The Banished Beta's Saving Grace

The Banished Beta's Saving Grace

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Eli Gunnar has been on the run most of his life, after the Alpha of his pack killed his father, blaming him for the death of the Alpha and Beta heirs. Eli was banished at 12 by the Alpha. Less than a year later, attempting to save the only person kind to him in his banishment, Eli was found with a dead Luna Estella in his arms. He was blamed for her death and was hunted until her son, Liam caught him. Only because of Liam's mate, Angel, a Guardian with the gift of tasting deceit, was the real story believed. Liam let him go to start a new life. It's on this journey that he stumbles across his fated mate, only she doesn't have a wolf. Grace is the only child of Alpha Edgar and Luna Paige. For ten years she is spoiled, the darling of the pack. prepared to become the next Alpha, taking over for her father. However, when Grace does not get her wolf, her father changes, becoming angry and distant. When she still has no wolf on her 12th birthday, he banishes her from the pack. She and her mother leave the pack and Paige's mate. Living in the human world, Grace watches the ruptured mate bond slowly kill her mother, leaving her alone in the world at age 16. However, on her 18th birthday she not only awakens with a wolf, but a Guardian. Now, hunters are coming. They have heard of Guardians and their strength, and they want them dead. Grace will have to trust Eli as her mate and join forces with the other Guardians who she feels a strange connection to defeat this new foe and begin the life she was always meant to have – the leader of her own pack.

