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When hot dominant billionaire alpha meets an omega in heat,her legs opened that her soaked panties were visible,her smell so sweet he could taste it,one night of hot passionate sex, Dominco Gustavo changes his mind about his no sleeping with omega rules, realizing no alpha in his right mind could resist an omega atleast not one as hot as Nora Payton.

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95 Chapters
"Here, this goes down to the VIP room" Shaw, the manager of the event for the day wearing an apron, sets the tray holding four glasses of champagne in it for Nora Payton, a very beautiful recessive Omega who kept wondering why Shaw would send her up to the VIP room full of Alphas knowing fully well she was an Omega, a recessive one that hasn't experienced any heat circle or change. 'THE BAUTCHERY HOTEL' had strict rules of letting only Beta's into the VIP lounge. Aside it being the Alpha's request, Omegas seems not to be able to behave themselves when they were around Alpha's and tend to unknowingly release pheromones putting Alpha's at risk of rut But still, as an Omega not given a choice she carries the tray, walking up to the VIP room. She was at least glad that she wasn't a dominant Omega that would release pheromones to attract Alpha's. She was just going to act like a Beta for a day and pretend Alpha's didn't faze her. Taking a deep confident breath, she opens the door, not kn
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Chapter one
*Five years later*_______________________________________"Have you seen the news, Pussybrains? '' Ava Gustavo said in her loudest voice as she walked into Dominco's office clattering her loud heels to the ground .Dominco sighed heavily, not looking up from his screen nor acknowledging his extremely rude sister's presence ,rather he grunted "I have, you don't need to remind me" he took his coffee right on the side of his desk and sipped it silently. He returned it back to its previous position and then lay on his roller chair. It was now he looked up to see Ava still standing with a frown on her face."What are you going to do about it?" She asked him , dragging a seat for herself."What I've always done, Ava. Little strategy, big win" Dominco smirked at her but Ava furrowed her brows and a slight laugh escaped his lips. "I've got this" he replied softly to her, more like an assurance.Staring at his sister Ava Gustavo,who has the attitude of a baby, the balls of any alpha, and the
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Chapter two
Trying to balance the tray on her hand, Nora reaches for her phone, which was vibrating rather too much in the pocket of her apron."Hello!!" she said as she was able to finally answer the phone, as she walked back to the counter of a bar she worked at,in fanwood New Jersey,not far from New York City."I thought you said his food was on the table?"her roommate Brenda yelled over the phone,"Yes it is,I left it there this morning"Nora replied not wanting to shout she went into the break room and sat down on the only chair there,"selfish bastard" she whispered slowly as she cursed at the owner of the bar who still refused to change the chair, thank God he wasn't around or she wouldn't be able to make this call in peace."There is nothing here!!,and he Wont stop crying..look I'm getting frustrated,why would you leave a hungry kid with me,is that the new strategy to beg for money?"Nora felt the sting in her words which made her heart sink. She didn't think Brenda would say such even thou
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Chapter three
"Hi" Nora said as she opened the door to the room,to find Brenda on their worn out sofa texting away on her phone.Brenda who doesn't keep a stable hair color got up and headed towards her room.They shared a tiny studio apartment and differentiated each room with curtains, kept a sofa in the middle of the room serving as their mini parlor,then they had a kitchen and a small toilet which they shared."He's asleep!"Brenda spoke as she entered her room leaving Nora at the door.Going into her room, Nora met Carl on the material she called bed sleeping softly, placing the bag she brought from the grocery store on the ground. She sat down next to him, staring at his sweet face.She has always wondered what his father looked like,and wondered what he was doing or how rich he was.Not being able to remember much from that night,other than the smell of his pheromones, thinking about it was doing things to her.nobody should still be able to have that much hold on someone even after all these y
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Chapter four
"I'm telling you man,I didn't get a whiff of her this morning when I woke up…she was gone!"Dominco complained to Matthew as he sipped his coffee in the diner they decided to meet that morning."Did she take anything of yours?"Matthew asked Dominco with curiosity in his voice"Where do I begin?...I mean she took my watch that I left on the table,and took some notes from my wallet, which wasn't annoying but we didn't even have sex!! because she couldn't stop releasing her pheromones and they smelled bad!..Matthew chuckled upon hearing the frustration in his voice"Did I ever tell you betas smelt bad?"Dominco added."Well you are the only Alpha I know stupid enough to want to fuck betas! So yeah pardon me for not knowing!!".Matthew replied, sounding disgusted."I mean,that's why it was designed,Alpha-omega,beta-beta,I really don't know how other beta's perceive their kinds of pheromones!""Hmm,well enough of that!I know you didn't invite me here just for coffee. What's up?"Dominco s
