The Rogue Blessed Luna

The Rogue Blessed Luna

By:  Dream Shadow  Completed
Language: English
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After the death of my father, I was left to fight on my own. I am a hybrid. Part Lycan and Light Oracle. They call me the Blessed One. I am destined to accomplish great feats, save those who cannot save themselves, and marry my fated mate. The only issue is that I have no idea who my fated mate is. There are two prospective males in my life, and each of them ignites the blazing inferno that yearns to consume me Alpha Bastion, leader of the Pack Moon Stone. He takes me in and things start to spiral out of control. Then there is Zeb, he is an Alpha Nightingale Warrior from the planet of Morzovia. As I struggle to maintain a sliver of hope in my life's downward spiral, I find solace in both of their arms.

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57 Chapters
01| Death Of A Lycan King
It was once believed that a pure breed Lycan King would mate with a Light Oracle from the planet of Morzovia, and a Blessed One will be born. She will have enough energy on the tip of her finger to destroy the world, and if she incessantly uses it before the age of twenty-one, she will die a slow, agonising death. Unless she meets her fated mate... *** A howl resounded across the air, shattering the prevailing calm. Mira woke up, gasping for air as she clawed at her throat before a heart-wrenching scream was torn from her lips. The air grew sickeningly thin around her and she knew deep down in the branches of her heart that something wasn't right. She felt a shift of energy surge through her thrumming veins and she could see a bright light rippling in the red-tinged sky through the hole in the tent she shared with her father. She sat upright, sucking in sharp breaths as she rapidly pulled the fur covers off her trembling body. With her hand still around the base of her throat, sh
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02| Pack Moon Stone Territory.
THE NEXT NIGHT... What should have been a straightforward retrieval mission quickly went awry, much to Mira's surprise. As the daunting sounds of vicious sounds of snarling, teeth snapping and paws hitting the ground in a violent beat suffused the air. It urged Mira to keep running as fast as her legs would carry her without the desire to look over her shoulder. She knew it was a bad idea to sneak back over the river after the Corbette twins had escorted her off their territory last night. But she had to return and collect the ruby pendant her mother had left behind before she had been forced to return to Morzovia, after giving birth to Mira. It was the only sentiment she had of her mother and now, her father, for he always wore it around his neck before he went hunting. And she still can not comprehend why her father did not wear the pendant last night. He always wore it without fail. As they both knew the pendant had a protection cloak placed inside the ruby stone. It was he
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03| Rogue.
Mira set out racing through the woods, dodging trees and leaping over jutting roots, while fervently hoping that Alpha Bastion wasn't chasing after her. The wind was cold against her bare face as it mercilessly swept through the atmosphere. The suffocating air smelt like burnt grass, and death. It was potent, and it stung the back of her throat thanks to her heightened senses from the Lycan blood that was coursing through her veins. Too afraid to turn back to check whether she was being followed, she pumped her legs faster despite the scorching sensation that was permeating her muscles. She chastised herself for having been born in June rather than April. Because there wouldn't be any reason for her to run. She could have Alpha Bastion and his Beta pinned against a tree with a simple sweep of her fingers. Nevertheless, she did not stop until she reached the edge of the woods that led to the town's outskirts. She looked first to her right and then to her left as her heart pounded s
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04| Where Am I?
Mira had always known that no one was meant to live forever. Even Immortals, those from the supernatural world. As a Blessed Hybrid, she knew that a day would come when all her worries, suffering and torment would be over. She imagined that it would all come down to losing control of her source of energy, or violence. Never did she ever believe that she had a shot at love. At finding her mate... Her fated one... And a big part of her didn't want to. She didn't want to be a burden to her mate, or those around her. So, for many years, she believed she was better off alone with her loving father at her side. Until she felt drawn to Alpha Bastion and she is yet to decide whether she wants to hang about and find out if they are mates or to venture out into a world she is yet to see. --- As the reddish-tinged moon rose in the sky, the temperature in the room dropped. Mira, who had been held hostage for two consecutive days in her mind, was gently roused from her slumber by a c
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05| Defying The Alpha.
Alpha Bastion watched as Mira fell to the ground at his bare feet. Her red hair blew in the wind assaulting his sense of smell and he could see the flickering shadows from the fire as it danced across the dark green grass. His wolf clawed at his chest with a snarl hanging off the tips of his protruding canines. ~Mate!!!~ His wolf, Shadow howled. ~I will tear Enzo apart!!~ He snarled viciously meaning every word. The Alpha closed his eyes, trying to keep his wolf at bay. ~You will do no such thing. Enzo is our Beta, our most loyal and trusted comrade.~ Shadow replied with a vicious snarl before he stepped back into the shadows. The breathless silence from the assembled circle didn't go unnoticed. A soft murmur swept through the air beside the crackling sound of the fire popping. Alpha Bastion looked down at Mira, his hands curled into tight balls as he willed himself to stay rooted in his place. Mira stood up, coming face to face with the Alpha. "You took something from me that
