Obliterated Beginnings

Obliterated Beginnings

By:  Anya Ivy  Ongoing
Language: English
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Faced with a new life, new school, new family, Eva has a lot on her plate. And as if those aren’t enough already, her new foster sister has decided to make her the enemy. Its a crappy day when Eva runs into the most good-looking guy she has ever seen in the mall restroom, but little does she know she’s going to be seeing a lot more of this stranger. Axel is the most handsome, reckless and infuriating male Eva has ever met. No one gets on her nerves like he does and yet no one makes her feel as safe as he does. She knows he’s trouble, but she can’t seem to stay away. What happens when Eva realises that she’s falling for Ivacy High’s notorious playboy—one who could possibly be keeping a huge secret from her that would changer her life?

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    • 01 •
                             EVA Omar would be so proud of me.  I could literally hear his voice in my head saying; peek out of you shell once in a while, Eva. It's fun I swear.  Today I had. And to be honest, I didn't know if the outcome was either a blessing or a curse. Mrs Lawson's happy eyes met mine in the rearview mirror, the edges of her lips tilted up.  I matched her smile.  "Abi and Zoe are the same age as you. I can't wait for you to meet them. " Well, that made the two of us.  "I can't wait to meet them either. " I replied honestly.  Abi and Zoe were twin girls and the only children of the Lawsons. I hadn't met them in person yet, of course, but I was pretty sure I knew more about them tha
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    • 02 •
      EVA My heart beat wildly in my chest, thumping around with so much force I thought it was going to beat right out and land at their pretty feet.  Feet that were clad in unnecessarily big fluffy slippers. Two purple, two black. I knew this, because my eyes were currently glued to them. There must be something so captivating about them, I wasn't quite sure what, but I was positive I would find that out within the next five minutes of my one-sided stare down. There was a possibility that the bodies might be just as interesting, even more so, but my eyes hadn't seemed to find the courage to make the rest of the journey.  All through the car ride, I'd been itching to know what they looked like. Dying to. Now, here I was, standing in front of them, with nothing stopping me but my stupid self. I had to be pushing a new level of stupidity with my delay. 
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    • 03 •
      EVA Boutiques were a special kind of hell. They could fool people with their rows and rows of designer clothes, the soothing air blasting from the AC's, the excited looks on people's faces, Satan's absence and the lack of a blazing red inferno, but they didn't fool me.  This was where people's self esteems came to die. And mine was in danger of drawing it's last breath.  "Let me show you to another section. " the sales attendant bared her teeth in something too shark-like to be a smile, clasping her hands in front of her. She'd clung to our side from the moment her eyes latched onto us, when we came in and had refused to leave, offering suggestions when she thought we needed them.  One could barely blame her. One look at Mrs Lawson and the twins and you'd know they were moneyed. With Mrs Lawson looking startlingly young in blue jeans, a cashmere sweater, her
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    • 04 •
     EVA Ivacy High was, well, high, and nothing like what I'd expected.  Nothing turned out to be what I expected these days. I might as well stop assuming.  I'd expected plain colours, large, impersonal buildings, snobby students —I was yet to meet them, and classy teachers. I mean, it was a private school, also one of the most expensive and if Abi and Zoe's characters were things to go by, I'd say they went to a school that reflected them. I could hardly be blamed for coming to that conclusion. Really.  Lord knew the beautifully colored, albeit overly large buildings with inspirational and motivational quotes from different prodigies, hanging on the walls on various sides, took me completely by surprise.  " The school assembly starts in exactly ten minutes from now, " Abi glanced at the watch on her left wrist, "And I like to be there at leas
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    • 05 •
      EVA "What did I do to you? " Zoe started. "Besides putting up with your unprecedented existence in my life, that is. " I didn't know what to say. She was obviously in a very bad mood, worse than I had ever seen her in. I couldn't tell by her face, no, one could never tell her emotions from it, rather, it was the liquid fire emanating in waves from her narrowed eyes that did. "It's your first day of schooling here, Eva. But you just couldn't wait even for a little while, could you? "  It resonated somewhere at the back of my mind that this was the first time she was actually calling my name. "What exactly was your plan anyway? " she shifted her weight from one foot onto the other, "That you'd get some huge dirt on me and then tell mom and dad about it? " Her fury escalated with each word, as did my heart beat. "I h
