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Leah had been rejected in every possible way in her young life, but when her mate rejected her, it nearly broke her heart and she decided to leave the pack and her home for good. However, her destined mate although he rejected her, would not leave her alone as she moved from town to town to try and make a living and have a semblance of a life. When she accidentally walks into the territory of her second chance mate her life is turned completely upside down. Who will she choose in the end? Her first mate who threw her away, or her second chance mate who looks to be very dangerous.

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68 Chapters
Prologue - Meeting my second chance mate
Leah’s POVMy life story was nothing new. I was a pack omega. My mother died giving birth to me and my father didn’t want a girl, so I was sent to the pack orphanage. When I turned eighteen, it was revealed that the Alpha was my mate. My heart broke when he rejected me and chose another high-ranked wolf for his mate, but I survived and left the pack grounds for good. I didn’t have any real family there, so there was no reason for me to stay.In the meantime, I found a couple of odd jobs working as a waitress, but they didn’t last very long, as the Alpha kept calling me at work, demanding that I return. Each time I would get fired because my personal life interfered with my work, I would pick up my things, pack up my old car and drive to the next town a little further away from the pack. There I would start over in the hopes that this time things would be different.Today was yet another of my very bad days. I spent most of the night tossing and turning because of nightmares. Eli had r
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Chapter 1 - A new home
Leah’s POV“Hi,” He smiled. My mind was racing a mile a minute, and I almost melted at the sight of his gorgeous dimples! “I’m Sebastian, and you are?” I gaped for a moment. I had completely forgotten my name and must have looked utterly ridiculous in front of this Greek god! How was it even possible that he could be my mate?“Uhm … Leah.” I finally got the words out. I had no idea whether I was frozen in fear or because his eyes turned the most brilliant blue I had ever seen. He had somehow calmed his wolf down enough that it retreated, but mine was purring so much that I almost couldn’t hear anything else.“So, you are my mate?” He took a step back and gave me a once over and I blushed bright red. I had been driving in my incredibly hot car and must have looked simply disgusting!“Thank you moon goddess!” I thought to myself. Of course, I would meet the most incredible man on the day I looked my absolute worst!“Cat got your tongue, honey?” A female voice purred behind him and I sud
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Chapter 2 - Family could be everything
Leah’s POVFor a moment, I wondered how it would feel to see Eli and his precious Jewel while I was standing in the arms of Sebastian, but I quickly wiped that stupid idea from my thoughts as I suddenly started to wonder what kind of pack took in a rogue just like that without any questions. Eli sure as hell wouldn’t have and then take them into the packhouse and show them all the weak spots.“Don’t even think about running.” Sebastian’s voice pierced through my thoughts as he pointed to a man who was walking closer. “This, my lovely little wolf is Carl. He will be your Gamma.” Sebastian smiled broadly as he hugged the man and I frowned. Only Luna’s had Gammas protecting them. Oh, goddess! Was he…? “This is the future Luna, Carl.” FUCK! He did! That was just perfect! He had basically told his Gamma that he had already accepted me, and I rolled my eyes.“She doesn’t seem to agree with you, Sebastian.” Carl laughed and took my hand to greet me, but Sebastian was fast. I mean, supernatur
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Chapter 3 - Differences
Leah’s POVLife in Sebastian’s pack is entirely different than life in Eli’s. For starters, the pack dining tables are packed out in such a way that there is no real division of ranks, whereas, at home, your rank is clearly defined by the table you sit at. The closer you were to the Alpha’s table, the more important you were. Emily showed me to the seat right next to Sebastian, and he held out the chair for me. Nobody had ever held out a chair to me before, which made me blush bright red. I was an omega for goddess’s sake, but I told them I was a rogue. I rolled my eyes internally at myself for being so damn hung up on rank.The food was brought out and everybody dug in all at once, which reminded me of home. There, everybody had to wait for Eli to fill his plate first before anyone else could touch the food. As if there wouldn’t be enough for the Alpha! People were happily talking, eating, and drinking, but I could feel their eyes constantly looking my way. I was sure that most of th
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Chapter 4 - A surprise visitor
Leah’s POVI thought it would be as easy as grabbing my keys and making a run for it, but boy was I mistaken! Not only did Sebastian keep an eagle eye on my damn keys, but Carl kept an eagle eye on my every movement. Over the next couple of days, I spent some time getting to know Sebastian’s family while sussing out how far Carl would go to look after me, and even when I thought I had gotten rid of him, he would pop up out of nowhere! The man was so good at his job, it was damn scary! The only times I didn’t see him was when I was in Sebastian’s care, so to speak. The rest of the time, he was there in the background. Somewhere. I was just starting to feel a little lost when Emily appeared to take me on a shopping trip. Her excuse was that she saw my bag of clothes and “no Luna in her right mind would be caught dead with only one bag of clothes”.To prove her point, she took me to the beta floor, and as we walked into the room, I must have looked like a shell-shocked baboon, gaping at
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Chapter 5 - Eli found me!
