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the young girl who was madly in love with the bitch who she doesn't know that he has no emotion for her His voyage is to wreck her, both financially and heart-killing, but later after his quest has been discovered by her by catching him red-handed with his true love, he becomes a very big threat in her life. He started making an attempt on her life till she became missing, nobody knows her whereabouts, not even the one trying to kill her. Meanwhile, many people are already belonging to prison because of her, even her school best friend, her parents were seriously looking for her. And the one trying to kill her is already running for his life because everyone's thought is that he has completed his mission The question is where is she? or what happened to her? We will get to know all that happened

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13 chapters
It is a beautiful morning A beautiful mansion with some parts made of gold was added to a viewAnd then getting to the inside, a pretty young girl was shown to be laying on top of the bed having a soft sleepAnd a knock was heard from the door making a sound "kpo kpo kpo""Pls come in!" The pretty girl said without even opening her eyeThe knocker then opens the door and appears to be wearing a white cloth designed with redWhich is what the housemaids in that compound wear, which means it is their uniformThe pretty girl who was laying on the bed then turns and face the maid.As she then rises up from the bed waiting for the maid's reply."What...?" The pretty girl said to the maid."Ummm, princess Diana, your mum made this coffee and ask me to serve it to you," The maid said to her"Oh that's so thoughtful of her, but go and tell my mum that I don't need this" Diana replied gently and lay back on the bed."Ummm, princess... I said this very one is made by your mum" "How would you w
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Diana was still starring at that car that stopped in Delis compound and it looks suspicious to herLike she has seen a such car before but she can't point out the exact place she met that car before.Besides she was trying to pretend like she didn't say it but she can't because of the lady that steps out of the car and walked inside Delis's house."Oh my gosh am just so confused here, could that be his sister?""Or....? I should just go and check who she could be?" "I don't think that she is any member of his family," Diana thinks because she is trying to sort herself out without making any mistakes."I think this would be his sister because he told me that his sis is with his mum, maybe she is back" Diana continues thinking"But if that is his sister, why then did she not return with the mother""Maybe she came back to look for help, so I may give a help""I just think that I have to go in there right now to find out who she might be""And perhaps I have seen this exact car before bu
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When She Felt Like She Has Met The Decent Soul
Diana was regardless holding her legs as she was still in so much pain.She was flapping her head from side to side and her marbles keep reflecting on what recently happened between her and Delis Meanwhile, the car arriving close to hers has been beeping loudly but it appears like her ear is blocked. The cars are already smashing into each other when she slowly brings up her head.And she was not seen her way clearly because tears have already suppressed her eye.Not up to a second her eyes get cleared up and she saw the car was already too close to hers."Oh my God!" Diana screamed because it is already too late to reverse. Although she fasten the steering, tried to prevent a crash between the two cars.which made her smash into the gutter and it made a hefty noise as the car was shown to be scraped all over its surface. The reflectors of the car were all having a clack on them. Everything was imposed in slow motion, as the car that was supposed to crash with her moved front a li
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A Lesbian?
Nixon's girlfriend and Nixon himself were still arguing.Although Nixon was just trying to know the reason why his girl stole Diana's handbag."What's wrong with you Luna?, why did you snatch that pouch from where I kept it!?" Nixon curiously said to Luna "Because I wanna use it to catch you red-handed""Because you would have denied me totally if I didn't come home with this bag!" Luna yelled at him. "Seriously? You asked me to visit your home and that same day""You left me to go and have fun with another girl?""Do you expect me to be pleased about that?" Luna calmly added."Am really sorry about that but come on you went too far""You couldn't have to steal anything, that bag was too important for her," Nixon said as he fling his car key into the sofa and then strolled toward her holding her cheeks with his two hands."Look at my eyes," Nixon said to Luna and Luna glares into his eye."I don't have anything to do with that girl, I had an accident with her""Soo I have to hurry he
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That's my Choice
"Please find another person" Nixon replied as Luna strolled toward him and kisses him right in front of Diana.After kissing him she stares at Diana badly and drags Nixon away. Diana's eyes and heart were so depressed, she felt so vulnerable."Almighty! why are things often turning around on me...""Why is this happening to me, am just so vulnerable to heart breaks""Maybe am not destined to be with any man, I internally feel so lonely, always""I thought that this one would be the perfect person for me""But now this! but he is a good person, I think the fault always comes from me" Diana was bitterly saying in her mind. It just looks like Amelia has been hearing everything she has been saying in her intellect.Amelia started comforting her immediately."Umm Princess am so sorry about what just happened""Am really sorry about that, and it wasn't your fault in any way, I..." Amelia was trying to encourage her but Diana interrupted. "Thank you for the consolation, but I I know am jus
