Alpha Hunter

Alpha Hunter

By:  Alora Sterling  Ongoing
Language: English
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Ava Williams has fallen head over heels over her charming prince and best friend, Axel. So imagine her disappointment when she realizes her fated mate isn't Axel, but that one playboy asshole in her school named Hunter Ysrael, the future alpha of a rival pack! 19 year old Hunter Ysrael had always looked down on wolves of her rank. When he discovers his mate was none other than an omega from his rival pack, he couldn't wait to get rid of her. But when Ava proposed to be the first to reject the breathtakingly handsome, god-like future alpha Hunter, he is filled with an unyielding determination and desire to turn the tables and make Ava fall in love with him no matter what. However, it turns out that Ava has other dreams of her own. The night brings surprises not only for Ava but her family tree as well as the structure of the wolves' societal order. As she struggles with finding her true identity and dealing with unexpected extraordinary powers, an evil force from the past comes back to haunt the wolves and to seek vengeance from the werewolf kind. It is said that only a white dragon can save them from those corrosive, dark magic wielding demons, but until now the prophesized white dragon has yet to be found. Everything changes for Ava when she learns her true identity, and the purpose she was made to serve in this cruel world. She has a lot to lose if she does fight but a lot more if she doesn't. A story of divided loyalties, love, magic, and survival.

