Beta's Magical Mate

Beta's Magical Mate

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Lance, a former beta and now a rogue left his pack after his mate died saving the Luna of his pack. He wandered lands of unknown territories finding a purpose to live, only being captured by an Alpha and being slaved. For his freedom, He have to let himself burn in the fire of rage and revenge and bring a special she wolf to the alpha, or let himself die rotting in the walls of the dungeons. What happens when the special she wolf turns out to be Lance's second chance mate? Will he present her to the Alpha or journey of another troubles begin in his life?

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56 chapters
PROLOGUE The fog in the night wasn't the only thing that chased me in the deepest lly dense forest of an enemy land. When I sniffed the air, I smelled rouges behind me. They weren't fully aware of my existence but I was. No visibility, no help, depending on my enhanced smell and hearing sensation. Crushing the dried leaves under the laws, I watched them from a distance when they appeared in my way. A beautiful doe sleeping under the hollow bark of a tree, so sounded that she couldn't feel the danger around her. Hunger and bloodlust had driven me crazy and I didn't mind having a piece of meat but it wasn't something that I would share, not with these rouges.My eyes were locked, so was theirs. They longed to attack the doe. I felt the intensity and the rush of the adrenaline in my vein when my hunger made me jump in the action. I swung and landed like a sly fox on the ground, without making noise, I chased them. When the proximity closed, they saw me running behind them and growled at
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The trial of the Werewolf
The Trial of the werewolfThe faint sun rays fell inside the trunk and I could assume that it was daytime and I was still inside the trunk of the vehicle. I haven't eaten anything but it was okay. I had adjusted to being starved for a few days.However, it was difficult to stay in position for long hours. Being tied around, it was difficult to shift, later I realised lately that it wasn't the small space which didn't let me shift, it was Wolf's Bane in my blood which made me weaker.My abductors must have ingested the Wolf's Bane when I passed out. Damn!! This doesn't feel right. Where are they taking me to? Something was hideous about it. A place so far where i was wondering, no my assumption, i guessed that we were traveling to the west. my sense of smell was weakened too. As long as this Wolf's Bane will stay in my blood, I won't be able to free myself using my enhanced skills and sense.Not so far, the vehicle stopped and I heard commotion outside. There were several in numbers an
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The Losing Victory
The sun fell on its highest peak, his rays blinded my eyes temporarily and one i recovered from the blindness of the eye, I spotted thousands of werewolves sitting on the bench and waiting for the match to begin. However, I saw something which startled me and it was no ordinary werewolf but the Alpha of the pack.Distinguishing an Alpha among the others wasn't a problem but his eyes baffled me. All the time, his gaze was on me and I could feel the burning stare he was giving to me. Beside him, it was the sergeant from yesterday's meeting. There was an amusement decorated on his face. Whatever was running in their mind, it seemed nothing good to me.Suddenly, the alpha arose from the throne and grabbed a microphone to declare an announcement. "My dear friends and pack members, here I present to you the most troublesome rouges of the continent. It took months to gather them here for this occasion. I know that all of you are thrilled and eager to find out the purpose you have been brough
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The Mission
The fire, the rogue and the mate. It was something I could not avoid since I had lost her. Pauline. No matter how much I had hated her for choosing the Alpha over me but I could not stop myself loving her. Even in the last moment, she asked for forgiveness and wanted my happiness. Why did the moon goddess have to be cruel? She took my mate. She died saving the Luna. Although, she died and considered the death as the result of her ill doings but she was still my mate. I miss her everyday and it was driving me crazy. I left the pack because I couldn't tolerate seeing other couples growing in front of me. My luck for mate bond was sick since the beginning.The faint noises lingered around my ears and I could interpret the rush near my surroundings. My body was weak and I could feel the heaviness in my legs. My eyes were shut but most of the commotion coming from the outside told me that I was in a place where a lot of gathering was happening. Could it be a hospital or school or anything
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Birth Of The Werewolf
As the starry night it was, there was darkness around the corner of the full blank sky, a vignette appeared as the dusk took over. The crystal clear moon shone over the massive territory of the crystal moon pack. The patrolling guards wandered on the border and tried to keep the security tight, as much as possible. The news had spread like a fire that the Luna Aria was in labour and soon, Alpha Damien Brook will be a father.As the lively Alpha he was known to be, but his terrible and dangerous side had a reputation of the ruthless Alpha when it comes to his pack. Now that he was going to be a father, he was more dangerous than ever. The brook ancestry had a special bloodline, once in a one hundred and twenty five years, a werewolf born in the brook family was claimed to be special, powerful among other ordinary werewolves in the world. The werewolf was blessed but the moon goddess itself and they were sent on earth to maintain the peace and harmony.Alpha Damien was aware that it mus
