Family Secrets (Book 2 The Silver Dragon Series

Family Secrets (Book 2 The Silver Dragon Series

By:  Kyra Murrell  Updated just now
Language: English
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****PLEASE Read Book 1 The Silver Dragon to understand the background of this story. You won't find this interesting or understand what's going on if you don't******** Here you will find books 2 and 3 of the Silver Dragon Series. Book 2 Family Secrets Book 3 Revenge Our story continues following the journey of Davina Ortiz, now Brooks, and Derek Brooks. Malayah has been kidnapped. Enzo is controlling her with the help of the rogues and the necklace. Malayah struggles to fight back as he continues to use her to kill everyone he captures. It’s a race against time as Derek and Davina are recruiting as many allies as possible to save their daughter, including a sister she didn’t know she had. Davina learns deeper secrets regarding her family as she prepares to go head to head with the master mind behind it all to get her daughter back. Can Malayah be saved before it’s too late? Will Davina be to handle the revealed secrets of how her parents died and who killed them? Keep an eye out for books 4-6 of the Silver Dragon Series!

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152 Chapters
Chp 1 Pt. 1 Sorrow
Derek It has been five months since Malayah was kidnapped and the video of her being forced to kill Michael was sent. Davina has not been the same. She sits by the window in Malayah’s room and refuses to leave not even to see the twins or Maliyah. I think she is waiting and hoping for Malayah to come running through the trees back to her bedroom window. I have Dr. Ase comes about once a week to check on her. He hasn’t been able to get her to respond either. Dr. Ase said what she is going through is mental and as long as she continues to eat and drink physically she’s fine. We don’t have a pack psychologist at the moment. Poor Sally died when the hospital was attacked. I don’t have a wolf to replace her. Psychologists are typically needed in our world. Dr. Ase thinks if I can get through to Maliyah I might be able to get through to Davina. Both her children are hurting and she feels it. The girls’ eighth birthday passed and though Maliyah did not want to celebrate, we still had a sma
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Chp 1 Pt. 2 Sorrow
“I…I’m…I’m sorry,” she whispers as tears fall down her cheeks. “I’m sorry.” We hear crying down the hall and Davina looks out the door. She looks down at the shirt she’s been holding and up at the door again. “Davina you have three other children that need their mother. Just because you continue being a mother doesn’t mean you are going to forget about Malayah. I promise we won’t leave her behind.” I hold her hand and kiss the back of it. I can hear it’s Accalia crying down the hall. Davina sets Malayah’s shirt down on t her bed and walks to the nursery. I follow behind her. We enter the room and Accalia is standing in her crib reaching out for Davina. Davina walks over and picks her up, making Accalia to immediately stop crying. Davina holds Accalia close, swaying side to side to comfort our daughter. “I’m so sorry Accalia. Mommy’s here. I promise I am not going anywhere,” she whispers to our daughter. I look over and see Thierry woke up, pulling himself up so he’s standing, reach
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Chp 1 Pt. 3 Sorrow
Davina I didn’t think it would be so hard to have my story told again. It was definitely necessary that prince Aspen be aware of what has happened from start to finish. Derek squeezes my hand in support while prince Aspen is given a quick run down. It was even harder listening to prince Aspen tell us of Malayah killing again. We need to find her fast before he makes her do it again. Derek is excited to finally have this treaty completed. He told me it was a task his father was going to give him before everything happened. I am glad we were able to accomplish this. Now we have more warriors and trackers looking for our daughter. I think it’s time I arrange to go meet the dragons. “Prince Aspen?” “Please Davina, just Aspen,” he smiles. “Alright, Aspen. Would you be able to arrange for me to travel to your realm? I would like to meet with the dragons.” “I will certainly speak with the dragon elders. Some of them knew your parents Davina.” “Really?” “Yes, I’m sure they will have an
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Chp 1 Pt. 4 Sorrow
Maliyah I have never heard mom’s story before. She’s been through so much and it’s still not over. I have been trying for months to communicate with Malayah using our telepathy powers. Dimitri said we are twins so it should be more powerful that just mom trying to communicate with her. He even helped me to communicate when someone is in another realm. But so far it hasn’t been working. I get nothing. Derek still keeps the seal on my window so I can’t sneak out but at this point I wouldn’t. I don’t want to give Enzo more ammo against my parents. That and I already hurt a few of my guard and Derek trying to use my powers to break the seal open. I don’t want to hurt anyone else. I am super stoked to have prince Aspen train me. I know learning their skills will definitely give me what I need to kick uncle Mark’s butt. I have already mastered my powers like mom so it would be no fun beating him that way. I need to beat him at what he is good at, hand to hand combat. With Aspen leading
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Chp 2 Pt. 1 The Connection
