Queen of Underground Arena Became the Weak Princess

Queen of Underground Arena Became the Weak Princess

By:  AgingayDeBulusan   Ongoing
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This is the English Version of my story. Hiraya Frost Akira is the unbeatable, undefeated, and fearsome underground fighter. Anyone who challenges her would be beaten into pulp, lives hanging by a thread. People called her an incarnation of a devil. Her gaze alone could give you a cold sweat and make you feel an intense fear. But then an accident occurred, and she transmigrated inside the body of the timid and weak Princess of Esperanza Kingdom. Frost received the Princess's memory, and saw the suffering, pain and miserable life of the Princess inflected upon by her loved ones and the people around her. Frost then bowed to help the Princess achieve happiness and exact revenge on her behalf. Never would she have expected that her reincarnation would be the salvation and hope of the people in that World.

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42 Chapters
Chapter 1: Explosion
Underground Arena | 10:00 p.m. Inside the underground arena, the frenzied shouts of the people dominated the place. There were constant groans, growls and a cracking sound. "BEAT HIM." "BREAK HIS BONE." "FIGHT. LET HIM BLEED." Those were just a few of the shouts that could be heard inside the arena. People could hardly contain themselves because of excitement as they watched two men with almost have the same body shape who were currently fighting in the middle of the arena. Big, bulky muscles. The two men fighting were in a similar situation. Both are bleeding, both have broken arms, gasping for air and faintly exhausted. But the glint of pride and fire in their eyes says otherwise. It's full of vigor and unrestrained conviction of a fighter. Until one of the men cannot stand, only then the fight will end. "Dark Horse versus Wild Eagle. The winner of tonight's fight is none other than, DARK HORSE." People vigorously shouted again after the announcement of a man carrying a micr
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Chapter 2: New Body
 "Please help me." A soft and gentle voice was what Frost heard but such voice also held sadness into it. Then a pair of black phoenix eyes opened.  A pink ceiling was what Frost saw when she first opened her eyes. Her eyebrows immediately scrunched.  'Didn't I die?' She mentally queried. She tried to propped her body up but she noticed that she was aching all over her body. So she just carefully sat and leaned her body onto the headboard of the huge bed. She then habitually observed the room she was in. The room was huge, exceptionally beautiful. There was a lot of expensive furniture. She was also sitting in a Queen sized bed, with multiple pink pillows and a pink bedsheet, even the soft and silky blanket is pink. 'The owner of this room is obviously a girl.' She inwardly said. But Frost was suddenly stunned when she saw her pair of hands. It was smo
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Chapter 3: Mages
 "Time to investigate this place." Frost said, stood up and walked towards where the door out of the room was but she suddenly paused when she noticed the clothes she was wearing. It was a white nightgown below the knee. She narrowed her eyes and walked to another direction and open a door which has a tag written on it that says, 'Closet' A frustrated sigh was breathed out by Frost when she saw what was inside. There are various dresses for different occasions, for just a casual day, and for hunting. However, it was all a dress which Frost was not used to wearing. "This will do." she said in an annoyed tone. She picked up a simple black colored dress, one fitted shorts, and a pair of black flat shoes. She went outside of the room. She started walking aimlessly. Just casually observing her surroundings. Two words to describe this place, expensive and massive. Frost can see the paintings in the wall and she be
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Chapter 4: Memories
"- -that I conclude that Princess Hiraya has an amnesia." reported Doctor Herrero in a respectful tone to the man in front of him. But the man seems like he was not listening. His face showed lack of interest to what he's reporting. The man kept his attention at the various reports from different departments, face emotionless. "Are you sure she's not faking it?" Was what the man said, doubt filled his tone. It was none other than, King Alejandro, the current King of Esperanza Kingdom and Princess Hiraya's father. Doctor Herrero can't help but grimace in his mind. He knows that the King did not favor the Princess but he did not think that the King would think that his daughter (who might really have an amnesia), was just acting. The man did not even ask the current condition of the Princess, and instead the King seemed to be accusing the Princess of lying. "Princess Hiraya is acting strange after she wakes up. I can tell that she's very different from before. It might be the effect o
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Chapter 5: Poison
