Crazy Billionaire: What Do You Want From Me?

Crazy Billionaire: What Do You Want From Me?

By:  Qween Boj  Ongoing
Language: English
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“Hi, I’m Ethan Moore. You’re mine from this moment, henceforth.” “What?—” “Get in the car.” He held the car door open for her. “What—I don’t even know who you are—you think having a baritone voice can make you stand in front of me and spout rubbish from that god forsaken thing you call a mouth?!” Elizabeth was beginning to get irked. Ethan smirked at her. Nice, she’s got a sharp tongue—he liked sharp tongues. He turned to the nearest bodyguard, “get her in the car.” Staring directly into her emerald green eyes, he added, “if she resists, throw her in the trunk.” …………………………………………………… Due to pressure from his parents, to get married, Ethan Moore is forced to kidnap a strange woman against her wish. He offers her a deal to act as his wife whenever necessary. *** All Elizabeth Claire wants is to get away from the crazy billionaire that kidnapped her. She tries several tricks in order to get away from him, but it all goes down the drain when...

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29 Chapters
You’re mine from this moment, henceforth
“Hi, I’m Ethan Moore. You’re mine from this moment, henceforth.”“What?—”“Get in the car.” He held the car door open for her.“What—I don’t even know who you are—you think having a baritone voice can make you stand in front of me and spout rubbish from that god forsaken thing you call a mouth?!” Elizabeth was beginning to get irked.Ethan smirked at her. Nice, she’s got a sharp tongue—he liked sharp tongues. He turned to the nearest bodyguard, “get her in the car.”Staring directly into her emerald green eyes, he added, “if she resists, throw her in the trunk.”Elizabeth almost lost it. Did the guy just say to throw her in the trunk? Her? Elizabeth Claire? Was she some piece of garbage? Having said his piece, Ethan stepped into the car and sat calmly like he wasn’t about to kidnap a stranger.Having a family that’s hellbent on him bringing a wife home to them was super tiring. They didn’t even care about his wellbeing, all they wanted him to do was bring home a wife from nowhere.
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Even the young could spell his name in their sleep
All Ethan wanted to do was sign the transfer papers and leave the slum as fast as possible. So, he went ahead to pee and completely ignored them.He soon heard screams coming from the alleyway. But what shocked him was that the screams weren’t from the woman, they were from the men that surrounded her.After taking a leak, he walked closer and watched from a distance as the woman beat the men up, yelling at the top of her lungs and cursing at them.“If you fucking fuck with her again, I’ll kill you! All of you!” He’d watched her threaten them before walking away.He stood in the same spot for a while, dumbfounded and amazed.***The convoy soon arrived at their destination and drove into the mansion through the black iron gates.Ethan stepped out of the car immediately and took long graceful strides to the back. He unlocked the trunk, but the moment he opened it, a kick met with his face, causing him to stagger backwards.“Fuck.” He cursed underneath his breath, chuckling as he wiped
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He stole her first kiss
He was suddenly torn between being happy and being sad. A part of him liked that she wasn’t a fan who was obsessed with his fame, but the other part of him had mixed feelings of disappointment…“Fine, I’ll stop interrupting.” Elizabeth muttered after noticing a change in his countenance. She shouldn’t act gullible. She was in the lion’s den. She didn’t know this man at all—he could be extremely dangerous. “Thanks.” He then proceeded, “there’s a lot of girls at my beck and call… they wouldn’t hesitate to be my wife… but I want you.”Elizabeth binked her eyes continuously for a couple of seconds. She suddenly went deaf.“It seems to me like you’ve started speaking a different language entirely. Please, speak to me in English. I do not understand Portuguese” She looked keenly into his eyes. Ethan chuckled. She was witty. “Here’s the thing; I need you to pretend to be my wife.” He replied calmly. She almost snapped her neck as she turned to look behind her to be sure he was indeed
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Dolce and Gabbana
Explore, really Elizabeth?Slapping my head mentally, I regained my senses and started to follow Moana into the room. It’s so huge and classy.This man is indeed damn rich, because why not?“If you need anything else, please let us know.” Moana smiled politely at me. I tore my gaze away from the queen size bed that was right in the middle of the room and looked at her. “Nothi—” I was about to reply when I heard my stomach growl loudly. My face flushed with embarrassment and I bit on the corner of my lower lip.I don’t blame my poor stomach, I haven’t had any proper food since morning. “What would you like to eat?” Moana asked, smiling politely. She’d heard my stomach growl. Even the deaf would have heard it.I returned her smile with an awkward one, slightly gritting my teeth. “Anything will do.” She nodded her head knowingly. “We’ll be right back.”I smiled thankfully as I watched her and the two other maids walk out. After the last one closed the door behind them, I heaved a
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Don’t lay a finger on her
