Two Billionaire Baby Daddies

Two Billionaire Baby Daddies

By:  Mo Marie  Updated just now
Language: English
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**Sequel to The Billion Dollar Love Triangle. Strongly suggest that is read first!** Just when Scarlett Watson thinks she's finally got her life together, she finds out she's pregnant and she doesn't know if the baby is Grayson Wrenford's or Lee Windsor's. Thinking she'll simply be with whichever man fathered her child, Scarlett is thrown for a loop when the paternity only makes things more complicated. Being deeply in love with both men and still having to pick one, the three of them navigate the ups and downs of pregnancy, their messy families, and discovering their true selves, all before Scarlett gives birth. When the time comes, will Scarlett actually be able to decide who she wants to be with, will she lose them both, or will someone else win her heart?

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    Two Lines
    Times up.I looked down at the stick on the counter and wanted to vomit. Two lines. Crap. “I think I should take another one in a few hours,” I stated. “Scarlett…honey we’ve taken like four already today,” My sober buddy, and trusted friend Skyler winced. “I think we can say it’s positive.”“No! Th-they could all be faulty! There’s just no way. I’m gonna get a blood test.”“You already had one, that’s how we became aware of such a predicament.”“They could be wrong though!” I exclaimed. “And they are. Because they have to be. Because I cannot do this.”Skyler nervously tugged at her purple hair and her big brown eyes looked at me with utter concern. Her dark brown skin crinkled on her nose before she spoke. "Alright, then we should do a blood test.”“Yes. And then when it’s negative, I can call Grayson and Lee back and tell them who I would like to be with. Easy as pie!”“Who did you pick, by the way?” Skyler asked eagerly.“I can’t tell you, it’ll jinx it! Last time I almost told
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    The Ultrasound
    “What?” Lee asked. “Why would you ask her that?”“There’s a bunch of tests in the bathroom trash and they all have two lines.” Grayson answered. “Scar? Are you pregnant?”“Just like a little bit,” I answered. “What is a little bit?!”“Like a month.”“Scarlett!” Lee exclaimed. “You’ve been pregnant for a month and didn’t tell either of us?!”“Ugh…I just found out a few days ago! The day I had finally made a decision! And that’s why I was so weird and asked you guys to leave." I rushed out. “Why wouldn’t you tell us?” Grayson demanded. “I told her to,” Skyler commented. “Sky really?” I asked. “Sorry, I’ll just sip my wine.”“Well, who is the father?” Lee asked. “Is it me? I know this is sooner than we wanted kids, but this could be amazing.”“Or it’s me right?” Grayson asked. “I mean I’ve always wanted kids with you. We’ve talked about this a million times.”I felt awful that they were both so excited. “I don’t know,” I whispered. “I have no idea. And I was gonna do a paternity te
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    Two Peanuts
    I think I passed out. When I woke up the three men were looking at me in concern. “You okay Scar?” Lee asked. “Yeah, it’s just I had this crazy dream-like thing that Dr. Conner said I was having twins!” “That was real, babe,” Grayson informed me.“Twins?! God, I have the worst luck!” I groaned. “But they’re so beautiful,” Grayson whispered, his eyes on the monitor. I looked at it again and sighed. He was right.They were so beautiful.--So I was carrying two peanuts inside of me. That was exciting and horrifying. However, how cool was it to get two kids over with in one go? I didn’t have to have any more after this! Oh, but what if I have two girls and then I want a boy? Or two boys and I crave a little mini me? What if both of these kids sucked and I wanted to try for one good one?The possibilities were kind of endless. “There’s something different about you,” My good friend Lincoln Ellison commented, peering over his designer glasses. “You simultaneously look like crap and
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    “I’m pregnant.”“Whore!”“Skyler!” I exclaimed. “You’re supposed to be helping me!”“Sorry, but wouldn’t your dad sound like that?”“I guess, but…ugh what if I just didn’t say anything?”“Scar, let me paint you a picture. You go to your Dad’s house for dinner, having already told your mother to also come. It’s time to pour drinks and you say ‘no thank you’ and everyone looks at you like you’re insane. There are two possible questions that will be asked. One, ‘are you pregnant?’. Two, ‘are you back on drugs?’.” Skyler explained. “Huh.” I grunted. “So no matter what you would have to reveal that your stomach is being occupied by two little trust fund babies.”“This is why you’re my friend,” I nodded. “You tell it like it is.”“That’s what I’m here for. So nut up and tell your parents you’re pregnant. Invite the boys to make the blow softer.”“Now that’s not a bad idea at all! My mom loves those boys! Skyler, you’re brilliant, do you know that?”“I do. So tell me something I don’t know
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    The Possible Grandparents
    I thought telling my parents was going to be bad enough.Now I was sitting at brunch with the Wrenfords and the Windsors and I couldn’t even have any mimosas. “So, I hear you guys have been having me followed,” I declared. “It was just for your own good, Scarlett.” Belinda Wrenford assured me. “You know we worry about you. We wanted to make sure that you’re not relapsing.”“Well I definitely won’t be doing that in the next eight months!”No one laughed. Whatever that was funny as hell.“So when will we find out who the father of these children are?” Hal Windsor asked.“In a few days, and then this whole mess will be over. I will be with the father of my children.” I said firmly. “How have you been Scarlett?” Ninette Windsor questioned. “Are you keeping up with your prenatals and getting enough rest?”“I’m really trying, just with whole situation and work-”“Well you’re going to be quitting your job right?” Alistair Wrenford asked. “Um not at all. How am I supposed to pay for thin
