His Undercover Mission

His Undercover Mission

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(Book 1 of The Cypher Agency Series) "I'm your superior, don't ever fall in love with me. But if I fall, don't hesitate to pull the trigger." Top Agent Wave aka Allister, would rather take a bullet than fall in love. When the feisty and strong Agent Nova aka Hira Callan came, missions became difficult. Their relationship should only be professional and nothing more but one night changed it all. "Don't trust anyone. Even salt looks like sugar." This is book 1 of The Cypher Agency Series. This can be read as a stand alone.

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73 chapters
How it all started
His deep-set of brown eyes buried against me. “Why are you so tempting Hira?” His hands trailed on my cheek until it rested on my neck, and made me look up to meet his eyes. “So tempting that I want to risk it all for you."  I can not help but let my lips turn upwards, forming a smirk, knowing the power I have on this man, “Then risk it all for me. I dare you.” He let go of me, and I watch as he ruffled his black locks and clenched his jaw, looking like he is controlling his suffering. He slammed me on the wall, gripping my brown hair. “You really are testing my patience,” his tall and lean body leaned on me, he whispered in my ear, “Agent Nova.” “So?” I fought back. “You and I both know that I am not yours to keep.”  “No, you are mine. I should be the only one to protect you.” I could feel the anger in his eyes. But I can not help but feel angry too, knowing that he sees me as a responsibility and not a partner. He is my superior, a
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Rule 1:Try not to fall in love
I took a deep breath. This is not enough.I have to train more. I’m too consumed by the idea of revenge that nothing matters to me anymore. "You're still weak, Hira." Alessi Sicillian, the famous mafia leader, my target spoke. Weak? Am I? Bang. There goes the sound of the gun in my hand. I shouldn't hear anything afterward because of the deafening impact like before. My heart should be shaking in fear because of letting this gun in my hand decide what to do with the life of the man before me.But everything didn't happen. I feel nothing. And so numb. But...it's so comfortable. So comfortable clutching the gun and feeling the smooth yet hard metal beneath my palms. Tickling my nose, there's a sweet smell lingering in the air...Rust. A sweet smell of rust coming from either the dangerous weapon in my hand or from the blood gushing like a waterfall in my left arm. And my heart...my heart f
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Rule 2: Never kiss your superior
STEPPING INSIDE THE ROOM of steel, pressing the button with the number 20, watching as the doors close and the elevator begins to rise.   The reflecting steel walls allow me to take in my appearance. Brunette roots striking against the blonde locks, and blue eyes scrutinizing every move. The black tank top sticking to my skin just like the leather jeans, and combat boots complete the outfit. Taking out the blue contacts that help to keep my identity hidden, I toss them in the trash.   The low hum of the music playing, allows me to recall the past.    Having found my dad murdered, seeing his lifeless body lying just beyond the front door, set my hurt numb and mind into action. Remembering his words to contact Leonard Martins, an old friend, if there was trouble.   The one call to him changed my entire life, like a scene out of a movie. Allister or as he came,  Harri
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Rule 3: Don't be reckless
It all started with a girl named Hira Callan, entering my life. Let me take you back a few years ago... THE NIGHT SKY, VOID of any stars, embracing a deep blue hue, the moon illuminating within the room. The glow of the television provides the primary source of light, brightening the surrounding with pale blue light. Series of snippets, various interviews, and a headline at the bottom reading, 'School Shooting, this month for the state of New York," urging a sense of panic to surge through my mind. Eyebrows furrowing, a feeling of despair settling in the pit of my stomach as the segment continues to provide more details. A shrill noise sounds, effectively blocking out the low murmurs of the television. The ringing of the burner phone catches my attention as I jump into action, halting the ringing and raising the device to listen. "Agent Wave," the mo
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Rule 4: You'll never win against him
What do you think is the difference between a spy from an assassin? Assassins kill for whatever reason while spies obtain information. You’d think spies are more innocent, but let me tell you, there are dirty tricks behind the curtains. We lie, we fabricate stories, and we mislead people, manipulating them in our favor. We have tricks upon our sleeves while they go for the kill. -Hira                                                              ⟡ Hira ⟡  I woke up early and went to the training room after last night since it ended early. I focused on the dagger in my hand. I squinted my eyes as I calculate my distance and space to the board meters away from me, before throwing the dagger in my hand to the board. I smir
