Chapter 7 Treat Her Better

“Madam, no!”

The brave servants rushed forward and opened their arms. They were trying their best to stop the tragedy from happening.

The ones who were timid started crying and wailing and covered their faces.

Ye Ming’s legs gave out under him and he fell on the ground. He was trembling all over and shouted, “No, Yin!”

When everyone thought Lin Congyin was going to be dead for sure, someone noticed something was not right.

The thing that fell was smaller in size. When everyone looked closer, they noticed that the thing that fell was not Lin Congyin but the doll that she was holding.

Everyone went over to tell Ye Ming quickly. When he heard the news, he started crying tears of joy.

But if it was the doll that fell, where was Lin Congyin?

This was Lin Congyin’s favorite doll. There was one time the doll fell through the cracks of the stairs from the second floor to the first floor, Lin Congyin had wanted to leap over the railings to grab it.

If she did not have someone next to her at that time, she would be gone.

But Ye Ming did not care about that after he confirmed it was the doll that fell, he sat on the ground and refused to get up. “Thank God it’s not Yin.”

Just as everyone was feeling relieved, something happened upstairs.

Initially, Xu Yi and Ye Shaotang were quite a distance away from Lin Congyin. Xu Yi was trying to coax Lin Congyin to come over slowly.

Everything was happening very smoothly.

Even Lin Congyin did not notice or feel the doll falling out from her arms.

However, the screams from downstairs startled Lin Congyin, who was about to make her way to Xu Yi.

Lin Congyin looked down at the commotion and saw her doll had fallen, she unconsciously reached out her hand to try and grab it, “My daughter!”

Xu Yi’s expression changed. She thought, “Damn it, I’ve shot myself in the foot. That garbage Ye Shaotang would love to kill me now.

However, there was no such word as defeat in Xu Yi’s dictionary, even if the situation turned extremely bad, she would not give up. She ran at top speed toward Lin Congyin and shouted in her ear, “Hey, Mom. I’m here.”

Lin Congyin had been depressed for years, so her reactions were slower than the normal human. Hence this allowed Xu Yi to quickly hug Lin Congyin like a simpering daughter just in time.

Ye Shaotang watched how the alarming scene unfolded before his eyes. He was shocked yet felt fortunate.

He was shocked when the usually timid and dumb Xu Yi became courageous, she was even smart enough to trick Lin Congyin.

He felt fortunate because no matter what, mom was safe.

Ye Shaotang hurried over to them and gathered both of them in his arms.

Even though he did not want to have any physical contact with Xu Yi, but since she risked herself to save Lin Congyin, he could reluctantly hug her.

The ecstatic Ye Shaotang did not notice Xu Yi’s body turned tense in that instance.

Xu Yi, however, very quickly assumed that Ye Shaotang’s unusual behavior was abnormal. Perhaps he wanted to show himself in front of his parents.

No matter the truth, Xu Yi decided to bear with it for the moment. She would just think of this as some random guy molesting her on the public bus.

Lin Congyin struggled to escape from Ye Shaotang’s tight grip, she pulled Xu Yi away with caution.

She turned back around after a few steps and peered at Ye Shaotang with disgust. She asked Xu Yi in a quiet voice, “Daughter, who is this man? He’s handsome. Is he your boyfriend? How is his family background? How many siblings does he have?”

Xu Yi turned around and looked at Ye Shaotang sympathetically. Then, she decided to explain everything to Lin Congyin.

Ye Shaotang rushed forward swiftly. He held Lin Congyin’s arm in one hand and smiled cooperatively, “Mom, I am Shaotang. I am Lil Yi’s husband. We’re already married.”

Lin Congyin inspected Ye Shaotang up and down with her eyes for a while before nodding in satisfaction. She said, “Okay, he looks decent. You’re an okay match for our Lil Yi.”

Xu Yi complained internally. “This is your son. Is this the way for you to praise your son?”

But Lin Congyin’s focus was clearly on Xu Yi. She was rambling with Xu Yi about the things that happened when she was young.

Those things were all imaginary, but the care and longing that was laced within the conversation were genuine.

Xu Yi’s mother had already passed away. She had never felt the love of a mother since then.

Listening to Lin Congyin’s rambles, she started to feel sad and her eyes turned red. She could not help herself but promised Lin Congyin, “Mom, I was too busy with work that’s why I didn’t come to visit you that often. Don’t worry, Shaotang and I will definitely come and visit you more often in the future.”

There was a glimmer of surprise in Lin Congyin’s eyes. She smiled and said, “Good, good. You’re all good kids.”

Xu Yi took the pastries that she chucked to Ye Shaotang to hold before and gave it to Lin Congyin. “I bought some pastries for you. Try them. If you like it, I’ll buy them again when I come back next time.”

Lin Congyin hugged the pastries in her arms like they were treasures and laughed childishly, “Of course I’ll like them. My darling daughter bought them, they’re the most delicious.”

When Ye Ming saw Lin Congyin, she was walking downstairs with Xu Yi and Ye Shaotang.

Usually, when both of them were back, Lin Congyin would be asking Ye Shaotang lots of questions and she would ignore Xu Yi.

But it was the opposite today.

Ye Shaotang explained to Ye Ming what happened upstairs and said with mixed feelings, “We have to thank Xu Yi for what happened today.”

It was a long time since Ye Ming saw Lin Congyin smiled and he was extremely happy. He looked at Xu Yi with praise. “Child, you’re always saying negative things about Lil Yi, but you depended on her during this critical moment. Come to think of it, she’s usually timid but during a moment like just now, she was not afraid at all. She’s definitely the Ye Family’s daughter-in-law. Shaotang, I know you have lots of opinions toward me, but those are already in the past. You have your own family now. Lil Yi is a good child, cherish her and treat her better.”

Ye Shaotang looked at Xu Yi in a non-committal manner. The scene of Xu Yi and Lin Congyin talking and smiling together looked harmonious to him.

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