The Kidnapped Alpha

The Kidnapped Alpha

By:  Rhea Vee  Updated just now
Language: English
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An Alpha's life changed when he found himself a captive of this mysterious lady who seemed to hate him with every living cell in her. After being released, this same lady becomes the Luna of his heart and the Luna of his pack with her exceptional features. Why did she capture him in the first place? How did she get to become his Luna and what happens to his chosen mate who had a son for him before? Had his past come back to hurt him? Find out how different mysteries and betrayals gets uncovered.

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151 Chapters
Alpha kaden stood on the balcony of the big pack house, staring down at the playing children, their giggles and screams filled the air which made a light smile escape his lips. This was what he always wanted__ a peaceful environment. He felt light taps on his leg, looking down, he saw his little son looking up at him with those his big brown eyes. His face softened a bit as he crouched down to the little boy's height. " Papa, I can't find mum" the boy said with his mouth pursed. " Mummy's here" a lady's voice shrieked from behind taking the boy's little hand in hers before kaden could open his mouth to talk. " Looking for me?" She grinned at the boy who nodded before snuggling into his mother's embrace.She gave him a gentle pat on his head before forwarding her gaze at the man who just stood stoic watching them." Kaden?, I've been thinking." she paused." Why don't we hang out,,,hmm, I mean have a little family picnic?" she asked. " Just us" she added. An awkward silence
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CHAPTER 2: MOVING Dragging her weak body to the pack house gate, Daria body's finally dropped on the floor. She raised her hand to signal a guard some meters away but the hand dropped weakly again.The last thing she heard was someone yelling her name from afar before her lashes finally hugged themselves as darkness enveloped her.****Hours ago****" The air's so cool" Daria said with a blissful smile, obviously enjoying the moment." Where's Genova?" Kaden asked suddenly, looking around them." Huhn?" Daria gasped, the smile completely disappearing from her face.She looked at kaden anxiously who was shouting the boy's name." I will check over there kaden, he might just be some meters away, you know how curious genova can be." Daria said trying to ease the tension in the air even though the tone of her voice completely betrayed her.She hurriedly gathered her long dress in her hands, running and screaming for her son's name. That was the last thing she remembered. **** Daria j
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CHAPTER 3: NOT ENOUGH BEAUTY " What!?" " We're moving!?!" The little girl exclaimed looking shocked at what her mother said.They had lived here in Oklahoma, for ages. So why were they relocating?"" Are you really serious?" Logan asked looking at her with hers that says "you're not in your right senses" The other staffs had bulging, curious eyes except from one though. A quite petite looking nurse whose scalp was almost showing because of the way she packed the bun on her head. " I really don't want you guys to think I considered you irrelevant, that's why I had to tell you as soon as possible. So just use your pay wisely, okay?." Leilani said." Excuse me ma, can I ask a question?" A nerdy looking nurse asked." Sure Susan." Leilani nodded with a smile." If you leave, how do we go about the clinic?... I'm not ready to transfer ma" The nurse said looking like she wanted to cry." Don't worry, you guys would be updated about that later, hmm?" She replied." So, you can all go b
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CHAPTER 4: REAL MASTER PLANNER" Brooklyn" Leilani said to the taxi driver who nodded." I need to drop this luggages in the booth, I hope I'm not taking much of a hassle?" She asked giving the taxi driver an awkward smile.She was surprised when he came out from the car to put the luggages in the booth of the car." Oh, thanks sir. I actually wanted to drop it myself bu...." She tried to explain but she saw the middle aged man was just staring at her, after she paused..he bowed slightly before giving her a light how, walking to the drivers seat."Weird!" She concluded in her mind.She adjusted the sleeping child in her arms, making sure to carefully sit so to avoid bumping the child's fragile head.She settled into the taxi, sighing loudly as the taxi sped on. She and her little baby, crystal just arrived from oklahoma to NYC, the flight was quite long, her little angel probably grew tired.She smiled seeing the girl smiling in her sleep." You'll tell me what you dreamt about." She
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CHAPTER 5: PACKAGE Leilani gave her usual gentle smile, seeing her call connecting with logan's line.She had been calling him since she had settled in their new abode but he wasn't picking.She sighed disappointedly when the call disconnected again. " Quit behaving childish." She whined as if she was seeing Logan right before her.A smile spread on her beautiful face again as her eyes met crystal wrapped around the fluffy white puppy she had insisted to buy on their way. She looked around, exactly the type of place she wanted.Elegant and simple!She thought inwardly. " Just like me!." She giggled on her own before sweeping her little girl in her dainty hands.She dropped the girl on the little princess bed she had ordered for her immediately they arrived.Her baby oughtn't to lack anything. A knock resounded on the front door, she walked over opening the door, her gaze met that of young lady almost her age. Seems like she got a new neighbor and friend, of course." Hi." The lady
