Deceived Souls of the Past

Deceived Souls of the Past

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Eliza is a 25 years old woman, who dreams to become a screenwriter. She gets inspired by her dreams and suddenly catches the attention of Rick Palmer, the famous director. He invites her to a meeting where he plans to know everything about her script and wants to get rid of her because what she was writing about was an Alpha male who happens to be a hybrid. And that hybrid is Rick. But everything becomes more complicated when Rick recognizes Eliza as his mate. He fights against this bond and wants to free himself from this curse, but the more he knows about Eliza, the more he will be confused. Betrayal, doubts, and shadows from the past that has an effect on the present, will it be different from last time? Would Rick's fight against this connection will be successful? Or would he hurt her and get on with his life? Come and let's see what the Card of Fate is in store for both of them.

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9 Chapters
Prologue – The Gifted Children
Unknown POVI like to think of myself as an ordinary girl, although my family is NOT ordinary. And don’t get me started about their expectations.I’m the daughter of the Greatest Hunter in the world. His words, not mine. He thinks I am just as extraordinary as he is. Please… I am an okay fighter on a good day, but I’m not a hunter. At least, not a hunter of creatures of the night, or creatures of the moonlight, or (God forbid!) creatures of the wind… I was taught that they’re all evil beings, who hunt humans and torture them just to give in to their sick pleasure.Werewolves, vampires, dragons, and witches: the four most dangerous supernatural creations. All hunters are told the same story from childhood. We were given the honor to be able to hunt them, spy on them, and deal with them.Oh, I almost forgot! My father has a delusion that there will be a hunter who will become, the biggest, the greatest, and the most powerful of all hunters, who can destroy all supernaturals. It sounds cr
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Chapter 1 – And then there was… tragedy
Unknown POV It was darkness surrounding me. No… I was in a dark place. My heart just couldn’t accept that. My mind knew what I should do but deep down I felt… conflicted. He was the killer of my father, my aunt, and uncle, and my foolish cousins. People I know since I was born, were no more. Our entire clan was wiped out of this world. A prestigious clan that hunted supernatural creatures. Night Raven Hunters… gone for good. And here I was on my wedding day, planning to kill him. He caused this, he did this to me. I was blinded by revenge when I found out what happened. I still remember my father’s dead body on the wall inside his office, nailing his hands down through his wrists, and his feet through his ankles. An arrow over his forehead, and around his head. Like his attackers played a game… Or my mother’s lifeless form on my father’s desk, her skirt pulled up by her hips. Exposed to the world to the intimate parts of her body. Bloody, and white with seminal fluids and a huge red
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Chapter 2 – I only exist…
Rick POV I am so high up, an ordinary person wouldn’t see what is under this building. But I’m not ordinary. My vision is one of a kind, so I can even see rats, and also ants. This is the tallest fucking skyscraper in this lousy city. Well, it’s not Burj Khalifa, or Taipei 101, or not even close in height to New York’s Empire State Building, but when you got a job, you have to make the best of it. I look up at the sky which is full of stars, with no clouds anywhere in sight. The moon is up, big and so fucking tempting than those eyes with a purple rim around the globes. I sigh and shake my head. Why do I remember her all of a sudden? It was so fucking long ago. It was like another lifetime. Like my whole life was just a blur after her. Life… do I even call this life? During the day, I am the most damn gentleman with the most elegant suit on, and smiling and shaking hands with those hypocrites all the time. But at nighttime, I am that fucking nightmare you’ve only ever seen in your de
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Chapter 3 - All my life
Eliza POV As I stand before my mirror and do my celebratory make-up I cannot help but think about what I saw last night. It was breaking dawn, but still, it was dark and I saw something or should I say, someone. Maybe, it's just exhaustion from constantly running from one workplace to another, but it felt somehow... familiar. I shake my head and focus my mind on the present, where I go out and have some fun since I found out I will have a meeting at this famous filmmaking company to discuss the script I finished in the last two weeks. And fun I mean walking alone in the nearby park and drinking a cinnamon latte, occasionally I buy a pie. So, it's not too fancy but since I have no friends or family members, it's the only fun I get. Do you want to know why am I all alone in this big world? Well, the thing is I was only 8 years old when I got into an orphanage due to the fact I have amnesia. I have no memory of who I really am or who I belonged to before then. I didn't even remember
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Chapter 4 - Am I going crazy?
