A Billionaire novel is a series of fiction with a setting that main characters in stories are billionaires, which often involves romance factors. Although billionaire novels usually have a similar character setting, different plots always attract batches of readers and give life to this kind of novel. Billionaire novel series help you to escape something annoying in the real world and have a dream of being a billionaire or marrying a billionaire. Diverse stories lead you to experience various wonderful lives, you will be a cool hero in that virtual world described in those billionaire novels you read.

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Begin Again
Val Sims
I Kissed A CEO And He Liked It!
After just a week of getting dumped, Gabrielle Taylor learned from a common friend that her ex-boyfriend and best friend were already engaged.Enraged by their betrayal, Gabrielle crashed into their engagement party and drank to her heart’s desire. She put up a face and even wished her best friend and ex-boyfriend all the best.Claiming to already be in a relationship, Gabrielle walked up to a stranger and kissed him outright! .***Other than his mother, his sisters, and his niece, Kyle Wright, the CEO of the Wright Diamond Corporation, never batted an eye for a woman. He was satisfied, running a business, not intending to be in any relationship. One evening, while excusing himself from a family gathering, a girl came up to him and kissed him out of the blue. His heart raced!Except for the drumming sensation in his chest, he felt everything around him turned mute. He took a deep breath and savored that blossoming scent, coming from the girl.His eyes unwittingly closed as he found himself relishing into the brief but stirring kiss!When the kiss ended, Kyle's eyes struggled to open. It was as if, time had stopped and it suddenly dawned on him that for the first time since he could remember, he experienced what it felt like… getting a boner.After that fateful kiss, he swore to make Gabrielle his.***Book 3 of the Wright Family SeriesBook 1: Mommy, Where Is Daddy? The Forsaken Daughter's ReturnBook 2: Flash Marriage: A Billionaire For A ReboundBook 4: The Devil's Love For The HeiressBook 5: I Fell For The Boy His Daddy Was A BonusNote: Each story can be read as a standalone.Follow me on social media. Search Author_LiLhyz on IG & FB.
The Trap Of Ace
Eva Zahan
CEO Husband's Crazy Love For His Little Wife
Forced her into a marriage, in this world, he gave her everything she wished to have, except she can't look at any other man with her beautiful gaze, she can't love anyone but him, she was his, David Xiver was obsessed with Kate, one day someone asked him "why are you heartless?" He replied, "Because I do not have my heart with me, I have already given her my heart" everyone was getting jealous. People heard he had become the international magnate who had control over three realms, business, law, underworld. "You have more than enough power, why want to obtain more? " He carried her in his arms and declared, "I want to become the king of the world to make my wife the queen of the world. I want to make the world bow in front of her." People understood he had become a wife spoiling manic. They changed their target. They turned to her, "Your husband said he is a cold-hearted person because he left his heart with you. He wanted to become the king of the world to make the world bow in front of you. What is that supposed to mean? She laughed proudly "my darling's heart is the treasure of my life, God made him for me, only for me, I'm a very selfish woman, I don't want him to be soft toward anyone but me, I hate other women wandering around my husband, and his heart loves me the most. That's why his heart is ruthless for the world. What can I do? I'm the queen. Isn't this why he became the king? " She boldly proclaimed. Everybody almost vomited blood because of her words. This husband-and-wife would torture S country's people to death. Life was never easy for David and Kate, but they found each other and became each other's soul. Insta: tsi-author-official
Billionaire's Ex-wife is Mommy of Twins
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