The Sorceress And The Alpha

The Sorceress And The Alpha

By:  Mirachi   Ongoing
Language: English
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One is a wolf on a path of Vengeance,the other is a Sorceress on a path to discover her true self and the power she possess. What will happen when the collide, will they surrender to the power of love or defy it. ****** Camille was an Elite special force Commander, she died on duty while protecting a little girl , and transmigrated into the body of an abused and rejected Duke's daughter who was prophesied to be the reincarnation of a powerful sorceress of the four lands. ________ little Prince Arthur watched his parents murdered and the throne usurped by his uncle, he was exiled by his uncle, who found him as a threat to his throne , Years later the Little Prince became the God of war, with his name at every one's lip . He's on the quest to kill everyone involved in his parents death. * What happens when he found out that he's mate's father killed his parents! *Transmigration * Reincarnation * Revenge * Werewolf * Magic * Romance Read and Add to your library!!

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10 Chapters
The Escape
Two eyes fluttered open and closed again due to the direct contact with the scorching sun , it opened again this time around slowly getting acquainted with the sun. Her body ached terribly, she tried using her hand to shield her eyes but couldn't, because her hands were tied behind her back." What's this? Where am I ? She tried to talk but her voice was hoarse and her throat equally dry. She swallowed a couple of her saliva in order to moisturize her throat. Camille after much hassle managed to sit up , she scrutinized her surroundings meticulously. She was laid at the back of a moving carriage with a bale of hays used to make a bedding for her, in orderly form so that she would not hit her body on the hard wood of the carriage and her hands tied securely behind her back .' maybe she figured she's the willful type ' she thought and smiled a bit not minding the awkward situation she found herself in.' But who is riding the carriage?, has she been captured by bandits!?,many thought
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Camille approached the men, with her attention focused on them, she didn't notice a dried branch that laid on her way and marched it. Thwack! came the sound it produced and the men turned to face her, with a look of shock and surprise written boldly on their faces." fuck ! " She cursed inwardly, and shook her head , overcoming their shock, one of the men the one with a drooping left eye pulled out a short knife from a sword belt that was strapped on his waist , spreading his arms he intended to frighten her ,as any lady would be afraid of a creepy man with one eye holding a knife. Camille took a few steps back to weigh her adversary's strength, but the man thought she wanted to run away, he signaled the other man with a big nose to circle her." No need to run now my Lady , are we friends or not ? He spread his arms wider this time offering her his creepy smile, he tilted his head and looked at the red hair for support." oh , yes ! we are my Lady , good friends" the red hair chippe
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past life
Camille and her team extracted the girls successfully after heated gun battle with the terrorist, Camille's team gained the upper hand despite loosing one man, the eventually subdued the terrorist, their helicopter landed and the prepared to take off .Camille was giving instructions to her second in command when she felt a tugging at her sleeves , she turned to see one of the girls crying , she dismissed her second in command to console the little girl, she bent her upper body scooped the little girl who weighed nothing in her arms and patted her back in a bid to console her But the girl wasn't ready to stop crying, her snots dropping on Camille's shoulder but the latter didn't mind, she kept crying and pointing to a particular spot on the mountain behind them, but Camille couldn't fathom the meaning of her gesture. But as an experienced doctor she knew the girl was trying to communicate with her, so she applied her skills of a woman to make her stop crying." shhhh, it's alright st
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past life 2
Camille arrived at the mountain, after taking out two of the bandits that were standing in front of the mountain's cave guarding it to alert others of any intruders, she gained smooth access into the cave .She noticed the cave has many tunnels, after some minutes of combing the cave she found the three girls tied to a rock at a corner inside the cave , after examining the three of them , she found no possible threat on them , she cut loose the rope with a dagger she strapped in her boots and freed them . they left the cave together for the helicopter with Camille turning at intervals to check for any possible threats.All the way down the mountain her mind wasn't at rest , she found the cave rather suspicious , to be empty with only two men guarding the entrance, but she had no time to check it out and the safety of the girls came first.But tried to keep her fears at bay but her curiosity would have none of it, she beckoned on the girl she figured would be the little girl's sister b
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New life