Eliza POV Every time I think about Abigail and how we parted, it makes my heart ache. She was a real mother figure to me, but Carl's disgusting methods destroyed our relationship. I had to move on. I'm still looking at myself in the mirror and I see a tear escaping. As I wipe it away with my index finger, I heave a sigh. It's always a bitter feeling thinking back. Every time I think I'm over it, I realize I just can't move forward. I can't because we didn't really have closure and it aches my heart I can't help her. Doing my makeup again, my mind wandering to the 'thing' I saw last night. It's really like my mind playing a trick on me. I woke up after having the nicest dream in a long time. I was in the arms of that man I had seen in my nightmares before, but he was somehow different. He was gentle, firm, and oozed male power and sexiness. He was confident when he touched me, but not once was rude. He just... made me feel like I matter. Like I am the most precious thing he had in
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Chapter 5 - Foreign emotions
Eliza POVHave you ever watched 'Big Hero 6'? Well, if not you should do it. This movie is about a boy, Hiro, who lost his big brother and trying to cope with reality. He accidentally activates his brother's healthcare companion, a robot, called Baymax. It wants to help him overcome his brother's loss. Every time I watch it, I am a sobbing mess. The bond between them becomes so deep in the end, Hiro gets attached. Although at first, it was because of his brother, at the end of the movie he sees him as a friend who became an important person in his life.I guess a deep connection between them, what I lack in my life and what I truly crave. People are not compassionate towards me and only a few care. Every time someone looked at me, it was like I didn't get the memo of myself. Of what I was. It really did feel like I don't deserve to live. To be honest, it does not feel like a life, but only existence. I don't know how others live, but what I have now I had to fight for it with everyth
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Chapter 6 - Addiction
Unknown POVI fisted my hand around her hair and thrust hard into her mouth. She gagged many times but it just made me more violent. Tears came out of her eyes, her face red from my slaps, and her lips were swollen from my hard cock. This little bitch was good in bed. She despised me but it just made this game so much more appealing to me."No... grrr... more... aahhh... it... gah... hurts" - she told me a thousand times but I didn't care. It made me harder if my partners were in pain. I used this witch as many times as I desired her because she was bratty but also hated me so much, and always had some smartass reply for me. "Shut the fuck up!" - I growled at her and pumped my hips even harder and faster than before. "You know... ahh... it just makes me... more... ah... fucking crazy about it. - groaned every other word. That is how good she was. It also helped she was a gorgeous fucking slut and I enjoyed torturing and using her.I saw her eyes full of pain and I just couldn't stop
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Chapter 7 - Strange land
Eliza POV It's dark. Suffocating, eerily calm, haunting... I feel many emotions again. There are some I cannot place. But they feel... familiar? Familiar, but strangely, it's like those are not mine. I feel my body floating slowly... somewhere. I don't know if it's forward, backward, North, or South. I just feel my body is going somewhere. I don't know how much time passed but I saw a little light above my head. My body suddenly stops, then something strange happens. It's like my body is vanishing. I look at my hands and they are half seen-through. I can still feel them but these are shimmering away. I close my eyes, thinking that's my end. I don't feel pain, I'm just disappearing... I won't be missed. Not even by Abigail. Even though I sent her money over the last few years, it didn't go through the last few months. She must have hated me so much, she didn't want to do anything with me. I sigh, feeling my eyes tearing up, but no tears coming out. Another strange phenomenon here
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Chapter 8 - Dream comes true?
Eliza POV I stare at her in disbelief but she giggles again. "Are you sure I am not dead?" - I ask her but she just waves her hand to dismiss my question. "Why would you be dead? Silly girl" - she chuckles again. "Will you, please, stop giggling? I don't understand what is happening right now" - my voice was full of irritation. I don't believe her and I want to know the truth. "This is the truth." - she said simply with a smile. "I know it's hard to believe, but this place is where your most hidden emotions are placed." - I again just look at her, never have I ever felt this way before. It is too dark, too intense. "It can't be me. I... these emotions, these colors here... too dark for me..." - no way, I tell myself, it's not me. "I don't have these kinds of dark thoughts in me." - I say to her. I see her eyes glowing purple for a minute, but then she blinks a few times and says to me. "Maybe, it's not from the present." - I didn't have dark thoughts before. It hurt when people
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