The Vampire's Reincarnated Mate

The Vampire's Reincarnated Mate

By:  Aminah Ndaliman  Updated just now
Language: English
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Aurora, a 19 years old who had just found her wolf and was ready to explore the world, filled with humans. But everything crumbled when she found out that her mate is a vampire and also their rival, who wants to wipe out the entire generations of werewolves. Getting trapped by her mate was easy but when she was reincarnated and vows to make a difference, she ended falling in love with that same vampire again. But who knows if they can make a difference together and become mates again? A vampire and a werewolf falling in love will actually have the human world shaken.

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35 Chapters
01: Aurora
The wind blew away her scarf, making her shrill and holding it back. This is what she gets for leaving the pack very early in the morning. She has been so enthusiastic, happy that she will finally be leaving the four walls that surrounded her and also the securities she had to deal with all the time. For Aurora, being alone and getting the peace of mind she deserves matters. There will be no day that she would explain to her father that she is safe and doesn't need him to plant more five security on her. She took her two years to convince him that she was ready to get out into the world, fight for herself and return back home with the victory call. That was what mattered to her and yet, she got a rule, she will agree to move to the city of Atlanta with her cousin who have a five star in defence. Aurora was okay with it, she likes James who happens to be her cousin and that was because he understood her and what she goes through. Growing up without a mother was hard on her, even tho
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02: Noel
Noel Anthony. "Maybe, there is a way." Noel uttered to his assistant. In his hands was a report for a new building that he had bought outside of the city. It wasn't a bit far from the border and then, most travellers stop there. The restaurant was going bankrupt and the owner needed someone to help stop the place from going bankrupt. That was when Noel came into the pictures. He is man that is interested in building a lot of buildings and then, he put his people as the employees. It was his way of helping them mingle with people more. He always believe that humans helped the generation a few years back, they helped the Vampires clans without even knowing. They helped him at his lowest, helped his people and also, helped him take down their enemies over the years. He owes them big one. "Yes, we can expand the place when you buy it. Maybe build a larger kitchen, store room and add more tables. The last time I went there, people were standing outside, waiting for others to leave."
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03: Aurora
Of course, she was wrong. The person she saw wasn't the one she is trained to kill. That person she saw was her mate and his name was Andrew. He was very calm and nice to her. He even asked her to join them at their table but a hard girl like Aurora told him no, she was waiting for someone and would like if she was left alone. Her wolf was happy, jumping and was trying to take over her. Her wolf whose name is Diane tried to force Aurora into following Andrew but it was impossible. When she got it that her wolf might make her do something stupid if she keeps on waiting for James inside the restaurant, she left and lucky for her, the car was opened. She jumped inside, fighting her wolf back. "Stop it Maria, it makes no sense to me going back there and trying to explain to a human that he is my mate. He doesn't understand that type of language." Aurora uttered in her mind. "I don't care, I want to be with mate. Mate." Her wolf screamed. Aurora had to force her back to her mind and th
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04: Noel
A smirk was plastered on his face as he remembered how he had fooled Aurora, wondering how daft and stupid she was. It is clear that she will take a long time before she will recognize him, he can clearly see that.Because he couldn’t understand how someone will as stupid as her not to recognize the person that she was trained to kill for years. For as long as he can remember and as James had told him, Aurora had began her training at the age of ten and her father made sure the entire hatred he had on him was passed to her during the training. “How did you do it?” James asked, taking a sit.He had driven straight to Noel’s as soon as he dropped and helped Aurora unpacked, although he had to spend two hours on the way there. The road to the vampire’s clan always confuses him that he had to call Noel for direction. “I did nothing much, I only had to suppress my vampire scent and then act normal. Your cousin seems pretty much daft if you ask me.” Noel commented, passing James a class of
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05: Aurora
The morning would have been better for Aurora if she wasn't badly with a nasty headache. She had even tried wrapping wrapping a cold towel around her head as her father always does to her when she is sick but it was of no use.She pressed her lips together, picking up her phone and dialing James's number. Maybe he will have something to that give her and it will subside the headache. She hissed when the call ended and there was no response from James.She tried again, hoping that he will really do pick up this time and she will shout on his head for not picking the first time but had to keep her phone away when he didn't. She cursed under her breath as she made her way to the bathroom. "Nothing is going well for me." She uttered, bring out a new set of brushes and a toothpaste, keeping it by the mirror."I wonder what James is doing that he didn't pick my call. What is he up to at this time that he is not awake?" She asked no one in particular.She looked at her reflection in the huge
