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Book Review: The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat

By: EliseSep 29 2022547

Ambiguous secrets among powerful families, forceful marriage without any romance, variety of love triangles, cheat in marriage, revenge on the love rats…The Divorced Billionaire Heiress is a stunning web novel story including all elements above but not limited to those.

What is the The Divorced Billionaire Heiress about?

Imagine this: A beautiful, pure and lovely young lady from a powerful family had been desiring to marry her right one since she was a little girl. One day, she actually met a man who seemed entirely her dreaming match. Then she tried all means to marry him merely for her own sake and naively expected that he would fell on her gradually.

Unfortunately, her husband had his own beloved before their encounter, and he didn’t feel anything on the lovely lady. For his arrogance and coldness, he treated her in brutal way in the three years during their marriage. Even worse, he ordered his wife to transfer blood to the other woman which was spoke making live by transfusion. In a word, she suffered and tolerated these stuffs for all three years.

Guess when would she realize that she couldn’t bear all of these and gonna take action to terminate her bitter marriage?

No need to wait for any longer. At the beginning of the novel, our heroine, Nicole Stanton who became a desperate young wife, claimed their divorce without any hesitation and left that heartless and cold-bloody man. This is not only a delighting turning point for her, but also a highly pleasing start for us readers to see what would she do to fight back and crack down on the rats once hurt her before.

Main Characters in The Divorced Billionaire Heiress novel

Nicole Stanton

Nicole Stanton was initially the daughter of a wealthy and huge family, and she almost grew up without any difficulties except meeting Eric Ferguson. Eric was her ideal husband and her unique treasure in her first half life. Accordingly, we see a romantic, blindly obsessed and pushy princess whose life aim was merely love from the start. But when she found that there wasn’t any possibility that Eric would fell on her despite she gave up her own family and social nets even dignity to please him, Nicole started weaking up and rethinking her blind choice. Big loss in love tortured her but enlightened her in the meanwhile. Nicole showed her gorgeous decisive action and brilliant calm to terminate the marriage. One typical scene is when she claimed divorce to Eric Ferguson, she didn’t argue about the compensation, on the contrary, she turned back and left the big house regardless of the yields and rages from the Fergusons, which delighted us readers a lot. After divorce, Nicole returned her blood family and decided to live on her way. From now on, she took her duty as the heiress of a giant company and gradually became a smart, brave and qualified head of a big unity. At the end, she was even strengthful enough to bear the Fergusons.

Eric Ferguson

Mr. Ferguson’s first impression was nothing to do with kindness, considerateness and mercy. He married Nicole just because she was willing to transfer blood to his girlfriend. After the wedding, he seldom went back home to stay with his wife but looked after his girlfriend in hospital instead. So he didn’t see and know that his family all abused Nicole because Nicole hided her true identity and married him as nobody. Eric Ferguson didn’t mind what Nicole was going through, either. On the other hand, his girlfriend often played some tricks to break his bind with Nicole. That woman was much more scheming than innocent Nicole. Every time Nicole was inked by her, Eric always stand on her side against Nicole, which inspired her more darkness. To sum up, Eric Ferguson was not qualified to take the role of hero. But there was still something treasuring on him. By the time he realized that Nicole would never love him or belong with him, he started feeling the bitterness and regret. In the middle part of the story, Eric chased after Nicole by all means to beg for forgiveness. The more disgust he made at first, the more hard rounds he met later. Seeing Eric suffering heartbreak is one of the best experience. 


Clayton was the other hero appeared in Nicole’s life after the divorce. He was a big shot as well and fell in love with Nicole early than her expectation.

Comparing with Eric’s boldness and blindness, Clayton’s love towards Nicole was fiery and concentrating. He was tolerant even indulgent to Nicole, and he saved her life when Nicole was in danger. In this story, Clayton’s power and charm made him look like a god saving Nicole and warming her up. But the depth inside of him was the belief in power and strength. He wouldn’t show any mercy on the losers and used to fighting back fiercely against ones betraying him. Anyway, Clayton was an ambiguous character including lightness and darkness in his identity and personality. As a later hero in a romantic novel, he was more of a grew-up man to take a relationship, and this embodied him too much more charmingly than hesitated Eric Ferguson.

Novel Main Plot of The Divorced Billionaire Heiress

What happened between Nicole and Eric has been almost packed up above. The novel is still updating now and the tendency of this broken couple seems to break up infinitely. On the other hand, the bind between Nicole and Clayton appears to take over the main couple’s position. This big twist could be one of the most fascinating parts in the story and deserve to be followed and seen the end.

To add up the plot that Nicole met Clayton. At the earlier beginning, Nicole was still a single and happy young lady. When she traveled overseas, she saved a little boy by chance but put herself in danger simultaneously. At that moment, Eric showed up like a hero to save her. Thus she had a deep crush on him from then on. And that’s why Nicole wanted to marry Eric so badly even if to give up what she have. Coincidently, the little boy was another big shot’s nephew. Of course, it was Clayton. Clayton had been searching for his nephew’s saviour since then, and they eventually met each other after Nicole’s marriage. He was appreciate to her and made any chance to feedback. Gradually, he found that Nicole was just the woman he wanted and adored her day by day.

In the novel later part of The Divorced Billionaire Heiress, Clayton healed Nicole’s broken heart and earned the chance to take care of her entire life. what’s more, they had a baby at last.

Final Thoughts about The Divorced Billionaire Heiress novel

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress is filled with twists, dramatic characters and complex relations, which could be an obstacle for beginners to involve in this type of novel. But if you pass through the first three chapters, you’ll find a charming land to dig and wait for the new chapters.

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