Leah’s POVSo, I wasn’t really going to tell them, even if they were the nicest people ever. I was ashamed. It was the first time I actually admitted to myself that I was ashamed that I was rejected. When I was a young omega, I daydreamed, just like all the other girls, about finding my perfect mate, falling madly in love, and living happily ever after. That daydream was crushed the moment my destined mate called me a useless omega. I still remember the ice running through my veins as shock set in. I waited in shock for him to say the dreaded words. “I reject you,” But he never did.Over the years that I had been hiding from him, I wondered over and over why he wanted me to go back home. I knew for a fact he would never leave his chosen mate. Not only would it bring shame to our pack, but it would also put the pack in danger of a war with her family. Many wolves would die unnecessarily, many important lives would be lost over one man’s greed.“What was the outcome of the meeting?” Emi
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Chapter 6 - A long road or the wrong road?
Leah’s POV I pulled into a motel parking lot fully intending to book in, take a shower, have something to eat, and hit the road within the hour, but I made the huge mistake of lying on the bed and closing my eyes just for a moment until the shower water heated up. I arrived just as the sun was rising and woke up just as it was going down! I was still so tired even after sleeping for just over twelve hours that I checked the map and decided I had come far enough on my first day. I could spend the night and hit the road early in the morning. I took a second shower and slipped underneath the covers. My head hardly touched the pillow and I was out like a light. I was up just before sunrise and on the road as it peaked out from behind the mountains. I knew this territory pretty well. I came here in the first month after leaving Eli. It was mostly wilderness and unclaimed territory and if I disappeared into the woods nobody would find me until I was ready to be found, but I didn’t want to
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Chapter 7 - Captured! Again!
Sebastian’s POV “Tell me I didn’t just hear you …” I held my hand in the air at the sound of Emily’s voice. “What’s done is done!” I growled, but I couldn’t look her in the eye. “Sebastian!” Her voice was filled with so much emotion that it cut right through me, and she sat down on the couch looking defeated. “Didn’t you lose enough last time?” Tears started to roll down her cheeks as the memory of what happened flooded my mind. Flashback The sound of the shot echoed throughout the room and I kept my eye on the target for a split second just to make sure she fell. I gave myself just a moment to take a deep breath before I needed to disassemble my gun and get out of there. I had done what those bastards asked of me. When I originally refused their orders, they took my mate prisoner and threatened to kill her, but now that I had done what they asked, they should return her unharmed. I never trusted the vampires, but I had no other choice but to ask for their help! As I rushed into
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Chapter 8 - A tournament ...
Leah’s POV I didn’t have to open my eyes to know that the two men were in the same room as me, and they were probably glaring at each other. How I wished I could just evaporate right at this very moment. I wondered if I stayed quiet and pretended to still be knocked out if they would eventually give up and leave, but for the moment, they were clearly not going anywhere and the air was getting thicker and thicker with tension. I heard the elevator ping and soon felt a needle in my arm. I instantly started to feel better and wished I could thank the doctor personally, but if I moved now my jig would be up and they would both bombard me. I just knew they would immediately demand a decision and the only decision I wanted to make was how the hell to get out of there! I didn’t want to see Sebastian’s disappointment and broken heart, and I sure as hell didn’t want to see Eli’s face in general! I almost burst out laug
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Chapter 9 - Bland food!
Leah’s POV Eli wasn’t happy at the prospect of having a Gamma from another pack to look after me, but I just told him that either Carl would come with me or I would have a straightforward decision to make and that quickly put Eli in his place. I couldn’t understand why the man was so adamant to have me back until I walked through the doors of my old packhouse. “What the fuck is she doing here?” His mate shrieked from the top of the grand staircase and I nearly burst out laughing at the sight of her overly extravagant gown! Did she think she was going to intimidate me by wearing that? She looked more like she belonged in the corner, covered with tinsel than a Luna! “Please don’t make this any more difficult than it already is.” Eli quickly rushed to her side and then suddenly seemed torn as his eyes met mine. He had to prove to me that I was going to be his priority if he wanted me to stay. Walking down two steps toward me, it almost looked as if he was about to try and tear himself
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