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    Three Parents
    “Fuck! Fuck! Fuuck!”Lee and Grayson looked at me like I was insane. “Yeah, I thought that you would be your reaction,” Dr. Conner stated. “No, this isn’t…it’s not possible!” I cried. “Actually it is…what are you doing right now? Can the three of you come to the hospital, I feel that we should discuss this in person.” “Yes, please, because this doesn’t make any sense at all to me!”“Okay, just breathe and come now.”I hung up.“So?” Lee asked. “We gotta go to the hospital.”I would let Dr. Conner share the news with them, because if I did it, I might puke.***“No! That’s impossible!” Grayson exclaimed. “There’s no way!” Lee shouted.“Gentlemen, please calm down and let me explain,” Dr. Conner said soothingly. They took a deep breath and nodded. “This is very possible and it has happened before. It’s called heteropaternal superfecundation.”“Try saying that five times fast!” I laughed hysterically.“Basically Scarlett released multiple eggs during ovulation and you each fertil
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    I was gonna puke.For the first time ever mine, Grayson, and Lee’s parents were all meeting. We were sitting down for dinner to let them know the shocking and inconvenient news. This would end in one of three ways: sobbing, fist fighting, or yelling. And it was possible all three things would occur and even more possible that worse things would happen.And couldn’t have a single drink throughout it.Peachy.At some point I had to go shopping. Clothes were becoming much too tight on me and I was starting to get just a little self conscious. “I’m hideous!” I cried. “Scar, come on, you look beautiful.” Lee insisted. “Why am I wearing a white dress, I look like the Michelin Man!” “You’re way prettier than that guy,” Grayson assured me. “This dress is perfect, babe.”“You’re only saying that because we’re running late,” I huffed. “I mean kinda. We don’t want to be late and deliver the most hectic news of our lives too.”“Fine, I’m ready to go.” I grabbed my purse and stomped out of t
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    “That’s my boy!” Alistair exclaimed. “That’s that Wrenford right hook!”“Grayson!” I gasped. “I’m sorry, but what the fuck is wrong with him?” Grayson shook his hand out. My dad stumbled up from the floor, his nose bleeding. “Scott, are you okay?” Sophia asked in alarm.Dad snatched the tissue from her hand and quickly wiped his nose before standing up and walking around the table over to Grayson. Oh no.He hit Grayson before tackling him to the ground.“Daddy enough!” I cried. Lee tried to break them up but he pretty much ended up getting involved. The other men finally intervened and it just became a mess of fists and cursing. Every single man involved in this scuffle was going to be in my children’s lives. The most important men in their lives at that. I had to pick a really good godfather for each so they could have some kind of stability. Finally everything simmered down and Grayson and my dad were separated. “You’re never coming anywhere near my child!” Grayson screamed.
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    House Hunting
    “Do you think the house will be easy to baby proof?” Grayson asked.“Can we get carpet on the stairs to make them less slippery?” Lee questioned.“Oh, maybe we can get like an elevator in here?”“Guys, please!” I groaned. “Can you at least introduce yourself first!”“Right,” Grayson laughed. “I’m Grayson Wrenford.”“And I’m Lee Windsor.” He shook her hand.“And I’m Scarlett Watson.”“I’m Mei, so nice to meet you all.”Mei was a very pretty Asain woman with perfectly done black hair. She had stylish glasses over her bright brown eyes and she had a warm smile. I could see how she sold houses so easily. I would buy anything from her.“So we’re thinking about baby proofing at some point. Which two of you are expecting?” Mei questioned. “Oh all of us,” I smiled. “There’s two passengers on board and one belongs to each of them.”That was just the easiest way to explain it. Mei’s eyes widened, before she shook it off. “Wow, that’s um…very new age!”“That’s a fun way of putting it,” I laugh
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    “You went with house three?!” Lee demanded. “And you didn’t even tell us?!”“Did you even consider the houses that we picked out?” Grayson accused. “Yes I did actually, much more than I should have. I’m the only one who is guaranteed to be living in this house so why the hell would I get anyone else’s opinion on it?” I asked. “One of us is going to live there though!”“Sure, if you’re lucky.”“You went behind our backs and had our parents buy the house!” Lee exclaimed. “You two sure are quick to forget that I told them to buy me a house. Not you two! I’m letting you live in my house.” I reminded them. “I liked house number three and that’s where I’ll live. You two don’t like it? Live somewhere else!”The both looked disgruntled, but there was nothing they could do.I held the babies, so I held the power. --“I’ve never heard a worse idea,” Skyler admitted when I told her about the three of us living together. “I know, but what else can I do? I can’t be carted back and forth on a
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