Yes, you might be right, I sure did hit my head somewhere ,so let's not make this hard for any of us , I just want you to tell me something after that we will be on our way , hmm, what do you say!" she said with a slight shrug of her shoulders.They two men exchanged glances,and whispered something in low tones, after some minutes the one with a droopy eye spoke up." ok, Lady Camille , as you wis--"Wait a minute, did you just call me Camille?" She interrupted" yes my lady , that's your name" the redhead added" Yes! Indeed, it's my name", she replied absentmindedly, is fate playing a joke with me? she asked herself, and signaled him to continue " what do you wish to ask Lady Camille"" I seem to forget some things about me, perhaps you can help jog my memory by telling me about the owner of this body, '' she said as the man's jaw dropped.Recalling her mistake, tried to clear the air of any misunderstanding " I mean tell me more about myself" she said to the already confused men.
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I would be lying if I say I understand everything that you guys just said, " Camille uttered out of her confusions" Easy now my Lady, I know all this information is hard to process, I mean you've been locked up your whole life, it's a miracle you survived" droopy eye said and chuckled warily." Listen guys, as much as I want to believe all that you've said I just can't, there's nothing to prove that all you said were true, aside from the fact that you kidnapped me here". Camille reasoned out with a shake of her head." Who said there's no proof , Lady Camille, you hurt my pride, " the redhead said with his voice very low as a whisper. He held his chest and feigned being hurt , for Camille to roll her eyes." There's a tattoo on your wrist, I heard the witch left it there as a souvenir." He grinned for Camille's eyes to widen, she raised up her left hand and touched the flowery tattoo that has crazy patterns. She hadn't seen this kind of flower before, maybe it's a wide one, she thoug
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In a dimly lit roomA sturdy figure is seen facing the wall , his hands badly bruised and folded in a fist, his feral bloody eyes staring into the now broken mirror. his now disheveled hair wet with sweat. Fuck !He did it again ! Gaius Maro , that cunning old fox did it, yet again!! , how could he possibly drug him twice in a space of one week , and i failed to notice.Damn! He hit his fist on the innocent mirror, and it fell with a loud noise and its bits scattered across the room.Shaking his head, he tried to remain conscious. he can feel him in his head trying to take over. Hell will be let loose if he allows his wolf to take over. not now , not yet !He needs to be vigilant, now that he's in the enemy's territory.The door swung open , but he didn't turn his head to know who barged into his room, he knew no one would dare do that except for one person. Ronan he's beta.Standing at the door , not daring to step inside Ronan scanned the messy room , he knew things would escalate
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Camille and Matt arrived on the crest of the hill overlooking the north city." Welcome to the north city Lady Camille ! What do you think ?"Camille whose attention wasn't with Matt but on what awaits her at the north city, looking down at the city from the hill, she was amazed with what she saw. Outside the city gates were vast lands ,with farmers cultivating on it happily , the grains on the fields danced with the wind. People going into the north city queued up at the city gates to be inspected by the guards stationed at the gates. " I don't know yet Matt , let's find out if your city is what you claimed it is". Camille slapped her horse with her legs against the side of his horse Matt did the same and then broke into a gallop going down the hill towards the plains leading to the north city."Matt" , Camille said, " over there" Matt looked up to the front , slowing down his horse a bit so he could look to the other side ,in the direction pointed out by Camille. He saw two wo
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The castle of the Duke of the North , Held a grand hall with a long dining table and chairs for more than thirty people . Gaius Maro the ruthless Duke of the north a. k. a "Raider of the north". known for his greediness and cunning lifestyle, his domain is famous for his slave trade. and inhumane activities. Sat at the head of the table holding a chicken lap in one hand and a beautifula lady in the other , his pot-belly almost hitting the table, chuckles and laughter filled the air , servants walking in with plates of food and walking out with empty ones.Gaius and his companions were making merry after their successful raid of a small village, catering away with their gold's livestock and mostly their girls as trophy for a successful raid.He chewed on the meat he's holding and gave the lady he's holding to chew, but she simply threw away her head in disgust. she expected him to slap her or hit her but none of that came , rather his laughter filled the air . After the laugh died do
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North City
EarlierBack at the plains close to the north city gates , Susan still couldn't believe what she saw when she zapped into Camille's future . Her eyes held many questions, confusion was clearly written on her face. " Why can't I see her positive future ?" It seemed like a powerful spell was withholding me from seeing her future with the positive aspects." I see chaos, tribulations ,above all betrayal…. "She paused and continued " from a loved one at that " Susan revealed, all this while her eyes were still on Camille . Camille swallowed a lump she didn't notice she had in her throat, her eyes moved from Susan to Matt , who also has an unknown look on his face." What do you mean by chaos and betrayal ?" Camille blurted out of confusion " That's is what I see , for some reason some unknown force is preventing me from seeing the positive aspect of your future " " Like someone casted a spell to prevent people from looking into your future " " I don't know, but for some reason I was a
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