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    • 06 •
    EVA."Is it just me or has Eva been sneaking glances at Axel? "My eyes flew to the curly-haired girl's on hearing my name. "What? "She rolled her eyes, "Okay, fine. That might be downplaying it a little. You were definitely staring at him. "Did I mention she had a slight accent? A British one to be precise."No, I wasn't. " I argued. Abi, who had barely said a word ever since, merely looked between us, then continued eating.How a girl like Laura had become friends with Abi was still, and would probably always be a mystery to me. The two were nothing alike, the only thing they had in common being that they both breathed in oxygen, oh, and drank water, and did basically everything the average human did —but even that was debatable.The exotically pretty, light-skinned girl fixed me with a 'really?' look, the enviable mass of jet black curls framing her oval face, dancing softly as she tilt
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    • 07 •
    EVAI smiled, pulling the heavy textbooks tighter against my side as I turned to the boy. I nodded. I didn't hear what he said, and he probably might not have even uttered a word, but that didn't matter. His lips were moving, I was wearing a smile, the sun was up and shining, it was a beautiful day, we both looked spectacular in our uniforms, our hairs were at their best and everyone was doing their thing.What could possibly go wrong?"Jesus. This is not a movie. Say something. Why are you mouthing words? Speak!" the photographer yelled at us and once again, my smile collapsed. My cheeks hurt like hell from all the smiling I'd been doing. The boy —who was in the same class as me— and I shared exasperated looks before turning to the photographer who looked just as tired as we were. He was tired? What reason did he have to be? We were the ones doing the actual work and not to mention, being yelled at under the scorching sun. Read more
    • 08 •
    EVAMy face stung and I blinked quickly, desperately trying to stem the tears that had filled my eyes, threatening to make an appearance. I will not cry. I will not cry. I will not cry.I told myself I would not show these people that I was weak by crying in front of them, but as I saw the satisfactory looks on their faces, the smiles and hollers, and the pity on some, it felt like I was fighting a loosing battle. What had I even done to them? When I looked at the one who called herself my sister, the one who had hated me from the very first day I stepped into her life, as she put it, I saw something stand out amidst the anger burning in her eyes. I could barely see past the tears blurring my vision, but the hatred she had for me shone clearly and that, I realized, was probably the only thing I'd guessed right about her from the beginning.That she hated me with a vengeance."All I asked of you was to stay away from m
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    • 09 •
     EVAarthurThat was Axel's handle on Instagram. Just the single name. His page had been suggested to me, as were a bunch of other Ivacy High students, but his, and a few others, were the ones that actually piqued my interest. I made several screenshots of the pages in order not to forget to check them out later. He took exceptionally nice pictures and his photographer, if he had one, —although I highly doubted that he did— wouldn't swap his/her occupation for the world. Not with the amount of smiles he threw at the camera every chance he got, it seemed. He had a lot of female fans. I knew that because I was stalking the hell out of his page. Clicking on every photo, reading every comment and clicking on the female profiles to see if he followed them. It was pathetic. Really. But I couldn't be helped.He had quite a large number of following —all thanks to his good looking self. As I scrolled even lower, to posts about five mo
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    EVATherefore I Am by Billie Eillish flowed softly from the Bluetooth speakers, giving the room a somewhat chill and badass vibe as Laura took care of my makeup. When I'd first rejected her offer to apply my makeup, insisting that I didn't need one, she had given me a look of disappointment saying, "Your gown deserves better than the treatment you're giving it, Eva. ". I'd rolled my eyes, telling her that I hadn't wanted to wear the gown in the first place but then I'd stared at the gown, then at my face in the mirror, and I had silently gone and sat on the chair by my dresser, watching as she readied her tools with a satisfied nod. I mean, no one said I wasn't pretty, but my untouched face was way too undeserving of the gown. That, I knew.The gown —my gown, was a masterpiece. It would be considered simple to most, underrated even, but it was more to me, much much more. I hadn't worn a gown like that before. In fact, I couldn't remember th
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