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93 Chapters
**This is Book Three of the Guardians Trilogy. This book contains references to events that occurred in the first two books and spoilers for those books. It is recommended that you read The Broken Warrior’s Daughter and Alpha’s Guardian Angel before reading this, the final book in the trilogy. Eli I never expected to find my mate, much less in a small town in the middle of the Appalachian Mountains where I was just passing through. Even more surprising than her being under eighteen and nearly half my age, was the fact that she was human. I had been on a bus, with a ticket paid for by an old foe, turned…not exactly friend, but no longer a foe. I had stuffed the envelope of money he’d given me deep into my backpack underneath the new clothes he’d also bought for me. All of them still had the price tags on. When the bus had stopped for a two-hour layover, I had gotten off to find a place to eat. There was only one little mom and pop diner in the small town and when I walked into the
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Chapter 1: Grace
Ten years old “How’s my beautiful girl?” My dad asks me as I walk down the stairs of our packhouse on my 10th birthday. “Good morning Daddy. I’m good. I can’t wait to get my wolf today!” I’ve been the apple of my father’s eye for ten years. He is always proudly taking me around, introducing me to our pack members and other pack members through the years. I walk over and hug him as he kisses the top of my head. “Happy birthday sweetheart.” My mother says, coming up and kissing my cheek. “How do you feel? Any different yet?” “Not yet. Should I feel different?” “It can happen at any time today, Gracie. Don’t fret.” My father tells me, chucking me gently under the chin. My parents have a big party planned for me tonight. I’m hoping that I can shift before my party and maybe I’ll be lucky enough to run into my party as my wolf. As an Alpha female and my father’s only heir, it would be fitting. The pack would love it. Everyone in the pack adores me, or at least respects my position
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Chapter 2: Grace
I dread the morning of my 12th birthday. I know my father is getting more and more angry and if I don’t have my wolf on my birthday, it will set him off. Over the last two years, his anger and aggression have increased and the pack is suffering for it. Everyone walks on eggshells with my father now. No one comes to the packhouse any longer and I’m thankful because I don’t want anyone to see what he does to my mother. His abuse of her has gotten worse over the past year. I’m terrified that one day he will kill her. The door to my room slams open, and I jerk up out of bed. “Well?” My father says without any preamble. I just shake my head, no. He stalks toward me. “You worthless excuse for a daughter. You are nothing to me.” He raises his hand to hit me and my mother comes flying in, out of nowhere, putting herself between me and him. His backhands her, his hand slamming into her cheek. Her head whips around, spit and blood flying from her mouth. He sneers down at my mother as she tur
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Chapter 3: Grace
That conversation with my mother happened five years ago. My father’s infidelity killed her slowly over three years. In the end, I believe my father took another mate. My mother had been getting weaker and weaker, but that last day, her scream of pain was something I will never forget. It was my sixteenth birthday. My mother had taken the day off to celebrate with me. So many of my birthdays had been ruined by my father, but this one ended up being the worst. The day had started out amazing. We’d gone to a local river, hiking through the forest. Mom wasn’t able to shift any more, her wolf had become too weak over the years, but we still made the most of our time. It was while we were having dinner, in the evening, the time when parties and events would have occurred in the pack, that it happened. At first, mother stopped, food midway to her mouth. She had such a strange look on her face, but then it happened. She grabbed her neck where her mating mark was and screamed. I ran to her
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Chapter 4: Eli
The irony of this situation is not lost on me, proving that the Moon Goddess does, indeed, have a sense of humor. I kidnapped a Guardian nearly a year ago to forcibly take her as my mate. She ended up being underage, so me trying to mark her didn’t work.While I’ve seen the error of my ways and realize what I did was a terrible thing, here I am, looking into the eyes of my mate, who is also a Guardian.She walks over to me, eyeing me cautiously. “What can I get you to drink?” She asks me.“I’d like a water, your name and what time you get off work. I think we have some things to discuss, don’t you?”“Water. Coming right up.” Before she can turn away from me, I grab her hand. “And your name?”I hear someone standing up behind me. She looks past me. “It’s okay, Benny.”She turns back to me. “My name is Grace and I don’t think we have anything to talk about. Are you going to leave before you order food, or should I really bring your water this time?”Okay, the sass is turning me on. Well
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Chapter 5: Grace
“This is me.” I tell him when we arrive at my apartment. Maia really could have given me the head’s up about being this guy’s Guardian. I don’t know exactly what that means, but Maia is adamant that we are now bound to him. This man who is practically old enough to be my father but is actually my mate. It’s not that he’s unattractive. He has a dark and broody look to him, dark skin, dark hair, and dark eyes. Even through his clothes, I can tell that he’s ripped. His broad shoulders and chest look like solid muscle. His legs are the size of tree trunks, and I can see the muscle cutting lines through his jeans like they are molded to him. But it doesn’t matter. I know how toxic the mate bond is. I lived it, watching my father mistreat my mother, then slowly watching her die. I refuse to put myself in that position. “Thanks for walking me home. Good talk.” I step up to open my door when he takes my hand. “We’re not done yet. We still have a lot to talk about.” “I’m done talking. I ga
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Chapter 6: Eli
I’m pleasantly surprised when Grace pushes forward and kisses me. I don’t waste any time taking what she is offering. It becomes apparent to me quickly that she is inexperienced, but her tentative exploration only excites me more.When she pushes away from me, I can see that her wolf and the mate bond overwhelmed her. I’m fine with that. Louis keeps pushing me to mark her and make her ours. But I made that mistake before, trying to push someone into a mate bond they didn’t want. I refuse to do it again.It was one of the first questions that Rik asked me when I called him last night, if I had forced the mate bond on Grace. After letting him know that she’s my fated mate and no, I have not yet marked her, he and I both agreed that this situation is not ideal. Her being a young, Alpha female who is also a Guardian, alone in the world, puts her at risk. I also told him that there is something going on with her past and I plan to find out what it is. I let him know that she may not be as
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Chapter 7: Grace
When Eli tells me he’s spent most of his life without parents, I’m shocked. I wasn’t expecting that. “What happened to them?” I ask. If I’m telling my story, he should tell his too. “My mother died giving birth to me.” He stops, his jaw tightening. “And your father?” I ask quietly. I can tell that this won’t be as simple as his mother’s death. The muscle in his jaw twitches before he answers. “The short version is my father challenged our Alpha heir to a duel after he caused the death of my older brother, the future Beta. The Alpha forbade it, but his son agreed. My father in his grief, killed the Alpha heir, the only child of our Alpha.” He stops and takes a sip of his tea before looking back up at me. “The Alpha forced me to watch as he beheaded my father, blamed him for the death of my brother and the Alpha heir, called him a traitor, then he banished me. I was 12, so I understand your mother’s concern about not surviving alone at that age. I almost died as well.” I swallow ha
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Chapter 8: Eli
I hadn’t intended to tell Grace my history, or at least not yet, but it seems to have opened her up. Maybe our similar stories will help her see that I’m not all bad and can possibly be trusted, if not as her mate, maybe as her friend. I’m thrilled that she asks me to run with her. I would have anyway, since I need to protect her, especially with the nearby packs. I didn’t like how close to their boundaries she ran last night. It puts her at too much risk. All they have to do is see her eyes to know what she is. Only Guardians have golden eyes. Louis is beside himself in his happiness playing with Maia. She’s definitely all in with the mate bond. He’s enjoying the chase, periodically nipping at her heels when we smell them. I hadn’t realized how close we’d gotten to the pack’s border, but there are three standing at the border, almost as if they are waiting for Maia to show up, and they probably are. If this is her pattern, they would have picked up her scent and would be waiting to
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Chapter 9: Grace
It’s exhausting constantly running, riding on bus after bus. We haven’t had a decent meal or shower in a week. Benny called the day after we left and let me know two ‘shady looking men’ were in the diner asking about a young woman.When Eli finally feels like we can stop overnight, we get a hotel room. At first, I was concerned about only having one room, but I’m too tired to argue. When we get to our room, I see that there are two beds.“Get a shower. I’ll be back in a bit.”“Where are you going?” I ask him.“I’m going to look around and make sure we aren’t being followed and then I’m going to get us something decent to eat. Do not open the door for anyone.”He comes over taking my face in his hands and kisses my forehead. He pulls back and looks in my eyes. “You’ll be safe. I won’t be gone long.”After he leaves, I grab my things and head to the bathroom. I turn on the water, letting it get warm before stripping off my clothes and getting under the stream of hot water. I lift my fac
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