My Boyfriend's Cousin

My Boyfriend's Cousin

By:  Abigaildee  Updated just now
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Amanda Dimitriou accept Jordan Millero’s offer – her boyfriend to meet his family. After a long time only being able to see on the news about Millero’s, now Amanda was able to see and meet them in person. And then, shock hit her like a train because she met the guy who spent one night with her two years ago, the man who took her virginity. The asshole who left a million dollar check and said in his note that a million dollar was the price of her virginity. He dropped her pride, and Amanda hated him with all her bone in her body. However, she can do nothing because some fact hit her like a truck again. A fact that now that asshole become a cooperation partner of the company where she works and, more unfortunately, he’s the eldest cousin in the Milero’s family. Amanda tried to keep her distance and away from that asshole. Rhysand del Milero was ruthless, violent, and had enough self-confidence for last two lives. However, he had a touch and attractive gaze, erotic, hot and irresistible. And Amanda hated him even more.

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117 Chapters
Chapter One
I blinked as the sunshine dazzled my eyes. Oh God, I really don't want to wake up because all parts of my body feel so sore like I just ran a marathon last night and also my head is really sore and dizzy like I've just been hit by ten bricks.Groaning, without opening my eyes, I pulled the blanket to cover my naked body which was exposed to the cold air. Coiled by my side, I began to sink my consciousness back into the dream. But.....Wait.Naked?Sunshine?First—naked, I never sleep naked. I always wear a thick hoodie, and knee-length pants and then curl up comfortably under my blanket which is neither too thin nor too thick, which has accompanied me since my Junior High School days. And of course I can't possibly take off my regular bedtime clothes just because it's hot at night because I've never been hot.Second—sunshine. My room is a room full of walls and two wide glass windows which I always close with thick curtains so that the morning sun will not enter and disturb the sound
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Chapter Two
Two years later"It's lunch time, Mandy. Take a rest." Jane patted my shoulder lightly as she stood beside my chair.I nodded my head, "In a moment. I'll join you later."Jane sighed. "Okay. I'll order your menu first, sounds good?"I looked up, smiled sweetly and threw a peck in the air, Jane snorted in disgust. "You are the best, my dear. Thank you.""I know. Just hurry up and finish it.""Aye aye madam." I replied, returning to focus on the data I had to input.Actually Gabriel had told me when he leave for a while earlier. He said that I had to stop my work and take a break when it was time because he really knew my work habits to the point of skipping breaks. I just nodded in response, which he replied with a ridiculous threat."If you don't take a rest, I won't give you any more work, Mandy. I'll do everything, and you're not gonna take a dollar from me."That ridiculous threat wouldn't have happened because I knew Gabriel could never even order his coffee without me. But, reall
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Chapter Three
"Amanda,"The call made me, who was confused, flinch at that sound. Jordan was standing from the lobby couch, waving and smiling handsomely at me. I just walked towards him with the same smile, and when I reached him, I immediately hugged my boyfriend, who was returned, with a tight hug. He hugged me back tightly.We haven't seen each other for two weeks because he has to go to Madrid to meet his family, and then he went to India for do his noble work. I really miss Jordan."Did you wait long?" I asked, pulling my head away from Jordan's chest, looking up to see his handsome face.Jordan shook his head, "No, honey. I've only been here for fifteen minutes."I hit his stomach lightly, "It's the same."Jordan chuckled softly, "Okay. Okay." He smiled and stroked my hair. "Then do you want to have dinner? It's to pay for me who's been waiting here for you for so long?" he asked. I nod.Jordan smiled and kissed the top of my head before we leave my office.I met Jordan a year and a half a
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Chapter Four
"Did you know that RID Miller would be working with our company?" I asked, flip pancakes on pan.Jordan was sitting on the stool pantry, in front of his laptop and drinking his favorite chocolate milk. The habit that he always did in the morning before breakfast. "What? Are you serious?"I nodded, giving him a glance that showed a surprised face. "Yeah, I'm serious. I heard it from my friend who heard it from the Director.""Strange. It's not unusual for Rhysand to use an IT team from another company.""Why?" I asked as I put the pancakes on the plate. I then took some white bread to make sandwiches."Because he has his own programmers—by the way can I eat them?" Jordan asked, his index finger pointing at the two pancakes.I nodded."Well, as far as I know Rhysand prefers to use his own programmers because he doesn't like to be hassle." He continued while putting honey on top of the two pancakes."Couldn't have he just cooperated, right?"Jordan nodded. "Can be."I frowned, arranged t
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Chapter Five
