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[WARNING: This story contains mature themes with profanities, hardcore graphical explicit sexual situations, and others. Strongly recommended for 18+ only. Otherwise, read at your own risk.] Jack was still a child when his father abandoned him to Marianne, his lovely and caring stepmother. Through the good and bad times, they only have each other. But what if Jack suddenly admits that Marianne is the only person he wants to be with and love forever? A forbidden love that overflows like magma, so intense and hot that it burns with every touch. How will this kind of love survive in a world full of uncertainty, temptation, and mistakes? What if there are people who constantly try to keep them apart? Jack once told Marianne, "I don't give a damn about anyone. I want you to be mine! And it's fine with me if our love for each other burns me. Just want me and love me until the end, I am more than willing to be burned to death." Can their love last all the way to the end? NOTE: This is an English translation of a Tagalog story with the same title and author. The author wishes to apologize for any errors in vocabulary, spelling, phrases, or other translation issues found in this novel. In the future, this book will be further edited and polished to make it more suitable for English readers. For the time being, please enjoy it and don't forget to leave comments or feedback. Have fun reading! (The Tagalog/Filipino version is also available in this app).

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64 Chapters
1 - Jack
My name is Jack. I'm twenty years old, already in college, and currently enrolled in a Mechanical Engineering course. I was still a child when my father abandoned us – my stepmother and me. Only Mom was there for me through the ups and downs of life. I'm not sure when it started, but I gradually became more aware of my emotions. Emotions for her, that was. Maybe it was because my mom and I were the only people who were always together. Or perhaps I simply have a problem.But I love mom.More than just a child's affection for his parents.Although we are not blood relatives, I treated her as if she were my biological mother, and she treated me as if I were her own son. This has been the case since my father left us to be with his third wife. That's correct. My stepmother, Marianne, was Dad's second wife. I called her mom because she has looked after me since I was a child.But to tell the truth, my thoughts and feelings toward her couldn't be compared... They weren't, to say the least
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2 - Jack
"Shit, ma, you're driving me crazy," I said softly as our lips touched. Sucking my mother's tongue, I was able to detect the taste of wine in her mouth. Was it blackberry? Red cherries? Ah, damn it, this drink never tasted this good before..."Mhmm," a sound came out of mom's mouth as I cradled her waist with one hand and slid my hand inside her nightgown with the other. I have no idea how things got to the point where we are making out in bed, but it's already happening. Mom and I kissed each other passionately as I gently stroked her plump chest. My mind became a jumbled mess and quick enough, I found myself removing my and mom's clothes. My eyes followed her every movement, particularly her front to which I immediately grabbed and began to play. My heart was racing but I felt genuine joy and excitement. "Oohh, Aki," Mom moaned as I began to lick her rosy buds. Both were already bright red in color and tasted so good they reminded me of the sweetest things in the world. Heck, the
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3 - Jack
The number you have dialed is unattended. Please try again later.The number you have dialed is unattended. Please try again later.. . .I dialed Mom's number several times but received no response on the other end of the line. The sensations of anxiety and annoyance crept up on me gradually. Why wasn't she picking up when I called her? Did something happen? No, if that had been the case, she would have let me know...I sighed and shook my head, trying to remain calm. It's best to wait for her response first.Right now, my mother and I are vacationing in Cebu City at a well-known resort that we decided to visit after I graduate. Because we rarely have any other types of celebrations besides the usual ones for birthdays and holidays, which are always held in our apartment, going out to these kinds of places with my mom felt extra special. At least, according to me.It was nothing new for me to travel to other cities. Back when I was in senior high school and college, I often traveled
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4 - Jack
When Mom was talking to Uncle Benjie, I first noticed the expression on her face. It was painfully obvious that we were in an awkward situation, and I found that I couldn't even look directly at Uncle. I mean, it had been such a very long time...When my father abandoned us when I was a child, Mom decided to take me in and raise me on her own. As a result, she severed ties with every member of Dad's family and circle of friends. Aunt Jonah, my mother's best friend, has informed me that Dad's family is strongly opposed to the idea of my mom and dad being together, and they had wanted to take me in to raise themselves. But as time went on, Dad's parents eventually came around to the idea because they were well aware of what a terrible father their son was. Simply put, they knew he wouldn't be able to look after me. Giving me to dad's second wife, whom he decided to cheat on and leave, was their last and only option. Even though my father's side had severed all ties with my mother, ther
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5 - Jack
