Fated to Her Demon Kings

Fated to Her Demon Kings

By:  Adaririchichi  Completed
Language: English
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"You belong to the Demon Kings. They are coming for you. You can't be with any man other than both of them Sabrina!" * * * * * Sabrina earliest memories of her childhood since she was four, was seeing her mother perform various rituals whilst she sat in a circle and watched like a loyal dog. Countless number of times her mother would remind her of her fate which was to be the predistened queen of Ashrea. Twenty years later, Sabrina thinks she has the perfect life sort out for her--a well paying job, a fiancè and a bright future in the press industry where she worked. Her mother's words were forgotten and seen as insane rambling. Well not until the day two god like men showed up out of the blue claiming to be her mates and they were fully going to claim what was rightfully theirs--their demon bride.

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    25 chapters
    1. Crazy Fantasies
    All through her young years, all she could vividly remember were rituals and incantations being poured upon her frail self. Other children had childhood memories that probably comprised of going to amusement parks, sleepovers, camping but reverse was the case for Sabrina.Her childhood was nothing like that and she wasn't opportuned to socialise that much with her playmates.It never really did occur to her as much of a problem on why her mother was keeping her confined from the normal average fun experiences that every kid of her age should be able to enjoy. Instead of going to the amusement parks or camping out, she would vividly remember her mother bringing her down to the basement every night. She would sit in the middle of a red star shaped image whilst her mother would sing songs she saw as strange and chant strange letters to her.She would be commanded to repeat after her mother who would then proceed to dance in such a strange but intriguing manner. This strange ritual
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    2. Love and Light
    SABRINA "How long have you been in here Sharon?"I asked bewildered upon entering my apartment and meeting my best friend sitting comfortably on my sofa and munching on a box of donuts. She licked the crumbs on her lips in one slick movement of her tongue and grins at me."I came and met the doors locked so I just used your spare key"she chirped, stuffing a donut into her mouth. I let out a gruff sigh and pulled off my shoes, dropping it on the shoe rack shelf placed by the side of the door. Typical sharon."Where have you been?"She asked with questionable brows, handing me a donut as I sat back on the sofa. Flopping my head backwards, I took a huge bite out of the donut, munching it and letting out a satisfactory groan as the sweet flavours hit my tastebuds."I went to see my mum"I replied in between my munching. Sharon perched closer to me. Placing a hand on my shoulder, she proceeds to inquire about my mum, "How is she?""The same"I simple stated.I'm sure Sharon knew ful
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    3. Meeting the Demon Kings
    SABRINA My feet dug into the wet, black soil as I sprinted into the forest. My chest heaved repeatedly and my heart beat was so erratic, racing to the stars with my pulse at 360 beat per minute.I couldn't stop not even for a single moment. I was exhausted as hell but I needed to keep running.My life was in danger.It felt like my heart would pop right out of my chest with the way I had been running non stop. I panted heavily and pushed shrubs and grasses off my path as I headed deeper into the forest that was filled with strange black trees."Please just leave me!" I pleaded in a scream, wiping the tears that seemed to obscure my vision with my palms."I don't know you. Why are you after me?!"I yelled, sprinting faster than ever. I had no clue who or what was chasing me but all I knew was this person gave off a bone chilling, terrifying and scary aura.I had ran through this twisted trees in this forest without stopping to look back for once at who was actually chasing me."Oh
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    4. Truth or Lies
    SABRINA I stared at the two men with my jaws dropped and my eyes widened. What the hell did they just sprew out?"What the hell?!" I suddenly blurted out, vexation taking control of my nerves."My mother paid you to come here and spill such nonsense to me right?"I questioned them both, pointing my index finger at them.My hiked eye brows hinted anger and my heart was slamming against its rib cages."Your mother.."Nelyx began in such a rich tone, "She must have told you about us""Ofcourse she did!" I shot back with a daring temerity coursing through me."She told me all these cock and bull stories you two are trying to make me believe. How much did she pay you to tell me this?" I went further to ask.I can't believe my mum will actually go this far to make me believe her useless tales. What rubbish!Arrant nonsense.I truly have to get her to the psychiatrist when I'm done with these two run down actors.I also can't believe these men actually agreed to my mum sickening plan.What
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    5. The Kidnap
    SABRINA The days flew by and time moved in a speed of light. Two weeks had passed since that bizarre encounter with my two supposed demon kings. As expected, I hadn't set my eyes on them ever since they intruded into my peaceful rest on the roof of the club.I was so sure my mum sent them to me. I had walked over to query her over the issue some two days afterwards and she outrightly denied it.What irked me more was that my interrogation made her strengthen her claim that my supposed demon kings would come for me some day and it was very close.When Sharon tried to speak up, she went full bisserk on her, accusing sharon of instigating me against her. I was so flabbergasted at my mother's unruly behaviour. I didn't know if I should scream at her or just break down at her feet, pour my tears on her so she could see how her behaviour was hurting me.Having hit the roof with her attitude, I stormed out of her untidy apartment. I've tried to be so civil with my mother. I've tried to