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Orfilia's povSlumbered at my bed like a snorlax, I didn't wake up even after snoozing the annoying alarm clock buzzing overhead. Last night was amazing as it was the second last day before my birthday. I was about to turn eighteen tomorrow. As it appeared exciting for me, the anxiety of getting a mate made me blush. The daughter of Beta of crystal moon pack. That was my identity but now that I will turn eighteen tomorrow, I will make my own identity in this pack. Precisely, I opened my eyes when the loud thuds were heard in the room. My focus went to the wall clock and it made me widen my eyes that I overslept. Not actually, I overslept as I was getting late but I promised myself to run into the woods to calm the anxiety running through my veins. I could still manage to run if I got out of bed.Throwing away the duvet, I jumped into my track suit, made my bed and picked up all the scattered stuff in my room. Then I headed for a run. A wild run into the forest had always calmed me.
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Birthday Bash
Unknown's povCrispy red painted sky when nature's fireball rose with dawn, on the horizon it shone with a faint hue of burnt orange and scattered red. The puffy clouds danced over the gigantic but calmed ocean, spiralled under the web of the dense forest. I stood near the borders of the Moon blessed territory, that's called The Crystal Moon Pack.Never in my wasted life have I felt a bit of fear, not even from the Alpha of my former pack. It was just a respect I gave him as a friend. However, today, I stood in foreign land. Something had stirred in my mind. The feeling was alienated as I haven't felt it for a long time. Until I realised it was my wolf, it came back on the surface. However, he wasn't really intended to initiate a conversation. Douche… Hefty paws and trickling sweat beads rolled down on my face as I watched the territory borders closely, my enhanced sight provided me a view of patrolling guards all over the place and their intricate guarding pattern. The security outs
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A Heartbroken Shift
Alpha Damien's povI could hear the noise of the music banging out loud from the farmhouse but inside my office, it was silent and my silence was eating me up. The party hadn't started and a few guests showed up. My thoughts about this birthday were delusional. If it would be in my hand, I wouldn't have let my daughter turn eighteen. Anytime, she will have her first shift and my biggest secret would be revealed.Before I got up from my chair, I heard a significant knock on the door and with an authoritative tone, I let the beta of my pack inside."Damien… the party will start anytime." He announced as he proceeded to walk towards me."I know there will be Alphas from different packs along with their children. I am afraid that my secret will be exposed. I cannot afford to make this mistake. We need to do something… I will cancel this party…" I started with an aggressive tone."No… you will not… this will only increase others' suspicion." Said Jaden."Than what am I supposed to do?" I w
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Th Presence of The Wolf
LanceAs the slow breezes blew, embracing my fur, a shiver went down my spine when a painful howl was heard from a distance. It was different and somehow, I felt the pain of a heartbreak. Someone's love had died that night.Confused, as I stood at the boundaries of the crystal moon pack, my wolf was on the surface again but he was distant from me. There was no point left to start a conversation but there was no harm in trying, was it? When I asked the silence for the answer, I got silence in return. He was disappointed in me and I understood him. I closed my eyes and waited for the call. "We have dug the tunnel… Now it's your turn to get inside and bring that wolf…" said one of the Alpha's puppets.Of course, being the banned Alpha, he had his traits which followed his legacies. Considered his doubts in me, so he sent a team of his special warriors along. They had kept their eyes on me and even if I wanted to escape, I wouldn't land anywhere safe or consider a place that would be cal
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The Abduction
Orfilia's povSomething doesn't fit here, something wasn't right at all. The anxious phenomenon decorated on my mother's face was a clear indicator of a messed up situation. Doesn't feel good and went for the run instead. Although it was evening now and I had nothing left to do, maybe a warm up and a run into the woods would calm my own anxiety and let me breathe when I felt suffocated inside my own house. Definitely, it wasn't just the first time I felt weird about something different but why does it always felt like I had to do a lot rather than just keep looking forward in the direction. My pathways were overshadowed but finding the light would be the answer. Somehow, I felt like being called by a voice but I halted as the hair on my nape stood erect and my wolf was trying to inform me about the danger. Danger in the territory? My steps stopped and halted in a place as I turned the heels and moved back to the civilized society. Dropping everything off, I ran to see Ivory because
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