River Pack and the Vampires

River Pack and the Vampires

By:  Abigail Phillips  Updated just now
Language: English
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A broken alpha series, their story continues.everyone's favorite character and favorite couples continues. watch the love bloom between the new couples, watch their newly rescued omegas learn how to live after being raised in a life of nothing but pain and torture. watch their mates. show them what real love is. And those Omegas learn they are now finally safe and learn, what love is.....what happens when a full blooded vampire is born in a pack of werewolves?what happens when the elders from the vampire coven sense a full blooded vampire has been born and it's not with them. what happens when they discover that baby is living with werewolves.living with a race they don't like. Even though they have a treaty, they simply tolerate each other. what happens when they say that full-blood vampire baby needs to be with its own kind and they come for it. Will they keep that treaty they've had for so long, or were they break it and end up in a war? This is book 5 of, A Broken Alpha series. Here's a list of the series in order. A Broken Alpha (Complete) Noah, an Omega's story (ongoing) this is a prequel to book 1. Can be read before or after. Alpha Reid and the Hybrids (Complete) Maddox, the Broken Alpha (Complete) River Pack and the Vampires ( ongoing)

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55 Chapters
Chapter 1 Gabriel
Gabriel's POVI was nervous as we pulled up to school. Here we are, back to the place I spent many nights alone crying. Crying and wishing Malaki would accept me.I can't help it, I can't stop the memories that come flooding back as I watch the building come into view. My room was right across from his.... Both rooms I've kissed him in... In both rooms he kissed me back.... But both rooms he also choked me in. Holding me against the wall by the throat and choking me until I fell unconscious.Both rooms are where he told me we could never be together because we're both Alphas. Both rooms he reminded me that I'm not allowed to touch him.Aside from that, I didn't mind being at school. It's not like I had enemies, I actually had a lot of friends. We, had a lot of friends. We shared the same friends, we hung out with the same people.Which also made it difficult for me. Even when he didn't want to, he had to see me. I had to force a smile on my face and pretend everything was okay.I had
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Chapter 2 Gabriel
Gabriel's POV I woke up with strong arms wrapped around me and a warmth underneath me. Confused, I pulled my head back just to see Malaki sleeping under me. I looked at the clock sitting next to my bed to see it was 8:30. I looked at my door, curious to know how he got in here. I know I didn't open it. I went to sleep after laying here way too long. I sat there staring at him. I wanted to curl back up next to him. Nuzzle my face into his neck and wrap my arms around him.... But I was hurt. So instead I climbed out of bed and grabbed my stuff to go take a shower. He completely ignored me yesterday just like I knew he would. It was exactly the way it was before we even left. Him sitting at the far end of the table. As far away from me as possible.... Never looking at me, not even once. It was as if I didn't exist again. He never even bothered to call or text me the whole evening. I have no idea what he even did last night. All I know is I went to sleep after laying in bed for hours
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Chapter 3 Gabriel
Gabriel's POVI'm so excited! We're going home today. Even though we've only been here for 2 days, it's two days long enough and I miss our other mate. I can't wait to get home to Justin.And even better, Austin and Anna flew in to drive our cars back so we can fly home. That means we'll be home by this evening. I can't wait to see our mate. I know Malaki misses him too.To cut down on time, Malaki loaded the car while I ran to finish signing the last of our paperwork at the office.I felt the excitement flowing through me as I walked out of the office. However, my smile dropped from my face when I saw Jimmy, Frank and steven, along with two others I didn't know. I've seen them around, but I don't know their names."Well if it isn't that alpha-loving fag!...Tell me, how did you do it? How'd you turn one of my best friends into an Alpha loving fag like yourself?"He said then I took a step back as I watched all five of them walked toward me with their hands clenched.Frank was growling
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Chapter 4 Gabriel
*** warning!... BxB graphic sex scene! *** Gabriel's POV I ignore the silly angel as he blinks away, back to his mates. I groan as I run my hands down my face before I feel hands under my armpits and I'm lifted up off the ground. I drop my hands then look at him as he scoops me up and holds me against him. He smiles at me as he begins walking inside Thaddeus's pack house. I glance around before looking at him while raising my eyebrows. "You know this is the wrong pack house right?" "Yes I know, and don't get me wrong. I'm dying to see Justin, But..... I want a few minutes with you alone... We just went through some crazy stuff, and I want to be with you, Just you for a few minutes." He said and my heart skipped a beat. I agree with him. I'm dying to see Justin. I can't wait to see him, but at the same time. We did just go through hell and I wouldn't mind a few minutes alone with just a two of us. He pauses just inside the house and his eyes gloss over. They stay glossed over for
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Chapter 5 Gabriel