 "I was right. This body is poisoned." Frost said in a serious tone after she inspected her body. A while ago, after her encounter with her "older brother", Antonio, she went directly to her room. And started analyzing the memories that Princess Hiraya shared with her. The Princess did not activate any of the 9 magic attributes. Another reason why she was casted away by almost everyone. She was treated like an abomination by not only her family but also the people around her. But Frost doesn't believe that the Princess truly didn't have magic. Both of her parents are powerful mages. It's rare for two astounding mages to give birth to a child who doesn't have magic attributes. So there's definitely something wrong with her body. So when she inspected her body, she found out the cause. There's a poison blocking her spiritual root or vein. The spiritual vein is where the magic flows. Out of the body, a
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Chapter 6: Forest
 'It's just a small meeting gift... cousin.'That's right. The average looking lady who humiliated the waiter, and was sent tumbling by Frost is none other than Alice dela Cruz, Child of Duke dela Cruz and Lady Victoria dela Cruz. Also, the one who pushed the Princess in the river that caused her death. Frost may have looked calm but deep inside she was seething in anger. She was really trying hard to restrain herself from killing her so called cousin the moment she saw her. She feels like it's too easy for her if she would kill her this way. She would drive her into insanity first before killing her. And that goes for her mother as well. The bitch who also made the Princess's life miserable. If anyone would dare to poison a member of the Royal Family, only that pair of mother and daughter would have the guts to do so. Yes, they're the main suspect of Frost. And she has multiple reasons to suspect them.&n
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Chapter 7: Finally Cured
Frost waltzed her way inside the Palace. She again expertly avoided the cumbersome Royal guards. She was not afraid of trouble. But staying out of trouble benefits her more. When she arrived in her room, she did not waste her time and immediately took out all the ingredients she would need in making an antidote against the poison in her body from the cosmos bag.She picked up one kilo of Green leafy starch, Zynia grass, and Nylories vines.Next, she went inside the bathroom, but before she put the three ingredients in the bathtub, she first filled up the bathtub with water. And when the water is enough for her to use, it is only then she expertly poured all the three ingredients on the bathtub.While Frost unhesitatingly eats the two poisonous plants which are the Lamia flower and Sniopon plant. Next, she took all of her clothes off and submerged herself onto the bathtub filled with herbal plants. Frost can already feel the effect of the two
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Chapter 8: Meeting “Her” Family
Butler Aricia was having a hard time maintaining his polite smile. Even though he can't see it, he can still feel the Princess's intense gaze on his back. He can even feel the suffocating aura wrapping his entire being that is coming from the Princess which is trying to subdue him. He was bewildered but he also wants to laugh at himself for feeling a tinge of fear to the Princess. It's just ridiculous. But he knows that there is definitely something wrong with the Princess. If it's because of her amnesia, he doesn't know anymore. It doesn't seem to be that simple. On the other hand, Frost was leisurely following the Head Butler. She was a bit happy to see him being uncomfortable around her. She was testing him. After 10 minutes of walking, they stopped in front of a gold colored dress that has a word carved in it that says, “King’s Office”.Butler Aricia knocked on the door and said in a loud voice, "Princess Hiraya is
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Chapter 9: Snow wolf (Part 1)
Frost directly went to the dining area after the heated conversation with her “siblings”. She was so hungry that she felt like she could eat a whole cow. With the help of the memories' the Princess shared with her. She easily found the dining area. She then saw the first servant she saw back then. When the servant noticed the presence of the Princess, she immediately approached her. "What can I do for you, Princess Hiraya?" The servant said in a respectful tone. "Please give me some food to eat. Thank you." Said Frost. Although the servant at their first meeting was arrogant, she already learned her lesson and knows how to act in front of her. Frost likes this kind of person.Frost's attitude depends on how the people treat her. So if you treat her with respect, she'll do the same. It was that simple. But there are really some people who should not be respected at all because of her/his sins that he/she made.
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Chapter 10: Snow wolf (Part 2)
"I'm okay." Frost said while staring at General Valencia. Her face was indifferent but her voice was softer than before."Aren't you supposed to be sleeping right now Young lady, hmm?" General Valencia uttered while also looking intently at Frost. Frost was about to answer his question when the Royal guards came rushing towards their way. "General Valencia, who is this beautiful young lady?” One of the Royal guards asked the General while staring at Frost in awe. He was also looking at Frost in amazement, and when he saw how beautiful the girl in front of him was, he felt his heart beating fast. And so, he could not help himself but to ask her this, "Miss, are you a beast tamer? And perhaps, single?" He was grinning playfully at Frost. General Valencia furrowed his eyebrows and smacked the Royal guard's head. “Ouch!” The Royal guard shrieked in pain, and rubbed his sligh
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