Summoning Daddy.

Summoning Daddy.

Oleh:  Cendrillon1996  Tamat
Bahasa: English
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As the tittles says, I summoned him, expecting to be loved, worshipped, taken care of. What I received was a spanking to my bum and a scolding for my attempts. But I did win a daddy, a really strict one that I would always choose no matter what. This is our story. Warning this is a cgl story, filled with fluff. Apologies for any misspelling and grammar mistakes.

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Rizzanos Wifey
terrible all the way around
2023-02-09 06:48:59
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Calesti POV. "I Calesti summon you," I say standing on top of the star I have drawn on the floor, trying to focus my full attention and power on the circle. "Come on, come on," I say to myself, forgetting my chant, I need to stay in the protection circle, I can't move or I'd be killed there, I'm trying to summon a demon if that isn't clear yet."I order you to come," I say again, trying to sound firm, I'm not summoning Lucifer, I would never try to summon the lord of darkness, he'd eat my soul, what I want is a demon, a not so high demon, I need my protection spells to keep me safe, I need to be able to banish him too. "You will obey me," I say putting more force into my words, I didn't even introduce myself, I'm Calesti, as you could guess, and I'm a witch!"You will hold no harm to me," I say, I don't want to summon a demon who could kill me, why am I trying to summon one? Well, I'm lonely, how else do you expect a lone witch to find someone to hold her and be there with her. Mos
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Calesti POV. I was sure that my brain was making the noises up, that no one was there, I was ready to turn off the lights and get back to sleep. My idea of getting a daddy is more and more impossible who would want me? I'm just me...and no one would wants a girl like me, a bad witch, an age regressor, a brat, I'm just a disappointment.Just as I was about to turn off the lights, I saw him, I saw his shoes first, dress shoes, my eyes went up slowly, he had a suit on, a full on suit, then my eyes were met with his, he looked human. He had everything a human does, the face, the body, the hair, but the eyes, those what gave him away, when our eyes met, I knew I did it.Silver eyes, pure silver, a sign of him being a supernatural, I've read in a book that demons have silver eyes, angel have goldens, vampires have bloody red eyes, and finally wolves have emerald green. The more beautiful they are the stronger they get, pure eye color is another sign of strength, what's standing in front o
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Calesti POV. He fixed my clothes for me and allowed me to slip to bed crying, I laid on my tummy avoiding any kind of pressure over my bum. I felt him move around my house, but I didn't have any power left, he's a demon lord, he could do whatever he wants and I won't be able to stop him.I'm going to burn that stupid book of spells, it's the book's fault that he's here, low-level demon my sore bum! He came back toward me later when I was done crying when no more tears fell from my face, does he plan on staying here with me? I don't want him!"I can hold you if you want," he Whispers to me, but I shake my head no. "It's my duty to hold you," he says making me roll my eyes, he couldn't see it but I was doing so. He got in the bed next to me, but his body was much larger than mine, he took my whole bed, leaving me laying on the edge, next he pulled me up and over his body, laying me on his chest."We'll talk more in the morning, it's really late for you now," he says. "Nothing to ta
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Calesti POV. I wasn't allowed to pack, I wasn't allowed to take any of my books with me, not that I wanted the stupid book that doesn't work on how to summon a low-level demon. "I'm not leaving giggles behind," that's where I drew the line. "Giggles?" My keeper asks."My elephant," I say with w big pout, he's a bad keeper, he doesn't even know my stuffed animal's name! "Go get him," he says letting go of my hand, I ran to my bedroom, Giggles have fallen to the ground after last night's events.I picked him up, the yellow and blue stuffy, I went back to meet with him, are we taking a car? Taxi? Or maybe the demon lord uses the bus system! I thought to myself with a chuckle. "Close your eyes and hold your breath," he ordered me, but I don't, why should I obey him?A few seconds later, I regretted not obeying him, I should've just done those things, instead, I'm on my knees gasping for air, we were somewhere else, not my home, it looked nothing like my shitty apartment, I will look
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Calesti POV. "You wanna get dressed?" he asks or maybe offers, I nodded not wanting to stay in my shirt and the stupid diaper, looking down, I saw it had animals drawn all over them. "I'm going to put you in some comfy clothes, we're staying in today," he says, he's more of talking to himself since I had no say in anything he did.He moved to the closet and got me clothes, it's sweats, I don't mind wearing sweats, he placed me again on the same padded area, but this time he didn't try to stop me to the table. He got me dressed, he saw my whole body again, but he haven't tried to touch me anywhere inappropriate or even looked at me, which was really good. Once he was done, he got something from the same damn desk, it had so many drawers in it, that held many supplies, he got what looks like a pacifier, I tried those before, I don't mind it, but not when the evil demon hand it to me.He used a clip to attach it to my shirt, still carrying me around, going down the stairs, I could wal
