The CEO Bought Me

The CEO Bought Me

By:  MeteorComets  Completed
Language: English
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'You are already bound by him once you sign the paper.' There is no way out, only death.' Online shopping is easy to do. Add to the cart and place the order. Lorelay Sugala is a child who needs to find half a million for her brother's operation. In their town, there is a man whom everyone calls a "madman." According to them, it was a crazy old man who lived in a big house in the upper part of the town. What they say is that a "madman" is looking for a wife to spend his life with. Many people apply because of the large sum of money in return. Lorelay is one of them. Out of hundreds of women who applied, she was chosen to be purchased by a madman known as Ho Shein or Mr. Shein. When Lorelay found out that she was chosen by Mr. Shein to get married, the mayor of their area immediately agreed to marry them as soon as possible. What he doesn't know is that the madman the town is talking about is actually a rich young man who possesses certain good looks but has a dark past. Online shopping is easy to do. Add to the cart and place the order. But was everything just a coincidence? Or was it meant to entice her into a trap?

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Candyce Williams
good book , don't care for the ending g though.
2022-12-28 14:39:55
user avatar
Interesting story! Love reading this
2022-10-27 16:43:47
user avatar
I really don't like the ending. It's really confusing at times due to "he" is used a lot instead of "she" and "wife" instead of "husband."
2023-01-01 15:46:27
96 Chapters
When life is getting harder, everything will be done for money. Lorelay Sugala is married to Oliver Shein, whom she has never seen before. Marriage for convenience, you may say, but her journey is not what she thinks it is.Marrying an unknown is the hardest thing to do. Living with the unknown is the craziest thing she can do, but falling for someone she didn't see drives her to find her lost sanity.She felt desire, pleasure, and love in the midst of darkness. She lives with a man who can't bring himself to her front. Mr. Shein is a man who can make a life hell easily, and his wife is not an exception to what he has done in the past.The curse has been lifted, and it is up to them to break it.Tying in bed and moaning in your name won't guarantee happiness.Loving endlessly won't guarantee infinity.Acceptance will end the misery.Forgiveness is the key to a life of prosperity.-----------------------"Run Oliver, run!" I immediately opened my eyes when I realized it was all just a
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Chapter 1
"Once you sign the paper, you are already bound by him. There's no escape, only death." I impatiently took out the ballpoint pen to sign the papers to make everything legal.I will do everything for my brother's surgery. That's what always sticks in my mind. Indeed, I was bound by him."Congratulations, Lorelay. You are now officially married to Mr. Shein." Those were the words the mayor said that I couldn't celebrate. It’s my wedding day to a man that I haven’t seen. I'm married to a man who some say is an old man who lives in a haunted mansion. “You don't have to worry because Mr. Shein will take care of your brother's hospital fee." This was the last thing he said before leaving."Bes, is this the right decision for you?" asked my friend Shiela. Is this my right decision in life? The answer is that I don't know either.What is important to me now is to save Dave- my brother."Oh, your luggage is ready. When are you leaving?" When I looked at the luggage I was holding, I feel like
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Chapter 2
All the nervousness returned to my chest when he said that he wasn’t Mr. Shein. In that case, Mr. Shein maybe an old man?"Eat first. It looks like I'm disturbing your food." I sat down at the table and resumed eating.The man talked to the maid while I was trying to calm myself down. I am praying that the real Mr. Shein is not a mafia boss, drug lord, or drug dealer.Maybe it’s because Mr. Shein is a madman. So he needs someone to take care of him. Why does he needs a wife? Why not just a nurse or a psychiatrist?The man sat in front. He was looking at me. He is really handsome. I'm lucky if he is Mr. Shein because I married to a handsome man. Hihi"By the way, I’m Richmoon. Mr. Shein ordered me to remind you of what you should do in his house." I swallowed a few times because of the nervousness.How is he able to command others? Is he that powerful that even the guy like him is his servant?"There are two things that you have to remember. Number 1, don’t interfere with his personal
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Chapter 3
"What?" I asked him shockingly. He's Mr. Ho Shein? If he is my husband, then who is the man I saw with white hair outside earlier?"Are you kidding me? Isn’t Mr. Shein an old man?" He immediately let go of me, but I heard his weak laugh. Is he crazy already? His laugh grew louder, and I was stunned with that. He's handsome when he laughed."So my wife was expecting that her husband was an old hag, huh?" I bit my lip hard at what he said. If he's telling the truth, then he's really Mr. Shein. God! But why is his voice so beautiful?"Aren't you old?" "Do I sound old to you?" No. He’s not! In fact, his voice is fascinating. But maybe he is a mafia boss or drug lord?"Are you a mafia boss?" I asked him nervously. "Or maybe a drug dealer?"I don't know why again, but he laughed like there's no tomorrow. Okay, I’m funny now."Really, wife? So your husband is a mafia boss now, and what’s the other again? Oh drug dealer. I see." There’s something in his voice. I can see his eyes. The color
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Chapter 4