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06: Noel
Pulling down the comforter that was used to cover him up, he sat upright holding his head. The drugs that he had taken earlier is taking it effect on him.And it has to be because it has been a while since he had taken drugs of any type. Shaking his head, he dropped his feet to the floor and headed straight to the bathroom where he rinsed off his face and then returned.The curtains were slightly opened, letting the morning sunlight penetrate into the room. "Damn, so I have been asleep for a day." He uttered, moving to the window and fully opened the curtains.The sun flashed on his skins and he had to thanked the advanced technology that made almost all vampires immune to the sun. Most of the vampires don't get burnt from going in contact with the sun and he is one of them, since he is the king.Then there are those whose blood failed to take in the drugs to keep them immune to the sun and can only go out late in the night. They were those people who he decided to employ as workers i
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07: Aurora
"So you want me to attend the ball this year? Is that what you are saying?" Aurora asked, as she flipped the omelette that she was frying.She had just gotten on phone with her father and the next thing, he was telling her about the ball that will be coming up soon. And instead of James that always attend the ball, she is to go this year, alone.As her father, Russell had told her, the invitation admits only one and there is no way he can get another one for her cousin so she has to go there alone. "Yes, pumpkin. This way you will learn more about the business and take over. James already said he has no interest in the business and was only trying to fit in until you are ready." Russell said on the other side of the phone.Aurora heaved a sigh, not sure of what to tell her father. She can't even tell him that the reason why she doesn't want to go is because she has started working as a waitress. If he knows, he will definitely fly to Atlanta and have her on her knees for that. "Oka
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08: Noel
Noel had successfully purchased everything under the Pages, although there was an investigation about why the entire clan was killed but he doesn't even care.As long as he has gotten what he want, he doesn't care if the government thinks they can find the person who had killed the Pages and those under him. Giving it a try and wasting their time is actually nice and will buy him a lot of time to do whatever he wants to. After the documents were signed by him secretly, he asked Gaby to call James for him so that he will know of his new responsibilities. It is either he takes it or have his life taken from him because he knows more than enough about the vampires and might be a threat to them.Since Gaby had left the office to call James, Noel had nothing to do. He hardly comes to the office in the morning. The employees were shocked and stunned to do any work when they saw him at work early for the first time. It had also creeped him out whenever he had to check the time. If only the
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09: Aurora
Who told Aurora running two shift is easy? For the past few days that she had spent in Atlanta, she has been juggling between school and work.Lucky for her, her boss got a new intake that filled in her space in the morning while she takes over in the evening and her shifts ends 11pm. It wasn't easy for her, considering the way lectures has been going on and those nasty men that take them don't forget to give them extra work.Sometimes, Aurora would sit around, thinking about the main reason why she is really in school. For her, it was to make use of time until she is done with her mission and she will return back to the pack, but for her father? It is for her to become successful in the human world, and let's not forget after getting revenge for them.If there is really a way for her to rectify his thoughts then she would pay to learn about it and move with her plan. Moving to Atlanta is really hard on her, plus she doesn't get to meet James all the time and she is yet to meet a wer
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10: Noel
The lights growing brighter as the earth lurches away from the sun, and now the orchestra is playing yellow cocktail music, and the opera of voices pitches a key higher. Laughter is easier minute by minute, spilled with prodigality, tipped out at a cheerful word. Noel stepped out of his car, putting on his jacket and he threw his keys to the chauffeur nearby.Coming to the ball really had a toll on him and like Gaby said, he will get to know about Aurora, more than what James is selling him. He flashed around a fake smile as he walked further more into the hall, his eyes checking around to see if he will see someone that he knows. This year, it seems like a lot of new members were added to the government yearly ball and he can't help but let out a hiss.He finally got an empty seat, when he sighted James. He waved his hands which James rushed to him. James was able to attend the ball because of the Pages company that now under his name to the world. Although the Pages are involved i
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