The Calling

The Calling

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Book 1 I had heard the call all my life, I know I have to listen. I know I have to help, but this is a world where I do not belong. Hadley helps a 'bear man' she stumbles on in the woods and is exposed to new dangers she never knew existed. This novel has strong language, violence and sexy scenes. Please rate and vote if you like it. Thank you for reading.

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34 Chapters
Chapter 1
The CallingChapter 1I am walking down the cliffy road, it’s dark out with only the street lamp to illuminate my path. I am slightly cold and very irritated at my current situation. I had gotten to my car only to discover the battery dead. Obviously the car would not start, could not even unlock the bloody door via car remote.Cursing as I walk slamming my feet loud and limp on the paved road trying to vent my frustration at the inconvenience. I had walked a good distance with my new ankle boots that looked pretty but provided no comfort on the paved road. Hungry, tired and now sore I came round a bend when I heard it again.God I hated hearing it, yet no matter the place or how much time passed since I had heard them last they always returned. I remember the first time I heard it I was beyond terrified, now understanding that no harm came of it I had learnt to benefit from them. I look to my left, all I can see is pitch black forest, of course it would be to the forest.Staring at i
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Chapter 2
Chapter 2After dragging for some time I see his rib wound start to bleed, friction from the drag opening up the wound more. I think for a bit before removing my leggings under my jeans and using them to push the open wound back in place and making a knot around his ribs to keep the skin in place. It’s still dark as hell and I sit back catching my breath when the call of fear comes to my ears.Being unable to ever forget the sickening memory that accompanied the sound my body begins to tremble. I see them showing me a very well hidden hollowed-out tree. Getting the meaning I frantically drag us inside, tumbling and falling all along the way, still hearing them call to me.Now inside I feel less cold and with his body pushed up against me I notice how high his body temperature is. We are completely covered in mud and I try and push more into the tree when I hear the crush of leaves, then came a growl.What was that? A chill runs up my spine, my body shakes with fear and I hear the cal
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Chapter 3
Chapter 3The sun had begun to rise and I did not know if I should be relieved or more concerned by the fact that I had not gotten us anywhere. My breathing was heavy, my chest rising and falling fast as I am still dragging the fucking bear through the woods.My body shaking from wanting to give in, I am fighting my legs to continue as they shake due to the over exertion, I had wanted to stop many times but the fear of not being able to move again drove me to continue for as long as my body allowed.Looking down at the bear I furrow my brows as I thought his arms had injuries to them. I see the chest wound looking as bad as ever and figured I am not remembering correctly, as my ass has been in the air and my head hunched over for what felt like hours, making me hallucinate with the over-flow of blood to my brain and lack thereof in my ass.I hear a snap and drop the bear legs to the ground with a loud thud and turn to look for the sound, I am still hunched over breathing loudly when I
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Chapter 4
Chapter 4I wake to find my entire body heavy and sore. I try and sit up but is met with searing back pain and decide to lay down again. I rub my eyes seeking clarity and when they adjust to the light I see that I am in a hospital.I look to my right seeing my arm hooked to an IV and cringe. I hated needles, nothing that intimidating looking should penetrate skin.Looking at my arm I see blue bruising along the inside, my ankle is killing me along with my back and head. I did fall a few times trying to get into the tree and I suppose dragging the bear was not agreeing with my ankle. If I get on that scale and I am not lighter after all this I am ending bear man myself.A lady that I assume was a nurse walked in, “ oh, good your awake. Everyone has been waiting.”I furrow my brow…’everyone?’ I had no identification on me, who could possibly be waiting for me. Also thank god I was taken to a hospital and the buff boys didn’t murder me out in the woods. What the hell was I thinking relax
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Chapter 5
Chapter 5Getting out of the bathroom I am relieved to see I am alone and the door had been closed. I am tempted to get back in bed, just close my eyes and let sleep take me as I am still in pain and tired but decided that I needed to get “the fuck up out this bitch”.I smile at my little joke but focus back on the task at hand, ninja sneaking out of this cult hospital and getting back to vanilla life. I like normal, I have no desire to live a life on the edge or some shit. I want the normal.Waiting for the busying sounds to die down I see people greeting and leave, signaling the end of the work day. I open the door softly and go out closing the door behind me. I see the nurses station is empty and I look at the sign on the wall for anything pointing to an exit. I follow the direction on the wall map and opt for the stairs rather than the elevator.I take the stairs slowly and am relieved to find them unused thus far. Well most would rather go for the elevator anyways. I hoped no one
