Having dealt with the system, Naruto finally decided to examine his current situation and turned on the computer first. But, to his disappointment, he did not find anything interesting there. It seems that computers in this world were different from those he "remembered". Judging by the hundreds of paper reports throughout the office, it became clear how everything worked here ... Naruto worked mainly at the keyboard, and then they printed out all the documents. It seems that there was no global Internet here, only there was some small toy like a snake over which a man stuck for a couple of minutes.

After this moment of relaxation, he glanced at his desk and quickly dumped all unnecessary trash. Leaving only the monitor, keyboard, and a photo of "his" family. Although, after some deliberation, he removed her to the table, having previously admired Hinata's gorgeous body. This girl was completely different from any of Naruto's memories. In the past, he liked girls like Ino or Sakura better, and he also recognized the chic bodies of Tsunade and Mei. Sometimes he even thought about the cool body of Temari or Tenten, but he didn't think about Hinata often, except in childhood itself ... Here the girl turned out to be just a heavenly beauty with gorgeous breasts and a luxurious body. Her face and lavender eyes simply did not leave a chance to any man.

"God ..." Naruto swallowed, realizing that this beautiful woman is his wife and he has the ability to do almost anything he wants with her! This thought aroused him in earnest, he immediately jumped up from his seat to sit down on the chair again. He remembered that it would be better not to attract attention ...

"Eh, here ... She can recognize me. It's easier for her than for the rest, because the wife ... But, so sexy! Judging by her depravity, Naruto's sex was sad "- with a sneer, the man leaned back in his chair and threw his feet on the table:

"Damn it, it's not that bad! Now I am the Seventh Hokage and it looks like he no longer exists! I have power, a hot wife and a lot of connections in my hands! Yes, I'm lucky! "

In general, the photo of the family served not only with the understanding that Naruto had a beautiful wife, but also reminded of a teenage son and a slightly younger daughter - Boruto and Himawari! It turned out that he was already at that moment in history, when the "New Generation" began its ascent. The moment Naruto's power was at its peak! It's a pity, it's on the way ... It spoiled the impression a little. Although, the man somehow quickly dismissed these problems. Perhaps it is still not so bad and until then it will be possible to have fun as it should.

The photo was quickly removed to the nearest cabinet on the table, where Naruto noticed a metal safe:

- Interesting ... Well, why not, - with a grin, Naruto tried to break the handle of the safe and surprisingly he succeeded! The power of the legendary shinobi, even without chakra, was impressive!

- Hmm, - rummaging through some papers, the Hokage grabbed a wad of money.

+ 20,000 ryos.

"Oh, not bad! It looks like there are personal things here ... "- rummaging a little more, he found several wedding photos with the charming Hinata, and also photos of very young children. Various papers, a Leaf protector and even a couple of packs of instant noodles. It's hard to believe that anyone would keep this in a safe ... Although, there were also scrolls with different techniques that Naruto surprisingly understood. Only now they weren't particularly helpful ...

+ Secret Scroll of the First Hokage

+ Tobirama Senju Technique Set

"Okay, maybe it will do ... There are also some reports and mostly some secret notes. I don't really understand them, all this concerns intelligence ... "- returning the safe door to its previous position, Naruto pretended that everything was so, only put the money in his pocket. Nearby, on a hanger, he managed to find his white coat and spare clothes.

Having rummaged through the books on the shelf, the Hokage could not get anything worthwhile, so he returned to his place. But, at the same moment, he suddenly tensed, because he heard a sound and, apparently, steps!

Looking as busy and serious as possible, Naruto pulled out the keyboard and buried himself in the monitor.

Without knocking, someone quietly entered his office. The Hokage immediately disliked this, but did not show it, continuing to maintain the appearance of being busy.

"Ha, Naruto, back to work?" - Slowly, a tall, thin man entered the Hokage's office. Naruto immediately drew attention to him and naturally recognized him, after all, Shikamaru is hard not to recognize. Sharp dark hair, narrow eyes and a small beard, bored eyes and yellowish skin. It could be said that he did not look particularly healthy, although his white shirt, resembling a raincoat, looked quite stylish. Naruto immediately had a desire to get rid of his bright clothes. Not so long ago, in the mirror, he saw a rather attractive blue-eyed blonde, but here's the clothes ...