“Time to take you back, I hope you two slept well.” I sprang to my feet and carried the tray from the table. Stifling a yawn, I headed downstairs, running my eyes, quickly, over the numerous doors in the hallway. I wondered which room belonged to Ethan. The one next to mine? Wait, why am I even concerned? Shaking sense back into my head, I hopped down the staircase. The maids were up already. Wow. I presumed most of them didn’t know who I was since I got here very late last night. But the kind of looks I was receiving right now was making me think otherwise. I think they’ve all been informed about me. Ignoring the gazes, I helped myself into the kitchen—it was easy to locate, it didn’t even have a door. “Good morning, Lizzy.” Moana smiled politely as I walked into the kitchen. I heard her giving instructions to the cook and I returned her smile with a sweet one. “Morning, Moana.” I’m glad she didn’t refer to me as ‘ma’am’. Nice. “Let me help you with that.” She collected the
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I’ll miss you, Spitfire
After catching his breath, “do you think I’m one of those men?” he enquired. Narrowing my eyes, I studied his face keenly. “It’s hard to tell.” It’s indeed hard to tell. He looks cute, like a modest man—but he also has this look of an extremely dangerous man. I don’t know what to think or believe. His mouth widened in a smile and he took a peek at the gold Versace wristwatch strapped on his wrist. “We’ll continue this conversation when I get back, I’m running late for work.” He spun around on his heels. “No.” I replied adamantly. He paused in his steps and twisted the upper part of his body to look at me. “No, what?” “No, you’re not going anywhere.” A corner of his mouth lifted in a smirk. “Okay then.”As if he changed his mind, he turned his feet, walked around the car and got in the driver’s seat. What’s he doing?He kickstarted the car and revved it. What in heaven’s name is he trying to do? My brows furrowed as I stared at him through the windscreen, and he returned my
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The secret passage
But first—My stomach growled. I chuckled, rubbing my hand on my tummy. “I know.”I stepped into my—the—room and closed the door behind me. I headed into the bathroom, brushed my teeth, and soaked myself in the bath for about fifteen minutes. I then walked into the room, dried my body, sat before the dresser and rubbed cream all over. After I was done, I walked into the closet and chose a set of comfy Burberry sweatshirt and joggers. I smiled at myself in the mirror and headed downstairs. The aroma coming from the dining table filled my lungs as soon as I reached the foot of the staircase. My stomach growled in response to the enticing invite and I shuffled my feet into the dining area. The dining table was long—the longest I’ve seen so far. Was this a common room or something? Or a palace? Damn.Right above the long dining table was a stunning crystal chandelier. I ogled at it—it was so mesmerizing. The moment I tore my gaze away from it, my eyes landed on the breakfast on the
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Meeting AI—Stranger alert
Murder me. I’m not concerned about my safety here, I want to get out. Damn.“You shouldn’t worry about your safety here.” She added, with a note of pride. “The men are also top tiers. You should come see them when they train sometimes.” She blushed and resumed walking.Damn. There was no way for me to escape from this hell.“But how come… are we in a jungle?” I dragged my feet after her.She giggled. “It’s an estate. A veryyyyy big one. And Mr. Ethan owns the estate.” She laid emphasis on ‘very’.It must be indeed verryyyy big. After showing me around a little while longer, Alexa led me into the house.“Oh! Meet AI.” She grinned, gesturing at a lovely looking robot.What in hell…? It’s so lovely. How come I haven’t come in contact with it since I got here?“Hello!” I waved my hand in its face.Immediately, I felt a red line go from my head to my feet. Then I heard a beep. “Stranger. Alert.” Wait, what? Did it just say that? Wow!I’d always fantasised about being with robots, but I
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Being rebellious
“I’m sorry, ma’am.”I bit on my lower lip, immediately hating myself for snapping at her. Alexa was friendly, but I had to do what I had to do. That man couldn’t just tamper with me and expect things to be alright. Never. Since I simply wanted to do some retouching, there was no harm in it. Right?“I’ll get the paints.” Alexa spoke, breaking my chain of thoughts. “Good! I love that.” I grinned at her.Alexa headed downstairs to go do as she was instructed, but my next words made her stop in her tracks, abruptly.“You’ll be getting fifteen buckets, each, of wine and black paints.“ I watched her turn around and stare blankly at me, question marks written all over her face.“You heard me right. Those two colors will make everywhere spicy.” I giggled. “Hum, I don’t think that’s a good idea ma’am. Mr. Ethan wouldn’t like that at all.I was irritated again. “And who the hell are you to tell me what he would like or not?” Alexa looked down at her feet, biting on the corner of her lips.
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I am not your wife!
Smiling thankfully at the maid, she dragged her feet to her room.***Ethan’s POV“Sir, isn’t it a bit too early?” Arthur asked with widened eyes. He was obviously shocked that I was leaving the office at this time. I took a peek at the Rolex wristwatch strapped around my wrist, it was a quarter to eight.My mouth pressed into a thin line. “What’s too early about this time?” Come to think of it, I was always overworking. The first to get to work, and the last to leave. I owned this office, and others in the state. I was the boss, and I worked my butt off tirelessly—even more than my employees. Why? Something must be done about this. As I stepped out of the elevator, with Arthur right behind me, an image of that girl’s face flashed through my eyes for the umpteenth time today. I shook my head, chuckling. While in the conference room, her face kept popping out of nowhere, even while I was working in my office. To be candid, I think she was the reason I was going home early. I wa
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