Fake Fiancee

Fake Fiancee

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Damien Etheridge has all that a man ever wishes to have: money, fame, and god-gifted looks. He is the future CEO of Etheridge Logistics and is known to be of cold-hearted businessman and out of business life, he is a famous playboy who is never found with the same woman for more than a month and it led him to be called one month prince. He was happily living his life his way until his father interrupted and left him with two options. Settling down in life and inheriting the business fortune or losing it all. This made him irritated to the core and as if it wasn’t already bad enough, Eden McBride, the girl his father chose for him, showed no interest in marrying him. His ego larger than his life was definitely bruised but on second thought she would be the perfect one to play his fake fiancee role. Things were going as per he planned until it wasn’t anymore. He was supposed to find a way out to have his life his way again but what he didn’t count in the equation was Eden growing on him and a thread alluring him to her like an addict to his drug....

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51 Chapters
Eden McBride
Eden McBride, a bubbly, quirky and fun loving girl with a beautiful face and perfect body features. She had spent her 23 years of life coloring with the rules. She had a pretty simple goal for her life which was to get her parents to open the bakery, they dreamed of once.Her father, Stephanie McBride was crippled after getting into an accident and from then, her mother, Evangeline McBride had taken the charge of the family. Besides studying, Eden had done part time jobs to support her mother financially.But Evangeline always made sure whether Eden was lacking anything as no matter what, Eden was their only child and not to mention had always remained their first priority.It was already bad enough for them that Eden has to do some part time jobs to fulfill her needs.When Eden was done with her graduation, she started searching for a job so that she could provide fully for her family and her mother could stop struggling with her job and at some point, fulfill their wish.No matter
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Damien Etheridge
Settling down in life and inheriting all his business empire Or losing it forever.Damien had given five years of his life in the family business but never saw it coming to be left with these two options by his father at some point. He wasn't brought up spoiled with getting the company just like that. He had worked hard to get his position there and he wasn't going to give it up anyway and the girl, his father had chosen for him was supposed to be a gold digger. So, dealing with her wasn't going to be hard. Damien thought and agreed to meet the girl. He was sure to scare her out of her mind and get her running for the hills.He wouldn't have to do much anyway. Because one look of him was going to be enough. He had graceful physiques and a greek god look but equally, apart from his playboy nature, he was well known to be a cold and ruthless businessman In business world.But one meeting with the girl was enough to ensure Damien that things weren't going to be likewise anymore... ~~
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Chap_1. Crazy Girl
Irritated out of his mind, Damien entered the cabin of Clarke and uttered, "Dad?"Clarke was sitting at his desk, reading something on the laptop. He turned to Damien when he heard him.As Damien walked to the couch beside the window and slammed on one of the couches there, Clarke got up from his chair and walked near. Settling on the other couch, he faced Damien, "What happened? How did it go?""How did it go!" Damien gave him an incredulous look, "I am definitely not marrying that crazy girl. She says I am not good for her. Can you believe it?"Clarke gave Damien an amused expression as he uttered, "Expected.""What? You sound like you knew it was going to happen.""Yeah. When I asked Eden, she refused outright there at first. So I was expecting something like this. So, how did you feel meeting a girl who didn't fall for your charms like some other girls?" Clarke read Damien's face like the answer was written there.Damien knew where his father was going with this but surprising him,
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Chap_2. Perfect Match
It was the last meeting for the day and after that, Eden was back real quick to her place. It was a Friday night and one of her best friend, Brenda's birthday. She was expecting to spend a great time with her crew at the nightclub, Red Rose. But when standing in the line for almost an hour in front of the nightclub and still it didn't get them to enter there, she lost her patience and glared at Brenda, "Why out of all the places you have to choose this club for tonight?"Brenda didn't mind her look anyway as she answered dreamily, "Because honey, this is the only place where Adrian, the hottest DJ is supposed to show up today. And obviously, I can't miss this chance, right?""Yeah, right." Eden hardened her look though she knew she was just wasting her energy."Relax, Edie. Let her be. It's her birthday after all." Cassandra, the other one of her best buddies tried to calm her down.Eden knew the reason for their celebration and she was happy that her mind wasn't jammed with unnecessar
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Chap_3. Most Generous Offer