Derek The next morning I called an emergency council meeting. Ordering everyone to be present. Maliyah was distraught last night and she couldn’t sleep so we had her sleep in the twins room. She felt more comfortable being near her siblings. I am glad we keep a twin bed in there. It took me a while to even calm Davina down. She wanted to leave immediately and rush to South America. I told her we didn’t have an exact location just which continent she is on. That doesn’t give us a lot to go on and we needed to come up with a plan. It’s early so I had Miss Kat do a easy buffet style breakfast for those who are physically present. No one is going to be able to think clearly on an empty stomach. “Thank you all for coming so early this morning. Please help yourself to some breakfast. Alphas I appreciate you being available despite the time difference.” “It sounded extremely important. What is going on,” asks alpha Damon. “Late last night Maliyah informed me she had been able to make co
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Chp 2 Pt. 2 The Connection
Maliyah I am not happy with mom and dad wanting me to basically abandon my sister but Aspen has a point. I don’t want to give Enzo the chance to control me and my powers. That would be bad. I really hope he can find this flower so I can talk to her again. Even if it’s only one more time. Dad leaves to get some work done in his office and mom goes to check on the twins. Leaving me alone with my guards, uncle Mark and Aspen. “You still up for a little ass kicking,” uncle Mark teases me. “Bring it on,” I giggle. “I’ll just be observing today Maliyah. I want to see how you fight. It’ll give me a better idea on how to teach you,” says Aspen. “You are very use to using your powers when you are training. This training will also teach you better control of your emotions when you get angry so you don’t lose control of your powers. We will also be hitting gym every morning together. You need some muscle on those little arms of yours.” “My arms are not little.” Uncle Mark looks at me with
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Chp 2 Pt. 3 The Connection
Davina I am in the twin’s nursery when I hear shouting and Derek giving out orders. He sounds so angry and worried at the same time. I put Accalia down in the play area and walk towards the door. Calista puts Thierry down with Accalia. “What on earth is going on,” asks Calista. “Davina!” I hear Derek call my name making me rush faster. I rip open the door and see Mark carrying Maliyah. She’s unconscious and there is dried blood from her eyes, nose and ears. Dimitri has his hands on Maliyah’s head, chanting something. “What happened,” I demand as I follow them to Maliyah’s room. “She was mentally attacked. She appeared to be communicating with someone telepathically. I think Malayah reached out to her first based on Maliyah’s startled expression. We were right, they are using Malayah to get to Maliyah,” says Aspen. I reach for Maliyah as Mark sets her on her bed but Derek stops me. “Don’t love, let Dimitri finish first.” “What is he doing,” I ask. “He’s trying to sever the conn
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Chp 3 Pt. 1 The Dragons
Davina After weeks of planning and getting things prepared for us to leave, the day finally arrived. We had Carrie make us dresses for the winter ball that is being thrown by the elves and she did amazing as always. Derek asked us not to over pack but looking at all the luggage in the foyer I would say we failed at that task. Between the baby stuff and mine and Maliyah’s luggage we have ten bags. This doesn’t include the Meadow’s household either. I don’t know how Derek only packed one bag for a whole month. “Why is it girls always back so much stuff. Even if we were only going to be gone for a week you would still have this much luggage,” he chuckles shaking his head. “You have four girls Derek. Learn to live with it,” I reply. “Mom! Dad! I’m ready. Are you sure you let the stables know to care for Beauty while I’m gone?” “Of course sweetheart. Beauty will be fine,” Derek replies. “So how are we suppose to travel with all this stuff to another realm,” asks Maliyah. “Well with
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Chp 3 Pt. 2 The Dragons
Derek I think Davina purposely took longer to get ready tonight. I know for a fact she can get ready faster than she has tonight. I’ll definitely get her back for that one. I slowly walk to Maliyah’s door. I cringe as I knock not wanting to know what lies on the other side. “Maliyah? You ready to go?” “Almost!” “Can I come in?” “Yeah, I’m dressed!” I cautiously open the door and find all her dresses she brought laid out on her bed and the mountain of shoes she brought with her all over the floor. Maliyah walks out of the bathroom in a beautiful rose colored dress. It’s a spaghetti strap and the front comes all the way up to her collar bone. It has a pretty floral design in the lace at the bottom of the dress. She twirls to show me her dress. “Do you like it?” The back stops at her mid back with this lace design up each of her shoulder blades and ties together between her should blades. “You look beautiful darling.” “I just need to put on my black gladiator sandals and I’ll
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Chp 3 Pt. 3 The Dragons
Maliyah “I think you’d really like this book Aspen. To Kill A Mockingbird.” “I look forward to reading it. Would you like to meet some people.” “I don’t know, this really isn’t my thing.” “Don’t worry. I’ll be with you the whole time.” Aspen stands holds his hand out for me. I hesitate but eventually take his hand and let him lead me towards the crowd to a group of elves he seems to know. “Hello everyone. Maliyah I’d like to introduce you to Lindir, she’s a long time friend. And this is Rohan and his sister Tauriel. We all grew up together. Everyone this is Maliyah, a silver dragon.” “It’s a pleasure to meet you all,” I greet. “So you are a silver dragon, the youngest one to ever transform,” asks Rohan. “That’s what they tell me,” I reply. “You must be very strong then. I’d love to test your powers against my combat skills,” says Rohan. “Umm…I’ll have to clear that with my parents first but I’d be happy to go one on one with you.” “Ignore him Maliyah. He tries to fight ev
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