Hidden Identities

Hidden Identities

By:  Jojo Olusola  Updated just now
Language: English
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The books starts with Annabelle who lives in a regular world. Her life takes a drastic turn as she starts to have reoccurring dreams. She thinks it's as a result of some movies she watches unknown to her, her real identity starts to resurface as she has kept it in for too long. On the road to discovery, she finds out about her missing brother and she is forced out of her normal life to start a new one where she accepts who she is, what she is

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47 Chapters
Chapter one
"Let me go,"She said, struggling with the man. He was obviously bigger and stronger than she was. She didn't know what to do as she was scared down to her toes."I mean no harm," The man spoke."Then let me go," she screamed at him."You have to listen to me Anna,""How do you know my name?" She questioned."Annabelle!!!"She heard her name from afar and noticed it wasn't her captor that called her name."Annabelle!"She blinked her eyes open. It was morning already. Third time this week had she had this same dream and it was just Thursday. She had other dreams similar to this one but this one has been persistent. She didn't believe in anything other than the things I could see. She thought it was as a result of watching too many horror movies at night. Raised by a single Mom, she was pretty entitled to a lot of things. As the only child of her mother, her mother was all she had and vice versa. She sighed as she looked at her mother."Good morning mom,""Good morning Annabelle. You s
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Chapter two
Damian walked to the class. He missed her presence. Lunch came quickly. He looked forward to meeting her. She walked in the hall with some guy. He didn't need to move so close to notice he wasn't human. Jealousy rose from his chest. He had no idea why. He barely knew the girl. He listened keenly to their conversation."Did you watch it already?" She asked."Did you think I was?" Alexander replied."Maybe""I actually didn't" Alex replied, smiling at her.***"Why?" She asked, more like demanded. He smiled at her again."Not funny" She said, a little pissed at him."Anna, it's just a movie" Alex explained, not understanding why she would get so upset.He felt someone looking at her. He scanned the room and their eyes met. Damian Grey. Alex had heard so much about him. The only existing hybrid. Or so he thought. "Hey, you stopped walking"Anna called to his attention."I'm sorry" Alexander apologized as he kept staring at him."Who are you looking at?"Anna asked before she traced his
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Chapter three
They heard the front door open and close."Honey, I'm home" her mother called out.Annabelle was about to reply when her mother yelled again."Annabelle, get down here. I told you not to bring anybody home. You don't listen! Who the hell did you bring into the house?" She heard her mother say from the living room.She looked at Alex and he looked back at her. She rolled her eyes and left her room. Alex followed her."Who did you bring into my house?" Her mother demanded."Your house? That's new" Anna said, rudely"Answer me! Who the hell did you bring into this house?" Her mother yelled at her"I have a question for you too. Who is Alexander Gerald?" Anna askedHer mother was taken aback. That name is one she hadn't heard in a long time. "Where did you hear that name?" Her mother askedAlex walked into the living room. He looked at his mother, she was just as he remembered. She still kept the same hairstyle and she looked the same. "Mom?" "Alex, is that you? My baby, how are you? H
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Chapter four
They talked till it was late in the night before she decided to head to bed. He showed her to her room and she saw that the room was prepare as though he had foreseen this event. It was almost like he had been expecting her to come stay in his house. She walked in and looked around. “Were you expecting me? It looks like you are fully prepared to accommodate me” Anna said.“Well, Mom told me that you might not be returning back to her place tonight so she packed some things for you and I got a rook ready. Guess we could say that she was right”“Yeah, she always is” Anna said to herself.“I would leave you to get some rest. You would need it. Goodnight, little one” He said as he left the room and closed the door behind him.She had a quick shower and headed to bed. For the first time in months, she had a nice sleep. She didn’t even have a bad dream. She woke up and reached for her phone. It was almost ten in the morning. She had slept for so long. She had her bath and headed down for b
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chapter five
She woke up when he was driving. She met a pack of blood on her legs when she woke up.“What happened?” she asked.“You fought me and I won. I snapped your neck. Apparently, you have no control of your hunger and I don’t think you should go to school anytime soon”“I’m fine. I can’t skip school. I wouldn’t hurt anybody” Anna said, hoping she was right“You can’t control it. There are humans in school. You can lose control when you’re with them” Alex said.She was about to reply when her phone rang. She reached her pocket for it. She looked at it and saw that it was her mom. She tossed her phone to the side. “Is that mom?” Alex asked.“Yeah it is” She responded, looking away.“Why aren’t you picking it up then?” He asked.“Because I don’t want to talk to her. It’s that simple” She said.“Maybe you should. I think you should forgive her and move past this issue. One thing life has thought me is to forgive people and let a lot of things go because life can be very surprising. So
