Falling for the Locked-up Alpha

Falling for the Locked-up Alpha

By:  Baby Kiara  Updated just now
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"Mark the day Alpha Sahin, if I die in that dungeon....it will be your doom!" ***** The baby Princess of the Donner's pack has never transformed and therefore had no pure were wolf blood running in her. She was bashed, abused and tortured for it by her father, the Alpha and she swore never to forgive him - will she want revenge? Prince Lucius of the Alphaeus pack doesn't want to become Alpha, therefore, he ran away from home. He met the girl with a deep blue eyes, speckling with gold around her Iris and he fell for her but attacked her instead, why? Every day of his birth, he loses control of his wolf and becomes feral, dangerous, ruthless that every inch of the pack trembled whenever he howled - he was always locked up. Then, meeting his mate, will he reject her as she is human? Deepest secrets, he locked himself up - how and why? Will he ever open his locked self?

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28 Chapters
Her narrow escape
IN THE ALPAHAEUS PACK✓The kingdom, the Alphaeus pack….silent like a graveyard. "Lucius, you can't run away from your duties." Alpha Goan said, looking straight at his son in the eye, he didn't understand why his son has bluntly refused to succeed him.Prince Lucius scoffed, ruffling his hair roughly, "I've told you father, I don't wanna be Alpha." He replied coldly, refusing to accept the Alpha title,His mother, Luna Howell sighed softly and tiredly. "Lucius, please listen to your father. It's not just a title that can be given to anybody, it runs in the blood for generations." She coaxed him,He wasn't even listening as he stuck his hands into his pockets. "Please, son." She begged him as there was no one except him as their son to take up the next Alpha position,He scoffed again, glaring at his father. "Father, I've said it that I don't wanna be Alpha." He replied sharply, refusing to accept his mother's pleas and coaxing, not even his father's convincement,The Alpha stood up imm
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Feeling attached to her eyes
"Get her!!" One of the guards shouted and they ran at a very fast pace towards the wall. Princess Faricenda's hands was shaking as she climbed with the support of her legs.She smiled tiredly as her hands touched the end of the wall, she didn't know the palace walls was so tall. The guards positioned bows and arrows, wanting to shoot at her.She was so weak, looking down at the other side of the wall - her heart gave three leaps in fear, it was so far down there! She shuddered, she would definitely break her bones if she doesn't plan how she was going to jump down,She looked back and gasped at them, they really wanted to shoot her. "Fire!!" She was shocked when she heard the Alpha's order and without wasting any more seconds, she jumped down to the other side. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The Alpha entered into the living room, his eyes blazing like fire, "What kind of daughter is she?" He muttered, pacing in the room angrily as he remembered how she climbed those
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Meeting the Alpha
A sudden wind threw him and his back hit a tree which had a very rough bark as she growled; her eyes showing speckles of gold shone directly into his eyes, through the mask and he fell roughly to the ground.Being shocked was an understatement, he was speechless. How could a mere girl hit him this way? He growled as his wolf stood up slowly. Freedma at the other side of the forest could sense that the Prince was angry; with a twist of his fingers, the mask on Prince Lucius face was removed immediately.The wolf didn't even bother at all as his eyes changed to a red one, he was unaware that he had become an Alpha right in the forest!Prince Faricenda shook involuntarily, the punishments she had endured in that God forsaking upper room, the dungeon's punishment was taking a dangerous turn on her body.She staggered, her whole body screamed in pain as she shook on her feet but she could clearly see the wolf's red eyes; he is an Alpha!The Alpha wolf growled fiercely at her, walking towa
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Prince Lucius's refusal
IN THE ALPHAEUS PACK✓Freedma bit his lips and stood up, watching as the prince left the room. I will not leave your side because of my obedience to the Alpha, I have sworn to serve you! He promised and also left the room.Prince Lucius walked back into the throne's room in anger, "Father, why did you ask him to make me an Alpha without my permission?" He asked, anger laced in his voice.The Alpha sighed while Luna Howell rubbed her temple, she was tired of talking all day long. "You gave me no choice, son." King Goan replied and Prince Lucius scoffed."You know I always put on my mask and you used my personal guard against me. I already told you I don't wanna be Alpha!" He half yelled, the maids who were in the room trembled in fear as they got sent out by the Alpha,King Goan grew angry suddenly, "Is it until I die before you decide to be the Alpha of the Alphaeus pack? Who will the people depend on when I exit this world?" He yelled back and the Prince scoffed,Prince Lucius almos
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Addressing him as her Prince
IN THE DONNER'S PACK✓ Tabrett paced around in the room as Prince Danks attended to Dama's wound, the wound wasn't closing up at all, "Why isn't it closing up?" Tabrett asked and Prince Danks, the second Prince, sighed.He bandaged her bleeding shoulder as he trailed his fingers on her hands and he could see tiny black dots on it, what does it mean? Is it that the silver is so strong? "I don't know what's wrong." He muttered, his eyes fixed on the spot.Princess Reda rushed inside the room, panting and trying to catch her breath, "What happened? Your mindlink seemed scary that's why I rushed here." She explained.She gasped when she glanced at the pale Dama, she was sweating and yet was still unconscious. "How did this happen?" She half yelled and Prince Danks glared at her which made her lower her voice.Princess Reda sat beside her as she touched her forehead. "She always shake violently whenever a connection with someone she loves seems wrong or weak." Tabrett started explaining.P
