The Alpha Claimed Me Deeply

The Alpha Claimed Me Deeply

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She's trying to escape. He's looking for revenge. She stumbles. He catches. She holds a secret. He wants to unravel it. It's impossible for them to be mates. But destiny had other plans. Xavier Knight thinks having a mate makes one weak. But can he really resist the bond that has entwined the two so deeply? Especially when he needs to have a taste of her to calm his raging beast? Her taste alone has become an addiction he craves severely, so how long can he hold off from marking her as his? Warning! MATURE CONTENT!

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PrologueMy life wasn't all rainbows and sunshine. The little light I could get was always far out of my reach. It was slipping away until the hope of ever getting to that light was tugged away from me. But then, he came along.Or should I say, I stumbled on his territory? Xavier Knight. The vicious leader, Alpha of the Crimson Moon pack.He was supposed to end me, kill me like all the rumors I've heard, said he would. But he spared me. I didn't know why he did that day. Until little by little, he showed me.Xavier Knight was my mate.Which wasn't supposed to be possible. We were completely different creatures. But the craving of his touch and the way I couldn't possibly resist him proved that this was indeed our fate.

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《 Aurora's pov 》 The sun beats down my back brutally as I place the now dry clothes in the basin. I had not eaten from morning and the hunger was slowly eating me alive. I was sweaty and icky and in need of a shower. But I knew better, until I was done with my chores I couldn't relax under the sprinkle of water. I sighed, placing the last of Alpha Raphael's clothes in the basin."Hey Aurora!" I whip around and smile at Cassandra. She was the only wolf who didn't look at me in disgust and was my only friend. She was the daughter of an omega and was classified as one also. An omega was the bottom of the ranking chain in the wolf community but seeing as no one knew what I was, I suppose I was the very bottom in this pack."Need any help today?" Her pretty dirty blonde hair whips over her shoulder as she bounds over to me. Even though they treated her badly, Cas never showed how truly hurt she felt by their words. They taunted
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《 Aurora's pov 》 "Ow." I wince as I pulled my finger to my chest and hold it tightly. I had forgotten that the pan was still hot and stupidly touched it without oven mitts."Oh did the little elf burn her finger? Oh how upsetting." Alice snarled.They were still there, unfortunately. And they were hell-bent on throwing insults after insults at me. Over the years, I had grown to block them out as much as I could. But I'll admit that their words still dented my armor.I pressed my lips together and went over to the sink. I opened the faucet and let the cold water run over my throbbing finger. Their giggles had me gritting my teeth. "No wonder they left her in the woods when she was a baby. I mean who would want a freak of a daughter that looked like that?" Becka's words had my chest tightening uncomfortably and my head turning to face her.Her pretty features craft into a look of disgust. "Don't look at me freak!" She scree
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《 Aurora's pov 》I closed my eyes under the sprinkle of the shower. The water was freezing since everyone had already used up all the hot water. But I didn't care, at least I could shower now finally.It was late, probably about midnight or perhaps later. I hadn't cared to check the time. I sighed, running my fingers through my pale pink hair. I wished it was a different color, one more common and not so rare. I blinked. I wished my eyes were common too and not so 'freaky'. I let out a breath and run my hand down my body.I was small and barely had any hips. My breasts were small compared to that of a she wolf. My stomach was very flat but that probably had to do with the lack of food inside it. Whilst she wolves were blessed with luscious curves and bountiful breasts, I, whatever I was, was cursed with nothing but tiny breasts, a flat bum, and no hips. I might as well be mistaken as a stick.I lathered my body with soap a
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《 Aurora's pov 》 I rise to my feet and regret it instantly. The ache was too unbearable but I knew I had work to do if I didn't want to get severely punished.I walked out of my tiny room, shifting my eyes away from the she wolves that walked the halls. Confidence oozed from them, something I lacked.Shifting downstairs I made my way inside the kitchen where the enormous pile of dirty dishes greeted me. There was only one male Lycan, Peter who was one of the patrolling wolves. Apparently, he was good at locating anything.As I entered the kitchen, his eyes lift from his phone and fell on me. He doesn't look at me in disgust but offers a small smile before going back to his phone.Peter's dark curls sweep over his forehead, his broad shoulders slouched in exhaustion as he swiped his thumb over the screen of the phone. He must be, I was certain he was one of the wolves patrolling last night.Taking my eyes off him, I strutted to