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Episode: 6
"Princess are you sure that you honestly want to do this?""To be severe with you am not happy about this, am not happy at all" Amelia mumbled to Diana. Both of them were seen stepping out of the class with their school bags while Amelia was busy urging her best friend Diana. It is closing time already so everyone was stepping out of their apartment.They were all setting off to their various premises.While Diana and Amelia are heading towards Diana's automobile. "Amelia, why are you just so worried about that? that's actually what will give me joy" Diana replies to Amelia."It hasn't given you joy... Princess!" Amelia responded."Oh yes it hasn't but it will, can't you see that that's my choice?""To be sincere, since being a lesbian is what will make my heart happy always....""Don't advise me about it again 'cause am in, I can never..." "Ever... fell into the world of men again, they are all the same""Why are you even so concerned about it?" Diana replied to Amelia."Because
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Episode : 7
"Alright," Jannie said as she takes away the cup from Diana and they started kissing each other extremely deeply.While they were kissing Diana lay down on top of the chair.While Jannie climbs on top of her as they continue their kiss.Jannie removed stand up and removed her top and continue kissing Diana again.Besides they were eating each other's lips like a hungry lions.And Jannie was about to lose Diana's top when her phone started ringing.She tried to stand up to go and take it but Jannie pushed her back.And she fell back on top of the Chair, and Jannie continue removing her shirt.She was done opening her button it was just to pull it off from her body.When her phone started ringing for the second time."One minute please, give me one minute" Diana whispered to Jannie.When she get to her phone, it was Amelia, and she don't joke with her.Amelia is the only friend she always takes to be too important to her.So without wasting time she picked up the call immediately."Hel
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Episode : 8
"I think you should go and be taking your bath for now," Nixon said to her."Okay darling, I should go and start preparing myself....""With a very nice outfit that you will love," Luna said as she kissed him again on his forehead."And be fast with your work," Luna said as she walks away.And then Nixon continues with his work, not quite long Luna went inside.She came out dressing in a very expensive way, she looks so expensive in her appearance."Wow! your appearance looks so good" Nixon appreciates her dressing."I told you that I will dress in a way that I will hungry you too much" Luna responded."You are hungering me already sweetheart...." Nixon responded."So I hope you will spend more money on me as we go out""Remember you said it yourself, I look so expensive...""So... I don't know if you will make me to truly look the expensive?""Will you...?" Luna asked."Trust me, baby, I will wreck my account, just for you""You know I can do anything for you right?" Nixon asked."Oh
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Episode : 9
"Princess to be sincere I will never be happy with you""If you finally did this to yourself," Amelia said."Then just get ready to be angry with me because...""It is already happening, let's have our meal in peace please" Diana replied. ★Delis Home★Rehab was in the kitchen preparing the food they are going to eat.When Delis stepped into the kitchen."Hey baby" Delis said to Rehab."Darling you came to help me out?" Rehab asked."No I didn't come to do that, I came to tell you something" Delis replied."Go on sweetheart" Rehab replied."Was your mum sicking before?" Delis asked."No why do you ask?" Rehab asked."She just called and said that she is in the hospital" Delis replied.While the words from Delis look like a joke to Rehab.She doesn't get it, why should her mother contact Delis instead of her.If her mother is sick she should be the one she will call not her boyfriend."I don't really get it, you mean my mother called you?" Rehab asked."Yeah, your mum called me jus
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Episode : 10
Luna and Jannie were shown to be sitting together, while they were discussing."So are we clear now?" Jannie said to Luna."Clear on what? we are not clear because I don't know what's your plan""You said I should visit your home with this card right?" Luna replied as she was staring at a card in her hands."Yeah, can you visit please I would really need your presence if you are interested in this" Jannie said to Luna."Actually, I don't understand that, but I will show up...""So that I can get the full explanation of what you are trying to explain," Luna said."Okay... please I will be expecting you very," Jannie said to Luna."Sure, I will be there, it is a promise, I assure you that I will come""So please you need to get going before my partner comes around""I don't want him to see you sitting with me," Luna said and then Sandra stand up from her sitting position."Please make sure I see you" Jannie reminded her one more time and walks away.And just as soon as she walks away Ni
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