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22 Chapters
Chapter 1
AVAI covered my ears, rolling my eyes irritably as I sat with my friend Amy in the school cafeteria. Amy nudged my arm with her elbow and whispered, her eyes still fixed on that famous playboy quarterback of our school, Wolf Academy. "Hey girl, look who just arrived. It's Hunter Ysrael from the Cruelcrest Hounds Pack!" I felt Amy's fingers trace my chin and force my face toward his direction."Uh-huh. Phenomenal." I said sarcastically before removing her fingers that were gripping my chin. Amy tsked at my reaction but her eyes were still glued to him, watching him from the distance with dreamy, heart-filled eyes.All these teenage she-wolves were going crazy on this one douchebag. Seriously, what is so special about this guy? Sure he is the son of Alpha Mason of Cruelcrest Hounds pack but I don't see him as anything more than that. I never spoke a word with him, never looked at him in the eye, never stole him a glance. I am not interested in good-for-nothing dickheads like him who don
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Chapter 2
AVAI made my way to the only vacant seat, gripping my books tightly in my hands. If he weren't looking at me, I would have been rolling my eyes at the sight of him. I could feel his eyes on me and my body making me cringe on the inside. Oh well, it'll just be for one hellish hour. I can make it. All I have to do is to block him from my senses. I don't want to hear him doing anything or even the sound of him breathing loudly through my ears else I might pass out. "Ahh!" When I was about to sit on the chair, placing my books on the desk, my butt shockingly hit the floor rather than the smooth surface of the armchair.I held my butt which was aching painfully and glared at the smirking bastard right behind me."Ava Williams! Didn't your parents teach you about manners while in class?!" Mr. Gordon was now furious. "Won't happen again, Sir," I assured him before pulling my seat back to my butt. "Oh, it better be." He threw me a last glare before turning to face the chalkboard. He was w
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Chapter 3
HUNTERThese she-wolves can't seem to keep their filthy hands away from me ever since I walked through that gate. I didn't mind, though. It was my wolf, Lucien, that made a huge fucking deal about it.'Make them go the fuck away Hunter. Their scents irk me' Lucien demanded.True, ever since I found my mate, I didn't find their presence as pleasant as before. But driving them away would make me lose my reputation as the campus heartthrob in our school, and I don't like getting down the low. I like it at the top, and that would mean I have to be noticed by all the girls.'Give them a chance, they could be fun,' I insisted on him.Lucien growled in my head. I mentally rolled my eyes at his response.'But we have mate. Why should we need to fuck around just to have fucking fun?' I could feel my wolf getting all heated up early in this cold morning. He growled when the girl to my left slipped her hand to my belt, seductively. I mentally rolled my eyes and made a mental note to kick this gir
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Chapter 4
AVAI yank my arm from him and pushed his chest with all my might using both hands. However, my effort had been futile the moment he caught my wrist as I was about to run towards the door.What is this douchebag up to?"What do you want?!" I yell at him. My hands and body were both shaking uncontrollably as he pulled me close."Stop trying to get away from me, mate."Mate? This man is not only a douchebag. He's completely lost his mind! "I'm sorry but you got the wrong person. I already have a mate." I lied, thinking about Axel. I wish he was my mate. He is already 18 and he still hasn't found his mate. I'm turning 18 tomorrow. The sooner I get this over with the sooner I'll find out."Lie. Don't think you can fuck with me, omega. I AM your mate. I watched you from afar since I turned 18. Wanna bet?" He said playfully, making my heart beat a thousand times more than it should. I furrowed my brows, looking up at the dark, tall figure of the man who I sense is smirking in front of me.
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Chapter 5
AVA"Honey, Amy's here!" My mom shouts."Coming!" I hurriedly got out of bed and dashed downstairs to meet my best friend.Mom pulled open the door, revealing Amy already dressed up for my birthday party tonight. I laughed and sized her up and down. "What on earth has gotten into you?" I ask, bringing my hand over my mouth while staring wide-eyed at my best friend's costume outfit.You wouldn't believe that Amy Darcey, the richest and most pampered girl in the whole of Wolf Academy, is wearing a full-body bear costume with her head sticking out. Even after wearing the bear costume, not a single strand of hair was compromised in Amy's head.A tear slips from the corner of my eye. I wipe it with my finger unable to stop myself from bursting into laughter. She rolls her eyes and pulls me in for a quick hug."Stop being dramatic, you have NO idea how long it took for me to wear this shitty thing," She grumbles and glances over her shoulder. Surprisingly, she'd brought her boyfriend over
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Chapter 6
AVAI resist the urge to roll my eyes as I help her stand straight to her feet.Mom smiled warmly then ushered her and Cameron to the living room."Youngsters nowadays," She shakes her head before going back to the kitchen."Sorry 'bout that," I pull Amy to the living room while Cameron trudged right behind her. She giggled and plopped down on the couch followed by Cameron. We ate breakfast and at lunch, we watched several movies together with her boyfriend before Amy decided to pull me to my room."It's time for some…" Amy pulled me to a chair and temporarily got out of her bear costume. She rummaged through her large bag and brought out what looked like a little suitcase"Makeover!" She shouts grinning widely from ear to ear. I smile as I let her do her thing which I'm not much familiar with. I'm not an expert in doing makeup and stuff like that, but I do know some basic things like eyeliner, powder, and lipstick. Other than that, I'm clueless.I sat on the chair following her ins
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Chapter 7
AVA's POV"Ah ah. No peeking.." Amy teased as she spun my chair around facing the mirror. "I'm not," I say, keeping my eyes shut as she instructed me to.A soft giggle left her lips, making me arch my lips up to a small smile. I wonder what she got in store for me once I open my eyes.."Now open," She tells me excitedly.I open my eyes and gasp at the sight of me in the bloody mirror. My long, platinum blonde hair cascaded down my stomach with thick, large curls. Amy had parted my hair in the middle of my scalp, giving me long, styled curtain bangs which perfectly accentuated my already small face. I blinked noticing how she magically emphasized my large eyes with purple eyeshadow and thick mascara. Eyebrows perfectly shaded and arched, and lips painted nude giving me that simple but elegantly stunning look."Oh Amy, you're a genius!" I squealed, turning around and practically throwing myself onto her slender body, jumping up and down in excitement I could barely hide."Careful Ava,
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Chapter 8
AXEL'S POVThe moment she appeared at the top of the staircase, I couldn't take my eyes off her. She looks just as pretty as I imagined her to be in a dress. She never wore one at school, so I pretty much just imagined what she would look like in one. When I asked pictures of her wearing a dress just to tease her, she shrugged and told me she'd thrown or burned it all. Thus, adding to my curiosity. My heart raced almost immediately when I saw her. That smoking hot body, with a curvy waist, and a beautiful, heart-shaped ass. I groaned feeling the heat rise within my body the longer I stared at Ava. I can't help but notice how all those weeks she spent working out paid off tremendously, at least giving her a curvier figure. Her face slimmed a little, too. But that only made her even more beautiful than she already was. Once she reached the bottom of the stairs, I let my eyes scan her from head to toe. She was wearing a long, purple, off shoulder evening dress with a side slit running
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Chapter 9
AVA's POV:My heart thumped a thousand times faster than I wanted it to be. He was holding my hand so tightly, and I couldn't help but stare at our hands locked together as he led me to his car. His hand feels so warm, holding mine tight as if he never wanted to let me go. He glanced back at me once we reached the car door, pulling it open before gesturing for me to get in.I blushed and awkwardly jumped into the front seat, not forgetting to say 'thank you' when he opened the door while helping me lift up my long evening dress. He walked around and got in right after I had put on the seat belt. It won't harm to be a little cautious, I thought. Axel did the same then punched the gas, allowing us to take off and swiftly drive away from the house.Glancing at the side-view mirror, I noticed that more people were coming to park their cars on the side of the street while some new people I haven't seen before entered the house. Okay, maybe I saw them once. Twice. But only at school. An
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CYRES I woke up in a daze. My heavy breaths aggravating when I caught a whiff of a rather woody and unsweetened dark chocolate that lingered magically in the air. It’s like my mind stopped working at that moment. I groaned as I tried to get up. With a little bit more effort, I was able to half-raise my body when I felt something big and heavy and stone cold metal around my neck, dragging me down heavily. Slowly, I opened my eyes. Droplets of icy water dripped on my right cheek, and I couldn’t help but contemplate where it had come from. What’s more is that the ice cold water felt a little icky and gross. My face has started to itch and hell, only goddess knows what was in that bloody water. Suddenly the sound of clanking blades made my ears perk up and eyes open wide against my will in a state of both confusion and fear. It seemed I was sitting in a cold, dark cell at this moment. The air felt quite heavy, and there was a stench of urine and spit and blood that made its way to my g
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