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Chapter five
"Sorry to drag you away from Carl but I need to speak to you!" Mrs Carol, Carl's teacher said as she stopped Nora at the front of the school gate."Umm okay sure" Nora told her before turning to Carl"Honey,why don't you take this and go sit over there and wait for mommy" She said pointing to a bench not far from where they were standing."Okay mommy" Carl replied as he walked slowly towards the bench, dragging his bag on the ground.Turning back to face Mrs Carol she said"So?""Nora! Carl is a very brilliant boy but he lacks social skills, he doesn't talk in class, he has no friends whatsoever. Kids are like that, sometimes it might be because they are shy or have not been around other kids,and the other half of the time it's because they are being cautioned from home not to associate with other classmates!."Mrs Carol said, wearing a questioning look on her face."So which do you think it is?" Nora asked her."I don't know!That's the reason I'm here talking to you!" Mrs Carol said b
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Chapter six
"Damn!! Who was that?" Matthew asked as Dominco approached their car,where he had been standing watching the whole scenario with a huge grin on his face. "Forget about her" Dominco replied harshly as he got into the car not paying much attention to Matthew who kept on talking. "Hell no! feisty and sexy,who would forget about her, Damn! you guys know each other?" Matthew asked as he sat down and ushered the driver to start the car, turning to Dominco who wore his anger all over his face,he asked again trying to rile him up,when he didn't get an answer the first time. "You sure you guys don't know each other because I definitely wanna go back for that ass?" Dominco who was angry and at the same time feeling possessive started releasing his pheromones as he turned to answer Matthew and going alpha mode, His eyes turning red and his pheromones coming out stronger than before he said in a really calm but strong voice. "SHES MINE!" "Woah call down alpha,I was just asking because yo
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Chapter seven
"I just hope we are still on time!". Dominco said opening the car door and getting out, looking around the storey building he wondered why everywhere was quiet and felt empty. "I think we arrived a bit too early,there's nobody here"He said to Matthew as he came out to join him outside of the car, "Early?? It is 4pm,besides who closes work by 4?" Matthew replied sounding sarcastic,Dominco chuckled as he walked towards the building with Mathew and a bodyguard following closely behind. The building didn't look like much,and Dominco kept wondering why it would be a company and nobody was working.It wasn't the weekend,it didn't even look like it's been in use for a while ,walking to the back of the building he found an open window it was broken almost falling apart and dusty too. "Oof...Poor building maintenance" Dominco said trying to place the window properly preventing it from coming apart completely. "Nico!!" He turned as he heard Matthew calling out his name, trying to let go
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Chapter eight
After dropping off Carl at school Nora couldn't stop rushing,first Carl got to school late and now she's gonna be late,she hurriedly walked to work,she knew she couldn't beat time,it was moments like this she wished she was dominant and at least would possess one supernatural gift who knows maybe It would be teleportation, not like she's ever heard of any body being able to teleport, sighing loudly she was going to have to watch and listen to Tom her manager talk nonsense,she was also glad her work wasn't too far away from Carl's school it was just a bus away. Getting off the bus she rushed inside not stopping to say hi to anybody she went straight down to the break room,where the workers took a break or changed to their work clothes, dropping her bag on the ground and kicking it do it would be close to her,she went ahead to take off her brown top that she wore that morning with a baggy blue pants,she knew the two colors didn't match but she couldn't change so she had to wear it like
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Chapter nine
"Hii!!" Mae screamed as soon as she saw Nora who was standing outside what's seemed to look like a bar, hurriedly walking and dragging the little box she carried along to where she stood,she pulled her in for a hug "Oh my,I'm so excited to see you!" Mae said laughing as Nora hugged her back . "Well I'm so excited you didn't get lost on your way here" The two ladies laughed as they kept hugging and un-hugging each other "You look different" Nora said taking her time to look Mae over, lifting her hands to the air she made a circle gesture for Mae to turn around. "Yes I know right!" Mae said as she turned back to face Nora whose smile hadn't left her face, taking her own time to stare at Nora she noticed Nora had changed,she got leaner and way more beautiful,she knew Nora had always been beautiful but this time she was more beautiful in a different way . "You don't look bad yourself, besides anybody can see how more beautiful you got,is it just me or your tits look huge woah,I'v
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