*** warning!.. BxB graphic sex scene! *** Gabriel's POV I pushed his knees up higher while pushing them open as I ran my tongue lower and lower. The beautiful sight of his twitching hole had me diving my face in as I ran my tongue over it. His hands goes to my hair and he tugs as I dove my tongue in. I growled as I tasted him and he moaned as I slowly began to move my tongue in and out of him. After applying some lube to my finger, I circled his hole before pressing my finger in. His head goes back and he takes a sharp breath in as my finger goes deeper. I run my hand over his stomach as I move my finger in and out of him. Watching his chest rapidly rise and fall with each breath he takes. I slipped another finger in and his mouth opened. I began pumping my fingers faster, twisting my wrist and pushing upwards. His eyes slammed shut and his back arched off the bed when I hit that wonderful spot of his. "Oh fuck Gabriel!.... Goddess those are magical little fingers you have!"
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Chapter 6 Justin
Justin's POVI frown at this weird and crazy omega in front of me. It's still so weird and strange knowing he's omega. I mean, he smells like one..... But he doesn't exactly look like one.He's the right height, but he has muscles. Not a lot, but more than any omega I've ever seen. But it's not just that... He talks like he's an Alpha. I mean of course he's a Luna, but I've never seen an Omega Luna talk like this.... Although I've only seen one other Omega who was a luna.... But it wasn't pretty.Of course, anything from my past, the world I know or knew wasn't good. If you were like me, and Omega. It only meant really bad things. Even if you were mated to an Alpha.I don't know his name, he only ever went by Alpha when he was in front of us. But he made sure to bring his luna with him. He brought his Luna so he could watch what he did to us. Not only do we experience the pain that he gave to us, we watched his luna experience it too. After all, they were fully mated and marked.... Tha
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Chapter 7 Justin
Justin's POVI shoot up in bed, taking a sharp breath in then frantically look around. I look to my right to see him laying there. I quickly pull the blanket back and frantically began checking his chest and stomach. My hands quickly running over his skin as tears run down my face.As soon as I see it's not there. I drop my face against his chest and cry."I'm okay love, I'm okay!"He says as he squeezes me tight. He presses a kiss to the top of my head, then I feel Gabriel's hands on my back.Every night I have nightmares still. It's either one of the horrible things that happened to me. Or seeing Malaki the way I did the first time I laid eyes on him. With the biggest piece of wood sticking out of his stomach. The pool of blood collecting under him and running down the stairs.In the car, all the blood that was collecting all over his father's lap and the the car.Hearing how faint his heart was and watching Gabriel break down crying as he knelt down on the floor in front of Malaki a
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Chapter 8 Cain
Cain's POV What do you think of this one for the ceremony? I hear my beautiful little mate say, making me look up from the laptop. I rest my head back against the headboard and smile at Christian. Goddess, he's so adorable! His dad, Noah took him shopping for the ceremony that's in four days. I look at him as he adjusts the shirt, then runs his hands down the front to smooth it out. He fiddles with the sleeves. I watch as he rolls them up then steps back to see if he likes it. He quickly shakes his head no then unrolls them and buttons them back up. He smoothes the sleeves out again then stands back and looks at himself once more. He lets out an exaggerated breath as his shoulders slump and his head drops. My poor little mate! I thought as I quickly swung out of bed then set my laptop on the nightstand. I quickly made my way to him, coming up behind him and snaking my arms around his waist. His spirit seems to lift instantly and he stands up taller as his head comes up. I beg
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Chapter 9 Cain
Cain's POV I open my mouth and he follows my lead. My tongue slips into his mouth and I moan when I taste his kiss. My tongue slowly twirls with his and his hand caresses my neck. I suck his lip into my mouth, then moved to his ear. "May I?" I say as I lightly brush my finger against his pulsing vein. "Yes." He practically moans out as he tilts his head to the side and gives me access to his neck. I run my tongue from behind his ear then down his neck. Laying open mouth kisses here and there until I find the vein I'm looking for. He grips my shirt and I feel him tense up as my fangs brush against his skin before piercing it. He whimpers and it takes everything not to pull my fangs out and apologize for hurting him. But I push forward because I know he's going to feel good in a moment. I run my tongue against his skin as I begin to suck and fill my mouth with the sweetest blood I've ever tasted, then swallow it down. He moans as the pain quickly turns to pleasure. His hand
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Chapter 10 Anders
Anders POV I wake up feeling the vibration against my chest. I listen to the beautiful sound of his purr. I keep my eyes closed because I want to enjoy this for a moment longer. I can feel his fingers lightly tracing my face. Every now and then I feel his lips against my nose or my cheek. I'm sure he has to know I'm awake. Each time I feel his lips, my heart flutters. It still blows my mind and I find it hard to believe that this is real, that he's real. After everything I've been through in the past, it's like a dream knowing how much he loves me and wants me. Watching and feeling, as he can't seem to get enough of me. He can't keep his hands off of me. He constantly wants to touch me or hold me. He loves being in my arms! It's everything I've always dreamed of and more! I couldn't help it and I caught him off guard when I felt his lips pressed against mine. When he held them against my lips I sucked his lower lip into my mouth. His purr was replaced with a sharp breath in as
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