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06| Apologize.
"The Travis brothers will be banished from the pack now that they have fled. Is anyone courageous enough to contest my decision?" Alpha Bastion announced plainly as he peered out into the circle and noticed Mr Travis turning away, with his head lowered, retreating from the circle. There was no remorse felt for the elderly man. As his boys grew up, he was repeatedly cautioned that he needed to maintain a tight leash on them before they did the unimaginable and injured a human on purpose for sport. When the figure of Mr Travis's body faded into the darkness of the night, the Alpha glanced briefly in the direction of where Mira remained to stand with her back to him. She was still engaged in a lengthy discussion with the old woman who revealed who Mira genuinely was. He was still unsure what that meant or what she was capable of. Regardless of whether he chose to accept her as his mate or reject her, he was aware that she was powerful and could be a great addition to their pack. ~Re
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07| My Word Is My Bond.
"Well, my love, shall we?" The elderly lady asked Mira once again if they should be on their way. "Yes, It's getting late." The Alpha absentmindedly rubbed the side of his arm as a light breeze blew past him, and it carried Miras' scent along with it. As he stood at her side, his body felt like it was on fire, his flesh searing till it scorched with yearning. He watched through panicked stricken eyes as she and the elderly lady took a few steps away from him, in the direction of her residence. ~She's leaving. Don't let her leave without speaking to you. I knew you were going to fuck this up. Didn't I warn you that you would fuck this up and-~ The Alpha rolled his eyes heavenward and opened his mouth. "I'd like to have a word with you, rogue." He blurted out and turned to face them. Mira came to an abrupt halt, her shoulders sagged as she sighed, and shook her head, "My name is Mira and in the near future if you want to have a conversation with me, I suggest you learn my name
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08| Intruders.
The cool air that encompassed the Alpha and his feisty rogue, grew thin with sexual tension wafting between them. With the Alpha close to her, touching her, and only a whisper away from her lips. Mira felt a hunger that was completely foreign to her. The Alpha's breath was hot against her bare skin, but it also felt soothing, like he was a remedy for the inferno that he had ignited within her. Solely from the sound of his dominant voice. It was consuming, intoxicating and as the Alpha pulled back, gazing into her eyes, he stole her breath away. His eyes glowed with crimson rings, and before her mind could catch up with her body, she leaned forward and pressed her lips against his. She felt a ripple of sparks searing through her thrumming veins, and she snaked her arms around the Alpha's neck, drawing him in closer... Deeper... ALPHA BASTION could hear Mira's heart pounding against her rib cage, it was creating a beautiful beat, matching the rhythm of his, syncing together a
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09| I Can Still Taste You.
"Run Clohe! You still have six laps before you need to join the others at the obstacle course!" The Alphas voice boomed through the mid-morning air. He knew he was taking his frustration out on Clohe, punishing her for last night. No matter how many times he told himself; convinced himself it was for her benefit. It wasn't. His lack of discipline was equally attributable to those who behaved behind his back without his awareness. He didn't like his pack members sacrificing themselves for a cause none of them didn't fully understand just yet. He also intended to sit down and have a word with Mave and question her. He wanted to know what was going through her mind when she told her daughter to allow Mira to draw from her energy. It was reckless and they put everyone in danger. His eyes left Clohe and they drifted towards the woods. He still had no idea why they were attacked or who attacked them. It was making him feel on edge, a little paranoid and certainly angry within hims
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10| You Are Enough.
Mira stood in front of the mirror, looking back at herself. Her breath caught in her throat as she didn't recognise the young, attractive woman staring back at her with shiny hair flowing in waves down her back. The small black dress that Clohe had lent her enhanced her curves, which she had no idea were beneath her usual sweater and jeans. Clohe strolled in with a set of ruby earrings that complemented her ruby pendant as she turned to her side. "I think these will look great on you," She cooed as she stood behind Mira and held the earrings against Miras' earlobes. Mira nibbled on her lower lip. "You don't think they will be a bit of an overkill? I mean... I'm not going to the ball to find my mate, and I don't know how I'm going to run in these heels if trouble should find us." She giggled as she peered down at the pumps that encased her feet. "Gods, no!" Clohe beamed. "You look stunning, plus I doubt Alpha Bastion will let any of the males attending tonight get within two feet o
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