But that's also there is to it. Mom admires me for being hard working and intelligent, as she says, and she loves me for being a 'good son.' No matter how much I wish I could make her fall in love with me, it's just not going to happen. Mom is, without a doubt, the most reasonable and responsible person I've ever known in my entire life. Even if I confessed, I was certain that she would still speak to me and attempt to correct my thinking.In the worst-case scenario, she might even conclude that it would be better for me to live on my own. She would have the impression that she was a negative influence on me as a person and that all she could ever bring to me was my downfall. In short, she would despise herself and hold herself responsible for the vain and foolish emotions I felt.That terrifies me to no end. Even though it hurts to keep my love for Mom a secret, I can do so as long as she does not leave my side and remains to stay next to me. I don't care about anything or anyone el
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6 - Crista
I've had a crush on Jack for a long time. No, it wasn’t just a crush. I like him. I love him. A lot.From the moment we first met until now, Jack has been the only man I've had such strong feelings for. People say I'm one of the best girls a guy could ever have. But I can't figure out why the person I like so much doesn't like me back.I can't help but think that it's because of his mom. Yes, I know that Jack is a "Mama's boy." He was worried about his mother and had always put her on top of his list. She had always been his number one priority.There were times when I started to feel it was becoming too much and strange. And at some point, I couldn't help but feel it was annoying. I have no idea what to do whenever Jack chose his mom over me or anyone or anything else. See, I really like him. And I knew that I couldn't shake these feelings I have for Jack. They won't go away that easily.I just want him to like me for once, even if it's just for a little while.Jack was lying in my b
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7 - Marianne
My son and I have had a lot of communication issues recently. Ever since we’ve been together for such a long time, we didn’t argue nor treat each other as if we were strangers. But now, he’s been treating me differently. It goes without saying that this is the very first time that I have become aware of his strange behavior. I have no idea why I felt this, but recently I started to think he was trying to hide something from me.It could be about himself or something going on in his life; either way, the question is: what could it be? And why did he need to hide such matters from me – his mother?On the very final evening of our stay at the resort, he suddenly disappeared without a word. I remember, that time, a client of mine who was interested in purchasing a condominium unit and I were having a conversation over the phone. Right after I finished speaking with the person on the other end of the line, I hung up the phone and turned to see if Jack was still there. To my surprise, thoug
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8 - Marianne
“No, it’s not your fault, I mean-”“No, I messed up, mom. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do it. I was too drunk, and I- I did that...” Jack explained. His facial expression conveyed an overwhelming sense of guilt, embarrassment, and more... Something about it didn’t sit right with me for some reason.I shook off the strange feeling and focused my attention squarely on him, “It’s okay. I was just worried about you. On the other hand, I really hope you will tell me about it next time.”Jack’s eyes which were filled with guilt, stilled like ice “Tell you what? What do you mean?”I shrugged, “That you’re going to your girlfriend. I–I'm your mom, Aki. I will feel anxious if you don’t tell me anything and suddenly disappear like that... But I hope you and Crista had a good time last night,” I said, not forgetting to add the last sentence. I had to do it because if I didn’t, it wouldn’t sound like it was coming from a real mother. And right now, I AM Jack’s mother, aren’t I?I looked over at Ja
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9 - Marianne
Jonah offered an explanation, saying, "Perhaps Aki is just sexually frustrated." Then she further added, "Indeed, there are times when men go through that stage. You know, my second son kind of did it before. I’ve caught him peeking at me some time in the past.""What? And what did you do?" Despite the fact that the image is completely absurd, I couldn't help but become intrigued by it. If this is Jack's issue, I am prepared to find all of the possible solutions so that I can help him resolve it.Jonah shrugged as if what she mentioned was nothing or completely normal. "Naturally, I was there to help him. A few spots were brushed here and there. But no one came in. No penetration, no real you know what. Anyway, it was nothing more than an outlet for his anger or whatever bottled up emotion he had inside. After that, everything went back to the way it had been before. Between us, his behavior became better. He stopped being easily irritated, and at the same time, his obedience improved
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10 - Marianne
Moments later, Jack removed my clothes. We continued kissing as my hand began to travel to his bulge. It’s already standing and really stiff. Every rub my palm made against it made it seem to grow even bigger as if it were a snake that had long wanted to escape its long-term confinement.Jack's hands quickly traveled to my chest. Every move was unable to hide the overwhelming excitement they were holding inside. I couldn’t help but release a moan the moment his mouth began to lick and suck on my buds.While kneading one like a plump loaf, Jack continued to suck on my other breast. I recoiled and leaned slightly against the wall. I didn't know that this would feel this good. Perhaps my desires have really been suppressed for a long time. I almost forgot how it tasted—to be in this position and receive so much from another person.I couldn’t help but moan even more when one of Jack’s hands went to my panties. No, this is wrong. He should be the one to release, not me, I said to myself,
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