The darkness has resurfaced for me. I know there is a lamp in his room, so I'm curious why he dislikes turning it on."Why is your room so dark?" I wonder. He might think I'm nervous. I'm simply curious. I wouldn't dare come here if I didn't have autophobia."I don't like it," he said. He laid me down in bed, so with a blanket wrapped around my body, I looked at the direction of his voice.He was looking out the window, which was wide open, allowing fresh air to enter. It was extremely cold due to the strong wind caused by the approaching rain and from the air conditioner.Mr. Shein is leaning against his window. I couldn't see his face, but I could make out its shape thanks to the flashes of lightning.He's facing sideways from where I was, so I could see how pointed his nose was. I can also see his long eyelashes and the smoke from cigarettes coming from his mouth.He's smoking. He isn't dressed, so I can see a glimpse of his body as well. I just lay here, watching him, who was obse
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Chapter 5
I knew I'd messed up the moment I hit her with this fvcking water from the hose.I supposedly watered that soil, but she quickly let go of the hose and turned around, so I also hurried to catch it.Then I inadvertently pointed the hose at her, so it's not my fault that she got wet. But now my wife is glaring at me. What should I do?"What the hell!" I bit my lip when I heard her curse. Damn! I swear! I'm going to punish her lips for swearing."What did you do?"She's enraged. She's furious.I was about to open my mouth when I realized that he thought I couldn't speak. I didn't have my voice changer device with me at the time, so I had no choice but to remain silent the entire freaking time. I wouldn't think that she'd think my tongue was amputated."Say sorry to me!" she demanded. I wanted to wife, but I can't."Wait!" she exclaimed as she walked away. I had no idea where she was going, so I waited for her to return.She has paper and a pen with her. Her eyes glowed with anger as she
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Chapter 6
"Are you bored?" Lorelay asked Harold, but the man just shook his head. They are both in the living room. Lorelay was sitting on the long sofa and watching a show on the big TV screen in Mr. Shein's house.Lorelay returned her gaze to the show, but she was already frowning. "He's weird. Why is he always looking at me?" Said the girl in her mind."Do you want me to move the show?" The corner of the man's lips rose when he saw how his wife reacted to his gaze. He asks her almost every minute. He took a piece of paper and wrote, "It's fine." Don't bother.'Lorelay sighed and glanced at the time. It's almost eight o'clock, but Mr. Shein is not yet home. She got up to go get some water. When Harold noticed the girl walking away, he stood up and ran into his room.He immediately removed his clothes and changed into elegant office attire. "If Richmoon and Lee find out about this, I'm dead."Meanwhile, when Lorelay returned to the living room, Harold was no longer sitting where he had been. F
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Chapter 7
10 years agoI woke up panting from sleep. I always have nightmares about that night. I want to forget, but I can't.It was raining heavily when I left the house. Sita, mommy's trusted helper, greeted me at home."Sir Oliver, where are you going?" I ignored her and continued walking until I met Richmoon. He had a car with the window down."C'mon, Ho." I rushed inside and took off the raincoat I was wearing. Richmoon immediately threw the can of beer at me, which I immediately caught before he started the car to go to school.Because the guard knew us, we were immediately admitted. Lee was already in front, frowning and holding a ballpoint pen. Before I went out, I took Richmoon's hat that I found on the chair."It's been a while, Shein. I'm late for my last subject." I didn't answer and just continued to Lee's father's office."Oh Oliver, what are you doing here?""Can we stay here, uncle? We'll be good." He narrowed his eyes at me. He can't say no to me, especially since he is my par
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Chapter 8
"Happy birthday, Ho/Shein.""Happy birthday, bro!"Greetings from Mr. Shein's friends while he was still lying on his own bed."Hey, wake up. Your parents will probably come here later. You better get up now." Lee said, but his friend was still asleep not minding his threatening words. His parents won't scare him anymore."I have a cake here." TG exclaimed happily, holding the cake."Can I eat it?" Richmoon said so, and TG glared at him."Is it your birthday?" the young man frowned, which Lee just laughed at."We travel for 4 hours, Shein. Get up there, you freak." Lee said while looking at his friend with his eyes closed."I slept late earlier. What did you expect? You barged in and expected me to welcome you? Help yourself, man. I'm so sleepy." The young man spoke sleepily to his friends.The three sighed at what Mr. Shein said and decided to go downstairs to cook."I like his house; it's quite huge." Richmoon commented while looking at the house, which was later agreed upon by Lee.
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Chapter 9
----Back to the present----- I moved to the edge of the bed. I don't want to be near Mr. Shein because it's kinda awkward. I feel like he can see me even though it's very dark in his room. "You're not asleep yet. How's your day?" I heard him ask. I faced the ceiling while holding the blanket. I didn't do anything all day but clean his house. "I just cleaned with Harold. Speaking of, he disappeared suddenly earlier. Where does he go home?" He cleared his throat. "I don't know." He replied, shortly. Is that so? I forgot to ask him earlier. Suddenly, there was silence between us. It was really awkward. I'm feeling him beside me. I'm not really used to sleeping with a stranger. It would have been fine if it was my mother or my brother or at least Shiela, but this time, it's totally different. Well, not at all, since he's my husband on paper, but... sigh. "You're thinking too deeply." Mr. Shein spoke suddenly, so I faced him. I lay sideways on the bed, where I could see his two pairs
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