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Chapter six
He heard her phone ring and he uncovered her bed. Her phone was there. Something told him that there was something that wasn’t right. Something was totally out of place. He left her room and went back to his. He changed and grabbed a jacket. He went back to her room and sniffed her jacket. His eyes glowed just before dashing out into the darkness to look for her. He tried to call Damian but he wasn’t picking. Alex didn’t know where she was. He didn’t know if she was taken or if she went out on her own will and tracking her scent wasn’t working. He grunted when something hit him. He couldn’t understand why he couldn’t track her.Something struck him but he brushed off the thought. His sister knew nothing about magic and there was no way she could be under a protection spell. Damian finally returned his calls*****He was feeling so out of control. He kept fighting to keep his vampire side in check and his human side in control. Something was wrong. Justin walked into his room and found
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Chapter Seven
She fell to her knees before falling to the ground. Damian moved back. He had never had a fist in chest. Nobody ever came that close. He always fought and he always won. She was something, he had to admit. “Are you okay?” Alex asked.“I don’t know. I have never had a fist in my chest. It’s something I can’t get used to” Damian said.“What do we do now?” Alex asked.“I don’t know. Take her home maybe. I’d talk to Justin in the morning. He should know someone that can lift this spell” Damian said.Alex agreed. There wasn’t much that could be possibly done now. It was past midnight and they should be asleep. Damian and Alex took care of the bodies and they headed home. Damian saw them off to Alex’s house before eventually heading to his. He spent the night turning and tossing. He wasn’t just at ease. He eventually woke up, not realizing he actually fell asleep. He rubbed his eyes and met Justin in his room.“Hey, what are you doing here?” Damian asked.“Making sure you’re not dead y
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Chapter Eight
“I’m glad you will. I will do some digging up and maybe give you a lead to chase. Thank you” Cassie said.“You are welcome, Cass. Are you sure you can’t stay?” Damian asked again, wondering why she was in such a haste to get back home.“I really can’t. I can always drop by to come see you once in a while but I have a lot to do. I’m really sorry” She apologized as she hugged him.“It’s fine, I guess. Thank you for coming once again” Damian said, hugging her back.“Say goodbye to the rest for me and before I forget, tell Anna to be careful. She would have a lot of enemies by the next full moon. It’s just eight days away. When she becomes a wolf, this hunger would leave her and she would have more control over her vampire side but people would come for her and they wouldn’t stop till she’s dead. So take care of her”Cassie said as she snapped her fingers and she disappeared. Damian was never going to get used to that. He walked back to where the rest were.“Where is Cassie?” Justin a
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Chapter Nine
Helen left the boys to prepare lunch and Damian headed to Anna’s room to see how she was. He knocked and she gave no reply. He sighed and he went in. He saw her sitting in a corner of the room. She looked up at him and their eyes met. She looked away.“You shouldn’t be here” she said to him.“Well I am. It’s not like you can tell me what I should and shouldn’t do” Damian said.“Well, I don’t want you here!” She said, slightly raising her voice at him.“I don’t think you understand how this thing works. Fate demands that I stay here with you because for some reasons, fate put us together for life and I am not about to change that so I am staying here and there’s nothing you can do about it!” he said back to her.She sighed but didn’t argue further. He sat on her bed, taking the whole room in. Her scent filled the air. She scented like bananas and strawberries all together. He could sniff her forever. An awkward silence hung around them. “Do you want to talk about it?” Damian asked
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Chapter Ten
Hailey knew she would never be able to reconnect with her best friend again. Everything Anna ever built was built on trust. It was everything for her, trust. Hailey got up from where she was seated and sat beside Anna.“I can tell you’re still mad at me, it’s pretty obvious but I just want to let you know that I’m still here for you. If you ever need anything, I am one call away. I would come right down for you. I am always going to be here for you and we are in this together”Anna looked at her best friend and sighed. She was going to reply her when she heard Alex grunt. Something crashed along the sitting room below her. She stood up from where she was seated. She motioned to Hailey to be quiet and she listened. She knew someone was in here and they were not alone. “Stay here and don’t leave this room until I ask you to!”“I can help!” “No you can’t. Just stay here please”“What do you mean by I can’t? I have been a vampire longer than you have. Let me help you!” Hailey argued
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