Every person has someone in their life. Like really an annoying one. But strangely, their absence bothered us much than their presence. For Damien and Nathaniel, Julian was the person. Three of them were cousins come best friends. They were sitting in the VIP lounge of the nightclub, Red Rose. On some other day Nathaniel was of pretty understanding nature unlike Julian but on days like today, they were nothing but annoying altogether. Since Clarke had left Damien with that condition, they were finding it really thrilling too much for Damien's irritation. Where Damien was expecting his mother, Caroline to be somewhat supportive to get out of this, it came out to be she was more excited than his father Clarke and both of them in unison was hellbound to see him married and according to them settled down. "Damien, so when are we getting the chance of being your best man?" Julian asked dreamily getting Damien pulled out of his thoughts and glared at him. Nathaniel laughed out only to
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Chap_4. Contract Marriage
Thinking of the girls, Damien had been with till now, were obsessed with trying to look flawless and classy with their dresses, jewellery and all. Remembering last night and Eden's spoiled dress, he thought of showing off some money to her first that girls liked the most according to him.. He ordered a dress for her from Nicci, a mall, people getting average paychecks like her wouldn’t even dare think of visiting. Just to taunt her, he even asked to put the price tag in front. Damien expected an amused expression from her anyway but her look got him taken aback instead. He could really make out her words with her expression but was in no mood to take that now. So, pulling out a deadpan expression, he shot first, "Ms. McBride, do you really need this job?" Was that even a question! If it wasn’t necessary, why the hell was she doing it in the first place? Eden pressed her lips tightly though to stop the way out for her words knowing Damien was her boss here and she should stop bein
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Chap_5. Only Fair Thing
It was a long back Damien had left the cabin but Eden was still in her chair. She didn't even seem to be in a hurry to leave the cabin as she tried to brace herself.But no matter how much she tried to come up with a way out, she couldn't reach a conclusion.She didn't know why Clarke didn't come to the office today. But she couldn't reach the conclusion that Clarke was well aware of Damien asking her to do this.She didn't know if it was a good idea, she called Clarke but much to her disappointment, the voicemail response came to her hearing for her every attempt.Destiny seemed to be playing a prank on her. A very frightening one to be specific that would cost her so well planned life of hers meeting a dead end in no moment.How come her life reached this point? Eden wondered for a moment.What should she do?It wasn't a marriage that Damien was looking forward to but a game. A game that she never thought of taking a part in. Not even in her worst dream.The shopping bag from Nicci
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Chap_6. Surprise
Eden really didn't think Damien would make her do this. But then talking to Clarke Etheridge wasn't a problem here but talking to her parents was. Eden thought. She could see it would be the next ridiculous thing she had to do. Out of nowhere, she couldn't just start saying to her parents that she wanted to marry the billionaire heir, the son of her boss. They knew really well about Eden's choice not to mention the person from her college time. Eden never hid anything from her parents but this time.. If not this, then what? Eden thought for a moment. There was no way she was going to say she fell in love with him and would like to marry him. She mentally groaned at this thought. When she remained quiet in her place at night, her parents could feel something was wrong with Eden but no matter how much they tried to talk to Eden, she just said about work pressure and all. Even if they weren't convinced but they didn't push her to speak up right now because they knew sooner or later,
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Chap_7. Summer Wedding
Well aware that every pair of eyes were only on her, Eden stirred in her seat. She knew it would sound ridiculous but as she already said this, she should go ahead as well. Nodding at her thought, she added softly, "I want a Summer wedding." Damien knitted his brows at her, not liking the idea at all. It looked like Eden had all the time but for him in the next weekend, he was turning 29, reaching the finish line, his father gave him for choosing his girl. He considered for a moment. Even if Clarke might not say anything to him with this now but.. Not like he was so desperate to marry Eden but Clarke would surely smell the rat if they pushed it this far as Summer was still months away. No one said a word for some time. Caroline looked upset as her dreamy plan seemed to have to wait to be executed. But then with a thought, she turned to Eden, "Eden, we won't push you for it, dear. Your wedding will happen when you want it." "And that is never." Eden thought and let out a sigh of
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Chap_8. Need a Partner
Eden's POV Did you ever pray that your ears should serve you wrong sometimes? Well, I am praying for that now very desperately to happen to me as I asked Apollo to hear otherwise. But for the third time, he said the same thing as he glanced back at my laptop. His tone seemed to be quite irritated this time, "The folder is empty, Eden." My legs walked near on their own to have a check for myself. After getting confirmed about my file being gone, I turned around.Everyone seemed to be confused except for Damien. He was staring at me coldly and as if I could read his thoughts. I would be so dead if I happened to mess it up.But it didn't bother me as much as his look from last day that was saying he did know already that I was going to mess it up and I somehow did it. After spending a sleepless night, I was feeling somewhat sleepy a little back but now as per the demand of the situation, I was all awake. Not just wake but I felt suffocating. To get myself together and to catch my bre
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