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Rule 5: Never bring up the past
“Stop moving, sweetheart.” I flinched as Wave put something on my scar on my left hand. We are on the infirmary and he helped to treat my wound. He was cleaning and putting a bandage on it. Awkward tension filling the air. “Thank you, partner-in-crime.” I tried to joke.  I thought of another thing to say….I should bring it out since I’m sober that time…“Did you remember last night?” He shushed me. “Don’t.” I raised my eyebrows at him, “So you remember...we should talk about it.” ”That was a mistake. I was drunk. Forget about it Hira. ” He stopped. “Don’t forget, I’m maybe your partner but I am also your superior. We should handle everything professionally.” I stared at him for a minute, carefully analyzing his eyes and his body language. “Of course,” I replied. He’s not fidgeting, shifting his eyes or anything, instead, he was looking at me directly. I’m still nothing compared to him, he’s a top agent after all. And that’s what irritates
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Rule 6: Don't get swayed
A familiar woman showed up at us with her blonde hair and blue eyes and has the same facial features as Sigreen, my roommate. "Hi. I'm Isleen, your pilot for today. Remember, I’m prettier than my twin, Sigreen.” She said without blinking, before flipping her hair and walked away.  I chuckled, still not used to her sassiness. Isleen and I worked already on a mission before and believe me or not, she hates the fact that she has the same face as her twin, claiming that she’s unique. “I agree, she’s prettier than her twin.” Wave said from beside me.  I chuckled, “I gotta say the twins are working hard today, aren’t they?” Wave shrugged. Putting on my earmuffs and sunglasses, I closed my eyes as I feel the jet going on air. Being an agent in Cypher Agency has its perks. And one of them is the unlimited access to every country and travels, as our jets and airplanes can land on any airport, with the pilot showing his watch to the security a
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Rule 7: Don't be careless
“Are you in danger? I'm gonna come-”   “No, I can handle this.” I cut off Wave. I could him feint panic laced in his voice but I remained calm.  The man walked closer to me and I pointed my gun at him. “One more step and I’ll shoot.”   The man raised his hands in the air, showing me his ID. “Relax, I am Agent Smith from the CIA, sent by the government.”   I glanced at his ID and saw it was legit. “Don’t move, explain more.”   “It seems the government wants to test your loyalty. I just came to inform you that.” With that, he left.   Was that a threat from the government? I gotta tell Wave and Mr. Martins about it.   ***********   Despite the CIA’s threats last night, I came early to the club and wore my uniform. We contacted Mr. Martins about it and he told us to just finish our job first. Wave was not seeing to it and demande
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Rule 8: Don't miss him
“Good thing they didn’t hit the vitals.” I heard Mr. Martins’ voice. I was about to open my eyes but I grimaced in pain as I felt the sharp stabbing pain in my left leg. “They dared to fire at one of our agents? They are asking for war, Mr. Martins. We need to fight back.” Wave replied. “No, we still have the K-9 in our hands. What if the government will hire them against us? The k-9 are disloyal dogs, they will serve anyone just for amusement. This is what they want to happen.” “I know what you are planning, Agent Wave. Don’t you dare?” Mr. Martins left. Silence surrounded us until Wave spoke up. “I know you’re awake, open your eyes.” I opened my eyes and stuck my tongue out at him. “Boomer.” I looked around, I am in the agency’s infirmary. “How many hours have I been out?” “Two days.” “Oh…” I trailed off. “I can still walk right?” He looked at me. “I’m afraid not-” “What!?” I shrieked. “not for a few w
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Rule 9: Don't trust anyone
you may ask how I became an agent? Let me tell you everything in detail. I was taken aback by my memories years ago, memories that I had been trying to forget and bury. But these memories were too long but it felt like yesterday.  "Bye, Dad," I yelled while descending the stairs. As soon as I reached the last stair, I was met with my dad's gaze. I went to kiss him on the cheek. "Okay then, wait for your driver he's going to drive you to scho--" before my father could finish his sentence, I cut it off. "--I'm fine, Dad. I can just walk and-" I said but it was my turn to be cut off by my father's powerful voice. "---Hira, my daughter." He looked at me pointedly. If someone is talking with my father, I’m certain that they will melt from the fear of his powerful voice. But I’m different. Living with him ever since I was born, I was used to his authoritative attitude. "I said you're going to wait for the driver." "But...I'm gonna be late-" I s
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