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CHAPTER 6: WOUNDEDTyron's voice resounded from behind the door. " You have a package, Your majesty."Despite hearing his voice, the trio's attention were still glued at the golden band lying on the floor.Cole had his mouth wide opened while Xander's eyes bulged out like it was going to fall from it's sockets." Isn't this...the band the queen mother..." Xander tried to say but couldn't because of the way he was stuttering." It's settled, you won't be going anywhere for a while, I am now sure Alpha wymond's really cooking up something sinister." Cole said his eyes holding a scary look." What the hell is he gonna gain from this nonsense?" Cole added again, asking no one in question.Kaden eyes drooped slightly, he spared the golden band a glance, he couldn't help but remember.. *FLASHBACK ( years ago )" Kaden." A beautiful elder looking woman called, her age couldn't even deny how beautiful she would look in her younger days. A silver haired man laid his head on her laps while s
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CHAPTER 7: Damn betrayal of a maid!Days passed uneventfully for the other people in the outside world but the werewolves in the sliver moon pack were an exception. Everyone had a solemn face on, the whole of the pack looked like a place where mourning was going on.The Beta and the Gamma glared countlessly at the closed door which had not been opened since that unfortunate incident happened.They wondered why things suddenly grew haywire. Everything suddenly turned upside down for them.Gone were the days joyful laughters rang in all four corners of the palace." Won't you go and check up on him?" Cole asked, nudging Xander with his shoulders. The latter glared at him with detest before hissing loudly.This didn't make Cole stop though. " Huhn?" He asked again, this time giving Xander's thighs light taps like a child bugging his mother for candy.Xander let out a deep angry breath, muttering inaudible curse words at him." Stop disturbing me." He growled. " Even if so
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CHAPTER 8: ANOTHER MOURNING?*Brooklyn, New York. Logan parked his car at the front porch of a beautifully decorated bungalow. He eyed the house with a small smile on his handsome face, his eyes trailed around the clean environment. Peaceful and clean_ just like the person living there. Knocking the front door of the house, a tiny sweet voice shouted ' coming '.He smiled as he heard the cute voice he had missed these past days and her tiny footsteps as she ran to the door.He heard a click and the door pushed open revealing a blonde haired staring up at him.A wide smile broke out on his face as the little girl screamed happily throwing her little hands tightly around his neck." You really came for me!!" The girl screamed, her eyes shining in disbelief and ectasy.The man nodded, scooping her in his arms as they walked into the house." Why won't I? My baby asked me to come, I must because her wish is my command." Logan responded, making the girl giggle happily." Where's mu
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CHAPTER 9: SECRET" Pathetic!"Was what he heard as the owner of the footsteps finally stopped in front of him leaving Kaden to stare at the fair beautiful legs of the person.With his head still hung down in almost defeat, he heard a melodious voice he would have likely complimented if it wasn't for his condition and the owner of the said voice seemed to be an enemy at the moment." Without even asking you a thing, I could tell how helpless you are with just a glance." The person chuckled.An unconscious growl left his lips, the pain was becoming too unbearable for him. Unfortunately, the person heard the sound that left his lips, which procured a melodic giggle from her mouth." Confirmed! You're really not what I thought you'd be, else,I wouldn't have gone through all the troubles i went through to get such a weak wolf like you." She said obviously mocking him, the half dead man still had his head hung downwards." Fine then. Since you wouldn't want to talk or do anything instead
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CHAPTER 10: ODDWymond finally settled, he smacked his lips as he returned the cup in his hands to the cupbearer.Turning to Dane, he asked with a smile." Where is it?" He asked as he quickly eye searched Dane whose heart skyrocketed and started thudding loudly which made the huge man before him frown.Wymond frowned and cocked his head to the side as he heard Dane's loud beating heart.His smiling expression changed drastically as he narrowed his eyes at Dane who was shivering like a drenched rat." I think I understand what that expression of yours means." Wymond said, his lips tilting into a smirk." No, Your highness. It isn't what you think, it isn't at all.." Dane rasped shaking his head negatively." What do you think I'm thinking?" Wymond replied, his lips were holding a gentle smile but his eyes held nothing that resembled gentleness." I..i.. don't..." Dane stuttered, the fear in him was making it unable for him to form a word.Wymond face became expressionless as he nudged
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