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    6. Revelations
    SABRINA Was that a dream?My best friend just got kidnapped to God knows where by two strange creatures!I blinked severally as I stood still like a statue in the dark, trying to process what just happened.Suddenly the power came back on, revealing the damage that had been done when the creatures came in.My furnitures had been turned over and some fragments of broken glasses were smeared over the floors of my home.My mind raced far with my heart thumping so heavily against my chest."What should I do? What the hell!" I screamed in annoyance and also fear.Who ever those creatures where, they could come looking for me too. The realisation dawned on me setting in a greater immense fear in my body.I grabbed my purse and took to my heels, banging the door behind me.Where the hell was I running too?Henry. Yes Henry. I would tell him about what just happened.I truly hope he believes me.As I approached my car, my hands rummaged through my bags for the keys.I swung open my car door
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    7. Ashrea
    SABRINA I paced to and fro in my mum's bedroom. After the conversation we had last night, heaven knows I was too scared to go back to my own apartment.The woman just told me I have demon blood in my freaking veins!If for any thing, I am more scared for myself now. How did my life end up to being this?Months ago I wouldn't have believed any of these tales but now it seems like I have no choice but to hearken to my mother's stories. I bit my bottom lip in sheer frustration and walked towards the only rectangular window in my mum's bedroom.My face scrunched up in disbelief realizing my mum just had one source of ventilation in her room.I wonder how she coped.Pulling the curtains apart, I stared into the horizontal pink skies that had being splashed with orange and wisteria lightening.The sun was setting and it carried shades of pinky hues with it.A whole day is about ending and I don't have any idea of what to do to get back Sharon and Henry."Why me!" I yelled out, a wave o
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    8. Bizzare Beginnings
    SABRINA I stared dewy-eyed at the skies of Ashrea. The air felt light and warm, the velvet land underneath my feet feeling so soft. What looked like two moons shone softly, their luminous lights illuminating the red skies. They were situated some distance apart from each other.One was bigger and the other smaller.The bigger one had wisteria lightenings whilst the smaller one shone ocean blue.Stars littered across the red skies, the warm breeze blowing the trees and grasses around us.I was still finding it hard to believe that I am literally in Ashrea and not in New York anymore. Is this some sort of dream?I pinched myself twice for me to make sure it wasn't a dream. Some strands of my hair whipped across my face by the breeze and I tucked them behind my ear."It's beautiful" I breathed out as I stared wistfully at my entire surroundings.Aklyn came close to me and grasped on to my hands, interlocking it with his."Ashrea is very different from earth but I know as time roll b
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    9. At Your Service
    SABRINA My eyes squeezes tight, my ears twitching to the sounds of soft bangles clicking against the tiles of the floor.I flew my eyes open at once, the bright rays from the sun hitting my face and creating multiple light pathways in my room. I yawned lazily as I stay my upper body up, my eyes trying to make out what was standing in front of me.It took quite some seconds before my vision adjusted to catch the stare of the beautiful lady walking towards me. I stared at her, mesmerized by her form. She had features of a goddess and also a human. Slender and slightly tall, her jet black hair was let to fall over her shoulders with ounces of purple in them. Her shimmering copper skinned body had unusual markings on them. Her ears seemed strangely different though. It was slightly longer than a normal human's own, resembling that of a goblins ear. About five piercings decorated each of her ears.She looked so human looking in the form of her face. Sprouting from her back where
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    10. Awakening
    SABRINA I groaned within me, my feeble hands trying to move across whatever surface I was laid on but all my efforts proved to be abortive and futile as an unexplainable force kept me like a vegetable leaf on the ground. With great effort, I shot my eyes open only to be welcomed by a darkness, so stark intense that I couldn't even see anything. Fear gripped me, my brows becoming deeply knitted and panic creating its abode within my body.My breathing increased rapidily and I tried to figure out where I was but it seemed the more I tried to decipher my surroundings, the more weak I became.It felt like something was sucking and draining the energy out of me."Help! Please! Where am I?!" I began sobbing after my many futile attempts to get up from whatever I was strapped on to. My pleas bounced back to my ears, reverberating through the walls."Somebody help me please!" I screamed out once more but the only response I got was my pleading echo resounding back at me. I sobbed e
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