Chapter 470 Would It Affect His High and Mighty Image?

Gu Anran called the emergency number to ask for help. When she looked up, the man had almost fallen onto the ground.

Her heart, which had managed to stay calm for two years, tensed. She was so scared that she almost cried.

Mu Zhanbei did not wish to frighten her, but that was the only way to make her care about him. He leaned on the wall and slowly slid to the ground.

Then he felt dizzy. He did not know it was because he was unwell or because he wanted to make her care about him.

"Don't be scared. I'm fine." When Tiantian cried, he wished he would stay awake for her, but his vision gradually darkened.

He raised his hand to wipe his forehead. It looked like he had lost a lot of blood.

"I'm fine." Well, he was only a little dizzy.

When a strong person like him fell, everyone would be scared out of their minds.

Tiantian sobbed, and Gu Anran pressed her jacket against his forehead. However, it would not stop the blood flow.

Mu Zhanbei's vision continued to blur. Right before
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