The hoodie was no longer snug on his head, but of course I could still recognize that he was the man in the cafe before, because the clothes were the same.I was a little surprised looking at his face. What I thought he was handsome like Armie Hammer was different. He was handsome, but much more handsome with black hair, hazel eyes as beautiful as Matthew Daddario, a sharp nose, thick lips and also a body that was one foot taller than me. He is handsome and very beatiful.Sexy and beautiful—which seemed strangely familiar.But..."What are you doing, sir?" I said with a sarcastic call when I came back to my senses.He blinked as well as if he had just woken up, which was the same as me. "Are you Amanda?"I nodded stuttering when I heard his voice which also felt familiar. "Yes. What's wrong? You know me?"That strange man stared at me intently before moving his face forward which made me turn my face back.Disrespectful."If you mean to be rude, remember there are a lot of people here
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Chapter Six
Jordan hasn't heard from me in a week, and he hasn't replied to my messages at all. I didn't think about continuing to do it, and chose to continue with my life as it should be. I already understood that he was a busy person, and sometimes the cities he visited didn't have a signal. I try to understand that, I also have no right to interfere in his business. I can only pray that he's always protected while doing the noble thing to help the underprivileged. Something that sticks out in my heart is an envy when I see people with their partners, doing normal things and looking happy. I wanted to feel that too, but I realized it was an unreasonable thing to think about. I mean, everyone has their life and happiness. I don't have to envy them, because what God has given me is more than enough. So I stopped complaining and refocused on my work. Jordan would be back, and he had promised to introduce me to his family. He had serious intentions towards me, even though he never touched me.
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Chapter Seven
I paused, staring at him with my heart beating fast. "Sorry, I'm not interested. Thank you." I replied while fighting off the tremors growing in my chest. I started to walk out of the balcony, but his words kept me from doing it. "You remember me, Amanda." It's not a question, it's a statement. Of course he knew that because I was so easy to read. Everyone says the same thing, I'm like an open book in front of anyone. Yes, I'm such a loser. His hazel eyes stared at me intently. A different look from the one Jordan always used when looking at me. He seemed to want to dominate and there was something behind his hazel eyes that made no one want to take their eyes off him. His head tilted like he wanted to strip my mind. I gulped, "Yeah, I remember you. You're an asshole who took my virginity when I was drunk, and so easily left a woman in the morning with a million dollar check, an expensive dress, a note, and treated me like a cheap bitch." I answered at length, unable to cover m
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Chapter Eight
Jordan didn't take me to Madrid like he said before. Apparently. His grandparents had their wedding anniversary party at their home in New York.Thoughts about them not liking me or I am unattractive in their eyes are occupying my brain right now. I could only clench my sweaty hands to vent my anxiety. "Don't be nervous, Amanda. They're good people. I'm sure they'll like you." I gulped and nodded. Choose to gaze at the towering pine trees on both sides of the road.My attention was slightly distracted when I looked at how grand and luxurious this mansion was. This palace is in the upscale BlueStone district of Tarrytown. The number one luxury district in New York. This blue to gray mansion, which is styled like an Urban building in the 20's, caught my interest because it was so beautiful. The grounds were wide and green, dotted with short thick trees and neat lawns, beyond the grounds of this magnificent mansion was the Hudson River shining in the moonlight. I'm guessing that Jord
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Chapter Nine
He can't be Rhysand del Millero. My heart was pounding in my chest, my stomach was churning and I wanted to run now before Bellva called them or Jordan pulled him here. What's in the hell? Why does the universe seem to be pulling him at me by these crazy coincidences? "Hey, are you really okay?" Bellva asked. I blinked consciously, and looked at Bellva. "Can you help me get out of here?" There was a question mark on Bellva's expression but she quickly nodded. We stood up, and then started to walk away from there. "Where do you want to go?" Jordan's question along with their approaching steps made me freeze. Bellva who noticed my movements immediately answered. "I'd like to take her to my room. She wants to see my James Taylor collection." I bit my lip firmly to hold back the turmoil that was in me, and then slowly turned around to face them—Jordan who was standing by his grandfather's side, briefly caught a glimpse of the man behind Jordan who seemed to be holding back his lau
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Chapter Ten
My heart was beating fast in my chest, my stomach was churning. I closed my eyes for a moment trying to steady myself. I sucked in a sharp breath, and then twisted my body, the dress spinning around my legs. He towered high right in the balcony doorway. His hands were in his trouser pockets, the sleeves of his black shirt were rolled up to his elbows and two of his shirt pees were open, revealing the skin on his chest and tattoos peeking out a little. I swallowed heavily. Insist on putting on a flat face and not caring. Clearing my throat, I said, "And it still doesn't matter." "For a woman who just punched me yesterday and kicked my balls, you're pretty relaxed, señorita." There was a pause, he chuckled. "Do you know how important the part you punched was? You'll be disappointed if I don't get to use it." For a moment, I didn't expect him to actually say that, but he did. He really did. "And I'll cut it off now if you're not polite to me. Again." I emphasized that last word. He
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