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Loving her scent
IN THE DONNER'S PACK ✓Dama gasped as she held a nearby wall to catch her breath, she glanced back at the hallway that leads to his room and sighed. What the hell is fate trying to do by making her go through this?She passed the secret passage that led to the outside of the palace and she walked to her home which was just a few kilometers away as she thought about how Prince Danks would be feeling, he doesn't deserve it.Kieth left as soon as she saw her from the window, calling her parents out but Dama was so lost in thoughts that she didn't even hear the commotion her sister was stirring.Her mother came out in her short dress as she was getting ready to go shower because it was getting late, "Where are you coming from?" She thundered which made Dama flinch.She had planned to enter the house silently, she glanced at her sister and Keith smirked. "Mother, I….." She was cut short by another question."Dressed like this???" She ran her eyes around Dama's body and Dama bit her lips, s
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Flashback - The transformation ceremony 1
IN THE DONNER'S PACK✓The third Luna barged into her daughter's room, "Ceri! Ceri! Come back here, I say." She shouted, grabbing her hand forcefully, walking into the room.Princess Faricenda freed herself from her mother's grip, "I've told you mother. I'm not attending the ceremony tonight!" She folded her arm against her chest stubbornly as her mother looked at her, disbelieving that her daughter could say that.The Luna grabbed her shoulder again, "You have no choice, Ceri. You have to go, everyone will be there." Her mother says and a scoff was issued as a reply, sitting down grumpily."And that's exactly the problem!" She fired back. "Everyone, it has always been everyone! Do you even remember today is my birthday?" She asks, looking at her mother through the corner of her eyes.The Luna gasped slightly, "You see? No one cares about me but everyone cares about the pack." She sat at the front of her mirror with teary eyes, what exactly do they take her for?Luna Iritt squatted to
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Flashback - Luna Luciana's thoughts
IN THE DONNER'S PACK ✓Luna Luciana rubbed the Alpha's jaw as she muttered something that even Luna Disella who was a werewolf couldn't hear what they were saying with her werewolf abilities, what exactly is she telling him?"Disella, your son has been doing well in dealing with problems of the pack and I will surely reward him for it, you taught him well indeed." Alpha Sahin said, looking at Luna Disella who smiled,Luna Luciana's smiles faded away instantly, what does he want to prove by saying this? "I'm sure Henkel is also trying, he is really trying." She quickly said, a forced smile lit up on her lips.Alpha Sahin scoffed silently, "The problem I have with him is he can't control himself sexually, he has probably had intercourse with more than half of the maiden in the Donner's pack and even across, he isn't like Danks at all." He lamented, sipping his wine,Luna Luciana secretly glared at Luna Disella who was just smiling at the success of her son, he is really worthy of the pr
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Flashback - Representation of unity
IN THE DONNER'S PACK ✓The Alpha suddenly stopped in his tracks,"Lahore! You will not go out in those." He ordered without looking at her."But father…" She grumbled, hitting her heels on the floor when she saw the Alpha raise his hand up as a shut up sign and she clamped her mouth shut,Princess Faricenda chuckled and Princess Lahore glared at her. "Mother…." She cooed trying to get on her mother's side but her mother was busy glaring at both Luna Disella and her son, her thoughts filled with what she wants to do,Luna Iritt stood up. "You did hear the Alpha and you have to obey. Do you think your mother will let you?" She asked, walking towards the entrance - the meeting has been rounded up since the Alpha has gone to his chambers already,"And who are you to order someone around? Please, do not interfere in my business!" Luna Luciana fired back when she heard her opponent's words and Princess Lahore clicked her tongue.Luna Iritt sighed, gazing at her daughter. "See you at the cer
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Flashback - Finding his mate
IN THE DONNER'S PACK ✓Princess Faricenda shrugged. "She just doesn't like us eating apart. She believes we are united as we eat together on one plate." She replied and Reda nodded, taking her tablet - what a unique representation of unity.Dama yelled from inside the bathroom and they laughed. "Is she afraid of water?" Princess Reda questioned and her half sister shook her head, chuckling. "She's going to use two hours to freshen up and my phone has run out of power." Tabrett complained."You used the last percentage to text me?" Princess Faricenda asked and she nodded in response. "Come on, take this." Princess Reda threw a big power bank at her.She quickly connected it to her phone, muttering thanks to the Princess. "A lot of likes and messages from your picture." She smiled, looking at her phone,"Allow it to charge before you drain all the power in the bank." Princess Faricenda warned, taking her phone too.Tabrett pouted. "I think you now have a lot of crushes from Instagram."
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