144: Happy Ever After

"The last time that you've been this sick was when..." Gavin didn't even finish his sentence. The two of us immediately looked at each other and we both knew what he meant.

"Love, can you..." He walked over to the kitchen counter before I could even finish was I was saying.

"On it. Just wait for me here." He said before going out of the door. I waited for him in the living room, watching television as ZG and Zia were sitting on the carpet, playing.

The day came, the day of the trial. I know that we're prepared for whatever they would throw at us but I'm still very much anxious. We don't know what Kacey has under her sleeve, I just hope that this won't get dragged out.

"Are you ready?" I asked Zab as we got to the court.

"Ready as I'll ever be." She replied to me and I just held her hand to at least let her know that I'm here for her.

Gavin wouldn't be attending the trial because of work and that actually made me more nervous. I just hope that everything will go according to our plan.
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