Salty Sugar Baby

Salty Sugar Baby

By:  hotTraunasaurus  Ongoing
Language: English
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32 year old Sophie decided it's time to stop hiding so she filled up an application to be a Sugar Baby. Weekends that used to be filled up with Netflix and comfort food are now changed into a high-paying profession. Well, weekend profession. She's still the busy working mom of 2 during the weekdays. 19 year old Abigail is the average college girl who has a cuckoo aunt. Her proposal has backfired when her aunt decided to use her info in the profile she's setting up at Cupcake, a Sugar Baby website. Let's hope nobody finds out Abigail signed up as a Sugar Baby. Let's pray harder for Aunt Sophie who has the confidence to pull off being an Abigail during the weekends. Cross your fingers! And your legs too, Soph. I mean, Abby. Err, Weekend-Abby. Cross your legs, Weekend-Abby!

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93 Chapters
"I guess I have all the documents needed. Do you have any concern before we end this meeting?" Yes I do. I do have a lot of concerns. Like, am I an idiot for doing this? Am I an idiot to complete all those procedures but still haven't pulled myself out of this deal? Am I a fucking idiot to want to proceed even after all the red-flag questions I answered just now? Am I? "No." I'm indeed an idiot. No doubt. "Alright. I shall contact you once we've found a match. Thank you for your time, Miss Grey." She collects all the papers on the table, putting them in a white folder before standing up. Leaning down to grab her Birkin on the chair between us, I steal a glance at her full appearance. She really looks like a character from the tv series I'm currently watching on Netfl!x- Veronica. The lady boss who owns a law firm, always dressed impeccably just the way she is right now; pearl-white business suit, Hermes handbag, pointed toe stiletto heels. This professional image is giving me the
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I always preach to others, especially my boys, that we should be honest. Lying is a very bad, bad thing. Doesn't matter what happened, remember, be honest. So... uhm, I think I should start with honesty. Why don't we do this again, with honesty? Hm? Hi, I'm Sophie Summers. I'm not Abigail Grey. We just have the same look and height but we are definitely two different people. "How was it?" Abby asks excitedly as I switch on my iPhone 11 Pro. Earlier we changed our phone for the meeting I had with Veronica; I definitely took the game to a whole new level by embracing my character down to the phone."Your phone? Ew, I'm never using yours again. It's so small, so tiny, so-"She glares at me before cutting me off, "Oh shut up! Give me my car keys! And I was asking about the meeting, not my phone! Or your ex’s dick size!” I laugh at the mention of my ex’s size that’s only known to my dear niece when I accidentally over-shared during one of the weekends when we were out drinking followin
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"Sophie, how's the operation last weekend? It was on Sunday, right?" I startle at the enquiry my Manager just made. He’s currently standing in front of my workstation with amused look, probably finding it funny to catch me being so focused with my phone, reading a gossip post at my Faceb0ok feed. Damn it, why does he always appear when I'm playing with my phone, catching me red handed. Though as usual, he makes no remarks on that. He's one of those cool bosses in my office. The kind that isn’t bothered by petty stuff, the only thing he cares about is the assignments that he dropped on our lap are all being handled in timely manner, with uncompromised quality. But I swear, he really waits until I'm playing on my phone then he'll come and ask stuff. Like seriously, why can't people come to me when I'm busy doing work? Instead of when I’m leisurely sitting at my workstation, looking like someone who does nothing but play with her phone and chat with her colleagues all day. "No. Uhh, I
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...I feel like I'm being ripped off by my niece. She gave me her ancient iPhone 4 while she happily took my iPhone 11 Pro. She took my Porsche Cayenne while I'm stuck with her itchy 20 year old Honda Civic. She joyfully went out with my Chanel Wallet-On-Chain while I'm here carrying her $19.99 (before discount) sling bag. Thank God we don't share the same size because I get a feeling I'm gonna feel pressured to borrow her clothes in order to complete this pretence of being 19 year old Abigail Grey. To be honest, I wasn't sure about meeting this Daddy. It took me 24 hours to finally able to psyche myself into making this decision- I was thisss close to call it off. The first thing I did once I've convinced myself I'm gonna go see him was to call my niece; it's a given since I need her ID in case there would be a verification by Cupcake prior the meeting. Thankfully, she was hella excited with this news, hyping me further into thinking this is the better decision compared to stayi
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"Would you like to order the drinks first?" The lady who directed me to the table is still here, now enquiring us. Well, I think she's asking US eventhough her eyes is directed to L.L.S. But I won't blame her, I too would be sucked in if there’s a man this gorgeous in front of me. "I'll have an Americano." Fuck, that's so deep. The voice I mean. Though that made my mind wondered if there's anything else that would make me think it is deep too. She finally turns her head towards me when I was still smitten by his voice, "What about you, Miss?""Oh. Erm. Just water." I have to play the role of a reserved 19 year old that is needing money hence this sugar baby attempt. I can't be me, the intimidating engineer who yells at contractors like it's a hobby. "Would you like to order something else?" She's back to LLS after giving me a simple nod to my water request. "No, that will be all. Thank you." He gives her a smile which she nods and walks away. Oooooh, this is definitely differen