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《 Aurora's pov 》 "Is the broth ready?" Gomery asked in the doorway of the kitchen. I shook my head no. I knew she would be mad but unfortunately, I didn't possess the powers to heat up food quicker."Have it ready within fifteen minutes." She demanded and walked away without another glance or my response.I sighed and continued to stir the pot. My hands were burning with an ache that wouldn't go away. I guess I should expect that seeing as I had been scrubbing and shining the floors the entire day.After I had washed all the dishes Gomery commanded me to wash the floors. It was my punishment for apparently upsetting the Alpha and Luna last night. No matter what I do, I seem to always upset them so it didn't shock me when Gomery mentioned my 'behavior' last night angered the leaders of the pack.I did nothing unjust, I know that. But pleading my case would only result in me getting even more punished. My fingers, arms and legs couldn't
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《 Aurora's pov 》 The packhouse was awfully quiet even though it was already past midnight. It was very strange. Usually, there would be the howl of a patrolling wolf outside every five minutes. But tonight, it was complete silence.I turned over in my makeshift bed. It was very cold tonight. It didn't help that I had water spilled over my body earlier. Even though I had a warm shower a few minutes ago, it didn't quite help my case.I fisted my hands together and brought them to my mouth to blow. It was a miracle I wasn't dead yet or had gotten frostbite.I groan lowly when I fisted my throbbing hand too tightly. I should've really begged Gomery to allow me to pick some herbs to create a healing balm. I was afraid the color of my hand would stay so red."Maybe it would've been better if I was dead," I whispered but my heart leaped when I heard the sound of approaching footsteps. Whoever it was, sounded in a hurry.Maybe it
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《 Aurora's pov 》 Whipping around, I nearly shriek when my eyes fall on Peter's naked form. It was clear that he had just shifted back to his human form, surely he wasn't just walking around naked?Tearing my eyes away and looking at Cassandra's terrified face, I realized we were utterly fucked."To avoid stumbling on Xavier's territory, you need to go right. It will take you to no man's land. " Peter continued. "And you better hurry up whilst you at it, Alpha Raphael must be stirring in his sleep."Shocked and confused that he was helping me escape, I turn back to face him but avoid his little Peter down there. His eyes are not on me though but on Cas. "Nice trick with the Valerian root. Too bad I'm familiar with the scent." Smirking slightly he turns to give me a look that said you need to hurry."You were never here and I have not seen you since morning. Neither have I seen Cassandra." Shifting back to his charcoal wolf form, Peter
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《 Aurora's pov 》  The name of the alpha every wolf seemed to fear made me feel as though I had just walked into my own death. My heart pounds quickly with no indication of slowing down soon.How could this be? I followed what Peter had told me......Unless he lied and betrayed me.Oh, Cas. I only hope that you're okay.Feeling the tears blur my vision, I stagger back in shock and fright. "This must be a mistake. A terrible mistake." I whimpered, looking between the wolves.Would they spare me?Probably not."Please. I mean no harm." I pleaded for them to listen but knowing wolves, they'd not listen. They were vicious animals and from what I've heard about the pack members of the Crimson Moon, they were evil just like their Alpha.Ignoring me, Samuel turns to Eli. "She smells like a familiar pack. She must be a spy. We'll take her in for questioning. If Alpha finds her useless we wi
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《 Aurora's pov 》 His commanding tone brought on a wave of fear, yet something else stirred. I wasn't sure.His voice was gruff, masculine, like it had gone through so much during his time on earth. And as my eyes lift, they fell into pools of amber. I wasn't sure if it was fright that caused my intake of a sharp breath or if it was the sharpness of his jawline and the plump lips that lined into a frown. He was very tall too,  I had to crane my neck to look at his face properly. His aura screamed what everyone talked about, deadly and calculating. But what they failed to have mentioned was how devastatingly handsome he was for a cold-blooded murderer. They also had failed to mention how young he looked too. He didn't seem to be older than the age of thirty.He took a strong step towards me, his dark midnight hair weighing down by the rain. I flinched, not able to keep the fear off my face any longer. I was now facing the infamous d
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