Torn Between Two Alphas

Torn Between Two Alphas

By:  Purple Lily  Ongoing
Language: English
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Chloe, an omega from a poor family just wants to find her mate and graduate from the wolf Academy but when her partner turned out to be no one but the prince of SilverCrest, alpha of the blood moon pack and someone who has always bullied her, her life started to go downhill and she found herself in the middle of things bigger than her. Then come in a guy who might be her knight in shining armor or not.

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4 Chapters
Part One: The Prophecy
The man was reeling from what he just heard. He couldn't believe it. He couldn't believe what he just heard but the seer had no reason to lie to him. The seer had been the one he had always used, the one who had guided him on the right part so there was no way he'd be lying to him but that couldn't be possible.Everything he had worked hard for, everything he had strived hard for until this point couldn't possibly go into thin air just because of a prophecy.There had to be something. There has to be a way out."There must be a way out, old one," He looked into the blank eyes of the man before him, "There must be something we can do to avoid this calamity.""I'm afraid," The old one started, his fingers moving in a semicircle on the floor, "There's nothing that can stop the prophecy from coming true for the gods have ordained this so it must come to pass."No, no, no! His head was reeling, his mind working in overdrive, there must be something, anything that can be done to salvage t
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I woke up to the sound of gargling and guttural groans.I sat up with a sitting, my senses going overdrive. I was in the locker. I had escaped to the locker because I absolutely hated calculus and I'd rather sleep or daydream about my future mate than sit for an hour in a class that I hated.But now I couldn't daydream in peace because some students were making use of the locker room in that popular way students were notorious of.I pushed myself off the chair that had been serving as my bed and I started to tiptoe to the door, wary of attracting the attention of the students that were making out. I was almost at the door when my clumsy self missed my footings and I landed on the floor with a loud thud.I had to bite my lips to keep myself from screaming out loud at the searing pain that tore through my entire body and my head instantly whirled towards the direction of the couple to see if they'd been alerted of my presence.My eyes met stormy grey ones as I came face to face with the
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"You must be so excited for the run tonight." My best friend and roommate, Amelia screamed into my ears for the umpteenth time that evening.Amelia was my savior. She was the daughter of an Alpha, the second most feared Alpha in SilverCrest and who also happened to be good friends with Alpha Lorento, the most feared Alpha in SilverCrest and also Stormy Grey eyes father. Amelia was the only girl Stormy grey eyes respected enough not to mess with. They were close friends too and they used to sit together at lunch until she decided to be sitting with me.Like I said, Amelia was my savior. She wasn't in school when I resumed and the elite students were picking on me and making my life miserable but the minute she resumed and befriended me, a lowly orphaned omega from a wretched family, that was a loud warming for all the bullies to leave me alone.And they all left me alone except stormy grey eyes who still picked on me once in a while.Sometimes, I really didn't understand why Amelia wo
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Since I clocked 10, I've been thinking about who my fated mate would be.I've been thinking about how the moment I find him would be.I've been thinking about how he'd completely sweep me off my feet, how our love story would be like one written in the stars, and how I'd be over the moon.How everything would be perfect.How our love story would be perfect.How it'd be a story that was written in the stars and had been ordained by the moon goddess.But everything I have always envisaged just went down the drain. It just shattered completely with no form of remedy.Because now, my mate had turned out to be the last person I ever thought it would be.Stormy Grey Eyes.The one person I could not bring myself to tolerate.To every other person, he was Alpha Tyler, Prince of the Moon Shine Pack, son to the most feared alpha in SilverCrest, and he's on his way to inheriting the position of the general commander of SilverCrest.But to me, he was just stormy grey eyes, a handsome devil who sl
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