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Chapter 6
Chapter 6I strain to open my eyes against the bright lights, did I pass out again? Shit, the stress was getting to me. I have only ever passed out once in my life before, however, since arriving in the woods my body seemed determined to break my personal record by doing another two within a 48-hour period. My head felt heavy as I sat up and I felt all my previous aches return with a fury.I start looking around to see I am in the same room as before and jolt when I see the cult leader sitting in the armchair, hunched over with his elbows on his knees, looking straight at me. Alec is standing just outside behind him on a call.Satan bear and I stare at each other for a while before Alec steps back into the room. “ Oh your up, how are you feeling?”“Horrendous” I answer and demonic bear is still staring at me without speaking. His face devoid of emotion. After a very long and awkward silence, he goes to speak. “Why did you run?” His eyes focused on me and I could have sworn his eyes ha
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Chapter 7
Chapter 7Cain POVI left my office in a rush to get to the west border. Patrol had spotted a group of rogues moving through our territory. They had been growing more confident over the last few weeks, pushing further into pack lands with every attack.A week prior they had been in a rush to get off our territory and killed the pregnant mate of one of my warriors. The man had been distraught at the sight of his battered mate. Feeling a mate bond break was enough to send most wolves into madness, forcing their pack to either banish or execute them.Being in the strongest pack came with many luxuries but were accompanied by equal amounts of danger. I had been assigned Alpha region to oversee other packs and Alphas, to insure that pack law is followed and should any alpha’s power go to their head, pack members could report misconduct. It was my job to investigate and then enforce justice.Alpha region is assigned to the strongest alpha within a state. The position only awarded after a tr
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Chapter 8
Chapter 8Cain POVThe rogues are retreating, bastards did not deserve to get away. I catch my breath before pursuing them. I needed one alive, I had questions that needed to be answered. I rush at a lone rogue, our bodies colliding and barreling into a tree. My back took the brunt of the impact.My vision blurs, and I stagger to my feet, the rogue takes off. I push forward as far as I can before the last bit of my strength leaves me. The wolfsbane had halted my healing, my injuries were overwhelming. My consciousness fades and I wonder if this is how I die. I was sure one of the rogues would come to finish me off....I hear my wolf in the back of my mind urging us to get up. My eyes fly open, I see sharp lights and a white ceiling. The scent of disinfectant is thick in the air, the wolfsbane had been scrubbed from my wound. I sit up on the bed, the wounds across my chest and arms healed perfectly. I am wearing scrub bottoms from one of the hospital staff I assume.I start to wonder
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Chapter 9
Chapter 9We are discussing the schedule for border patrol when Alec’s voice comes through the link, informing me that my mate is awake. After two torturous days, she finally wakes up. I had been by her side as often as my schedule permitted, knowing the bond allowed for mates to recover faster and ease each other’s pain. I was intent on helping her heal as she had for me, albeit unintentional on her part.Alec had informed the pack days prior of my human rescuer, Doctor Anders had taken special care of my mate, ensuring her comfort in every way. Alec offered to stay near her to inform me as soon as she woke. And more importantly for her protection, knowing that Alec would be there gave me and my wolf comfort.My little mate was human, having a human mate came with many challenges. Humans were not privy to our world. She did not have a wolf and the strength that accompanied it. Without a wolf, she could not feel the mate bond as we do.My wolf’s possessiveness towards our human mate w
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Chapter 10
Chapter 10Cain POVLearning the name of my mate had been the only highlight of my day. I blocked off my love crazed wolf to help maintain control and not freak her out. Yet I managed to have her fall on her ass, scare the shit out of her, have a panic attack and pass out all in the neat little pocket of an hour.I have been doing splendidly. After she woke up we learned her name along with her adorable little theory about the pack. I lost control for a second and my wolf lashed out at her for mistaking us for a bear. A demonic one at that. Her mind was doing the best it could to fit the pieces together and she had no idea how accurate her little bear joke was.We were a pack of werewolves not bears, but the animal reference was spot-on. I loved how despite her being scared she burst out in anger and said what she had been keeping bottled up inside. Alec attempted to deter her cult assumptions but she did not look convinced.I did not blame her, we weren’t giving her any explanations.
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