Chapter 469 Her Ingratiation Is Rejected

In the police station, Yao Yiyi looked at Lin Yuan as she trembled. Never in a million years would she have thought that Lin Yuan would be the one to pull the prank on her.

"Please spare me, Yiyi. My head was temporarily muddled, which prompted me to do such a thing. I will never do it again. Please withdraw the charges. I don't want to go to prison." Lin Yuan wanted to throw herself forward but was suppressed by two police officers.

Actually, her prank was not enough to get her convicted, but of all people, she just had to offend Yao Yiyi. Ou Qingheng, Yao Yiyi’s backer, would not let her escape legal sanctions so easily. If they were serious about charging her, a matter that could have been solved with a simple apology could turn into a three to five years prison sentence if Ou Enterprises’ group of lawyers took part in this. She was still young. If she went to prison and had a criminal record, her entire life would be ruined even after she was released from prison.

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