139: Eye-Opener

I was so sore all over. My hearing was a bit muffled but as time passed it got clearer and clearer. I heard familiar voices, sobbing as I felt a hand wrapped around mine. I wanted to speak up. I wanted to console them, but my throat is still sore that I can barely make any sound.

I slowly clasped my hand around my husband's hand. I haven't opened my eyes yet, but I'm one hundred percent sure that it was him. I felt him flinch a little at my sudden movement, I even heard a bit of a gasp, If I could laugh I would have.

I clutched my legs as I sat on the bus with my husband. I really go crazy when I’m shopping. There were boutiques for everything. Clothes, shoes, household stuff, food that could only be found in South Korea, and even things for the baby.

I went wild with now me and Gavin is stuck in a bus on the way to the Namsan tower with tons of shopping bags in both our hands.

“Love, you shouldn’t be trusted with a black card!” He exclaimed as he catch his breath. I laughed at hi
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