he crossed his arms over his chest. I wasn’t sure if I missed his slight comforting touches or not when I was this scared. My head was leaning more towards not since he threw me against a bed to man hand
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#Chapter 9 The Killing
Patara “Alright now?” He asked as I pulled away from him. His smirk didn’t lower from his face in the slightest. I wiped my sleeve across my face to get the feeling of his tongue off me. “Don’t be afraid. They’ll pay for that soon.”My brows furrowed at his words. I hadn’t yet told him what happened, but he knew. Did he see the men violate me and did nothing?“Why do you say that?” I asked quietly.Before he could answer, I heard the sound of boots crunching against the grass. I quickly turned and moved behind Dylan as a familiar man came out of the trees. The man that forced me in the back of his van, but now he had two different men with him.My body started to shake violently as he moved closer. His eyes looked me up and down with a slight glare in his gaze as if he wanted to strangle me. Dylan moved a little more in front of me to cut off his gaze.What was he doin
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#Chapter 10 My Girl
Third POV Rain fell heavily on the group seemingly out of no where. The weather was always so unpredictable in the forest. Sunshine melted into rain and rain turned to hail if the temperature was right. One moment it might be freezing, and the next it could be scolding hot.Dylan led them to a small hidden cave that was carved out of a mountain side to wait out the worst of it. Grateful for the chance to be free of the storm, they hurried inside the darkness not even caring if anything was hidden there. Luckily for them, they caught it when it was empty. Any other day they might have turned into snacks for a beast.Dylan threw damp wood in a pile and started a fire with just the flick of his wrist. Patara widened her eyes in disbelief. Had he just… did fire just come out of his hand? Surely she was losing her mind and becoming delirious from the changing temperatures.She tried not to think about all the horrible things she had seen a
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