Naruto turned away and resumed reading the first document he came across.

Shikamaru bent down curiously and glanced at the Hokage's work.

- Ah ... You are examining this case again. I said, rest, relax, - leaning on the table, Shikamaru brushed the dust off someone else's table without any embarrassment and grinned.

"You're working too hard. Let's go have a drink with Chоji tonight.

Naruto was already beginning to get annoyed at this familiar attitude on the part of the "friend." After all, he was the Hokage, and this guy was acting so impudent! For him, this type did not look at all like a friend, but like some unfamiliar impudent person, and even a potential threat. But, Naruto did not lose his temper, although he was distracted in order to end this unpleasant chatter:

- Have you finished your work?

"Ah ..." Shikamaru smiled and scratched the back of his head. "I'll finish tomorrow." In any case, Shizune will bring everything for you to see. If something is wrong, will you correct it? All this paperwork annoys me so much ...

Naruto's eyebrows go up:

- You haven't done your job and are going to rest?

- Well, uh ... - Shikamaru will look at my friend in bewilderment: - What's the matter with you? You don't usually push like that. As I say, I will do everything. Keep it simple, buddy. You yourself would have scattered. Yes, and in the clan I have problems, eh ...

Quickly translating the topic, the man tried to chatter to his friend:

- Speaking of the clan ... Listen, Naruto, we are in financial trouble. After an accident at one of the laboratories, we have big problems. I'm honestly tired already ... Listen, Temari is pushing and telling us to discuss this. You do not mind?

The Hokage immediately got distracted with interest:

"Temari means ... Hmm, it's worth scouting ... Since he himself offers me his wife, how can I refuse?"

The man nodded slowly and leaned back in his chair, his fingers closed together.

- Speak.

Shikamaru tensed, Naruto behaved somehow differently ... But, ignoring it, Nara laughed and scratched the back of his head again.

- Ha! Well, I'll tell her. Usually everything in the clan is decided by Temari, you know. I have plenty of work to do here, too.

- Yes? - The Hokage began to understand this "worker" better and better. But, I did not focus too much on this due to too precarious position, so I nodded:

- Tell her to come in, let's say ... - glancing at the calendar by the wall, he nodded thoughtfully:

- In a week, I'll be free. If anything changes, I will inform Shizune.

- Oh, thanks buddy! - Shikamaru was delighted and, as if getting rid of a heavy burden, cheered up:

"Okay, it's evening already, time to go home ... Well, I mean find Chоji. Ha-ha, you know us ... By the way, we are glad to see you too! Oh yeah, can you cover me if Temari asks?

Naruto just nodded as the "friend" immediately left the office and evaporated.

`` Yes, it looks like it's in the order of things, '' the Hokage shook his head with an irritated grimace.

"And what did you leave me for a mess here ... No respect! I mean, I'm sitting at work, and he went to have fun. Moreover, he even threw off the duties of the clan on his wife ... I remember Shikamaru is lazy, but so that "- Naruto gritted his teeth:" Now it is he who has to sort out all these papers or some kind of Jonin, but not me! Now I have to drink enough sake and shake my beautiful wife! "

Realizing this problematic situation, the Hokage only grew gloomy. He has already had enough time to regain all his strength and change these ridiculous rules!

As soon as Shikamaru left the village chief's office, he clenched his fist happily.

"Excellent! Naruto always helps me out, becoming an advisor is the best choice in my life! Wow Chоji, hold on, your luck won't help you tonight! " - thinking about a pleasant evening with a friend, Nara chuckled wryly:

"Temari will throw a scandal again ... Eh, maybe it was also worth marrying someone from Kumo? Yeah ... She's getting worse lately. "

With a leisurely gait, Shikamaru waved at several Shinobi acquaintances and left the residence. He did not even think about Naruto's strange behavior, although perhaps he simply did not focus on it, carried away by his evening rest …

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