Chapter 17: Tormentor

Faint voices floated from the far end of the room to Kayle’s bed.  She tossed in the bed, moaning as she tried to open her eyes. Beeping sounds kept with the rhythm of her heart.

“Conor, I don’t think I can tell her; I mean, it’s going to be hard on her,” said a familiar voice.

“You know she is going to ask where he is,” Answered Conor.

Kayle finally opened her eyes and saw Mitch shake his head in defeat as he stood to look out at the darkening sky. The clouds were dark and pregnant with rain, waiting to flood down on the city. Kayle looked between Conor and Mitch, searching for a third person who was at the moment not in the room.

“Guys, what’s going on?” Kayle whispered.

Both vampires turned quickly to her voice as her question remained unanswered. Conor went to the side of her bed and took her hand. Kayle looked in his eyes and knew something had gone terribly wrong. Kayle looked a

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