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Calesti POV. I needed the bathroom, I needed to go so badly, but the show was so good, I didn't want to leave now, not while the show is playing, it's the best way, I started to wiggle around the sofa, he was still sitting next to me, but I was ignoring him. "Do you need anything?" he asks me, I shook my head no, he didn't ask me if I needed the bathroom, he doesn't know that I need it. "I need to do some phone calls, stay put," he ordered me, I wanted to roll my eyes at him, but I'm watching the show, so I kept on watching.All of the sudden, my urge to go to the bathroom went away, I could sit comfortably and watch my show, he ignored me while my show kept on going, but soon I got tired and restless from sitting in one place, deciding to ignore his stay order, I got up and started to move around the room. There was the tv, the sofas, and a glass window, I ran to check the view from there, I have no idea what kind of place we are in, looking out I saw were so up above the floor, h
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Calesti POV. I'm not fussy, I'm hurt, he's treating me like a baby and my body is giving up, allowing him to take charge, I used the diaper already, and now I'm going to have lunch! He even forgot to feed me breakfast, see he's not that good of a daddy, to begin with. "You ready to eat princess?" He asks me, taking me toward what I guess is his kitchen, I don't want to see the windows, I don't want to be reminded of how high up in the sky we are. He sat me on my own seat, getting food, human food set in front of me, I didn't want to eat it, I'm a picky eater, I hate most food especially when they aren't cooked as I like them. "Nut hungry," I say right away pushing the food away from me, I wasn't hungry at all. "You gotta eat, try it, I'm a good cook," he promises me, but I shake my head no. "Want me to feed you then?" He asks slash offers, I shook my head no. "Then do you want baby food little baby? Or maybe I should give you formula," to that I had to answer, I'm not a damn ba
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Calesti POV. I did get my nuggies, I ate them making a big mess, I've slipped into my little self, he had to try and clean me after the meal, the keyword is trying, since I tried to fight him off, not wanting the wet cloth to touch my face. "Ready to talk now princess?" he asks me still fussing over me, over if I'm clean if I wetted myself without noticing and if I'm good to talk. "Fine," I say sitting next to him on the sofa waiting for him to start talking. "You know why I'm here now, and for how long I'm staying, I know you're a little and we have already established that you are my little baby," he keeps ongoing, he's right so far. "But me nu want a daddy," I say again with a pout, a daddy means he's going to make me obey his rules, and he might spank me again. "You getting one sweetie, it's not an option anymore, but now we can live happily or not," he says giving me the option. "I wanna be happy," I say, I won't choose the spanking road, that one hurt. "That's good baby,
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Calesti POV. "Rise and shine princess," I heard the annoying demon lord call, it was nice when he tucked me in, but waking up is a choice I make on my own and can't be forced into it, I groaned in answer, not ready to wake up. "Come on sweetie, we got a full day ahead of us," he says opening the canopy, letting light hit my face, I held on to Giggles hiding my face from the morning sun. "Nu wanna," I whine instead, trying to get some more sweet sleep. "Yes, you want to," he says picking out of the crib and placing me on the changing table. He stripped me naked making my whole body shiver with how cold it is and whine more. "I'll be quick," he promises getting me dressed in a new clean diaper, followed by a onesie that snapped between my things, and a skirt on top, finishing the look with high knee socks to keep me warm. He sat me up on the table and did my hair, brushing through it, styling it with care, I never look this good on a daily basis when my hair gets too tangled I use
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Calesti POV. I kept on pouting the whole way there, it's not fair to be set in a car seat, I know I'm a little and a baby as he called me, and proved it to me, but I don't want to be a baby like this. "Don't pout princess, I know you're comfortable back there," he says, even if I'm comfortable, doesn't mean I want to sit here. "Nu like it," I remind him, I didn't ask for this. "We're there, let me park first," he says parking the car, taking his sweet time with it, when he finally did so, he came to my side, taking the straps off, picking me up and having me stand on my own feet finally! "Nu like it," I remind him, glaring daggers at the stupid seat. "Let's go in," Mister demon says holding my hand and walking inside, I went to get a cart, I wanted to push it, he allowed me to do so, keeping a hand on the side to keep me close, we first started with the frozen section, he got me nuggies! Yumy, and he got some other things I ignored, next he got pasta and rice, and a couple more
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