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[ This arrangement is between A.G and L.L.S for the duration of three months from March 15th to June 15th.1. A.G will be at the location mentioned in Appendix 1 from 7pm Friday to 7pm Sunday, excluding the first week of each month. 2. USD 5000 will be deposited into A.G bank account 3xxx87xx6 every 10th of the month. 3. This arrangement can be terminated at any time by a formal request to Cupcake and the other party, resulting in termination in the following month. 4. If item 3 occurs, money of the said month will not be refunded. 5. L.L.S will provide a vehicle; Mercedes Benz A-class with plat number LS3, on the duration of this contract. A.G shall return the vehicle before or on June 15th.6. Should L.L.S perform the limits stated in Appendix 2, the arrangement will be cancelled with immediate effect. Compensation of USD 500,000 will be given to A.G, provided evidence and reports as per Appendix 3. 7. Both parties to sign an NDA for this arrangement to commence.8. Should both
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It's 6.20pm. I make sure I'm early today. I went home at 1pm sharp, showered (by showered I mean scrubbed every inch of my body, slapped a rich body butter, shampooed and deep-conditioned my hair, shaved at all the places that needed to be shaved), got dressed into the outfit I planned with Abby last night, did my hair, put on make up, perfected my hairdo since the first time felt imperfect (or I was just too nervous I had to pick on something), and finally, drove here with the infamous Honda Civic. Standing at the visitor parking bay of the location mentioned in Appendix 1, I am still deciding if I should go up or drive home. If I should be a sugar baby, or just forget about selling my body but go on the conventional route instead; meet a guy, go on a date, be his girlfriend, then his fiancee, bring him to see my parents, marry him, and only then bed him. I mean sex him. See how rusty I am in this game? You can't blame me, it's been four years since I'm in a relationship with a m
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"But I didn't bring my sports attire." Those words just glided through my lips before I managed to stop myself. Have I told you about the clown attribute to my personality? Especially when I'm nervous and try to get away with it, I would crackle jokes that most would find them barely humorous. But that never stopped me, and here I am, with my dry joke. He must have not known what to take of that super dry joke that he looks at me with the same blank stare he had earlier. Nothing changes, that makes me wonder if he's being dismissive again or he actually didn't get the joke. The significant pause overwhelms me too much that I surrender, "Heh. That... well. It was meant to be... urm. A joke." There's barely any reaction from him which makes me desperate for one hence I push myself into elaboration, "You know, just now when you said you have a few things to run with me so... erm." Nothing. He's still staring at me. " 'Run' with me," I laugh nervously, " 'Runnnn' with me. Run, an act
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I'm not sure what time did he return home because I didn't hear any sound that hinted he was back.Instead of worrying about it, I spent the early part of the night with my sons, Cruz and Liam; they video-called me to show me what Dean and Chloe got them for their birthday. Their birthday is actually three months apart; Cruz's is on 11th of March, Liam's is on June 29th, but it's so much easier to get two presents instead of just one for the birthday boy to avoid myself from listening to the never-ending fights over that one freaking toy the entire week. Yes, I'm fully aware about the importance of educating kids on sharing but never mind, that's another battle for another day. I just want to have a peace of mind while navigating my single-mother life. The education on sharing will be applied sometime in the future, I promise. I didn't actually sleep well last night because of this new environment. The pillows, the mattress, the entire thing is absolutely wonderful but I just couldn
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Pretty sure everybody has a different setting when it comes to conversing with different people. For an example, I would always be this boring technical person with my colleagues and bosses though come lunch time, the moment I sit down with the colleagues whom I'm comfortable with, I'd let loose and start being a clown with my, yeah, you got it right, with my never-ending dry jokes. When Mr Sinclair and I entered the cafe, I thought it's just gonna be the two of us. But the moment I see a gorgeous lady sitting at a table with the hostess directing us towards her, I instantly know that it will be an affair of three from here on. Her shiny blonde locks gives a hint that she's a frequent at a pricy hair salon. Her baby-blue dress with that pair of nude Manolo Blahnik, and a matching baby Dior next to her, well, that makes her look like a heiress that I suddenly feel intimidated by the way I'm dressing right now. Her make up is minimal but she wouldn't need much anyway with the natural
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