A Game With The Billionaire

A Game With The Billionaire

By:  Rae-Rae  Ongoing
Language: English
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Book 2; Loving The Billionaire series "Let's play a game, Miss. Emma." His voice was deep, alluring, bringing her into the world she had never imagined. She leaned on the chair. "What kind of game?" -- Firstly, the CEO of the best flourishing game company, Emma Roberts had agreed to play a game with the ceo of her rival company, Jeremy Hart. It was a game of benefit, and Fairplay, but what happens when feelings surpass the game? Would this same game lead to something they both didn't expect? - "In this game. There's no falling in love." He said. "I agree." The whole atmosphere was tense.

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Delinda Schumacher
40 chapters 8-12-23
2023-08-12 22:17:33
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Love this book so much, and the mystery that surrounds it all, can't wait to see those two develop.
2023-06-08 12:56:08
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I love the story so far it's entertaining!
2023-05-23 05:27:21
66 Chapters
The room was lit, with golden chandeliers and sparkling light twinkling in the room, exotic chairs was placed between a table, with glass of different wine, a center stage, a microphone, and if there was one thing, it reeked of money, it was a day where popular CEOs meet up to discuss the current progress of their company.Seated in a corner was the CEO of the second most leading game company, Emma Roberts, her eyes were sharp gazing through the room, and her hand fiddled with the glass, taking a gentle sip one at a time."Ma’am, are you going to introduce your new sketched game?" Her assistant said quietly,Emma’s eyes was fixated on the stage, as she gazed at who was talking, she glanced back at her assistant, nearly giving a nod. "I don’t think I will, I only sketched the game idea yesterday, wouldn’t it be bad to rush into conclusions and announce the concept of the game." She said rather calm.Her assistant heave a rather heavy sigh, "But the game concept is so good, they will sup
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Chapter 1;
Imperial restaurant,2:45pm.Emma’s rolls Royce made a swift stop at the restaurant that stood boldly in front of her, the car door creaked opened, and tall legs was in came in clear view, Emma wiped the sweat that lingered on her forehead before frowning.Her chestnut wavy hair was tied in a classical bun, still, layers seemed to peek out amid her collarbone, dressed in a creamy navy female suit, and she looked gorgeous. Compared to other female CEO around her age.Her eyes stared at the huge restaurant and her lips twitched upward, the restaurant that her mother owned, correction, and the bistro that she now owned. It was passed down to her anyways.And, now it was the same restaurant she was having her fifth blind date, what an ironic way to play fate with her.With a deep sigh, she entered the restaurant, her high heels clinked the floor as she did so. An epitome of grace, beauty, she was flawless. Prefect.Her emerald eyes surveyed the whole area, searching for a particular someon
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Chapter 2:
The sound reverberated around the whole room, and all the elites couldn’t help but gaze back, their eyes glimmering for fresh gossip, instant murmuring were heard next."Who is she?""Don’t you know, she’s the CEO of the restaurant? She’s the owner as of now."Emma inhaled, then exhaled, grasping her hand bag firmly, she casted one last look at her mother. "Mother, I will call you."She turned around and left, numerous gazes following her every movement.Jeremy laughed, before clinking with the hemline of his suit, a figure appeared immediately, and he bowed slightly."Young Master, shall I go after her?" His voice was unfathomable, he was huge, his jaw line too hard.Jeremy waved his hands indifferently, "I don’t think so."Sadie glanced at Jeremy with a bitter smile. "Please pardon my daughter; she’s a little childish these days." She smiled nervously.He nodded his head. "Yes Mother, certainly, I find your daughter really amusing." His eyes glimmered with desire. "I want her already
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Chapter 3:
Emma dreaded inwardly, but she managed to keep her posture straight. "Why would I want to play a game with you?"His eye lids flicked rather dangerously, "It’s a marriage game, we get married, and act like a couple, first person to fall in love loses, in this game, we advance by getting power points, and different levels."Emma sneered. Marriage game? Who was this guy to endlessly joke about love, like it was some piece of cake?; "Thank you, but, I am not interested in your pathetic games, I have a life to live."He leaned on the chair, his eyes growling lazily, all his elder brothers were married, and if he didn’t get married anytime soon, his mother would push a lady to him, what was more fun than getting married to someone who shared the same interest as you?"Think this through." Damn. He only needed a way to convince her that was all he needed."I won’t," Emma grabbed her hand, but he hauled her back to the chair.“Don’t go,” he sounded rather in need, than in an excitement to pla
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Chapter 4;
"Meeting ended." Jeremy’s dark voice loomed in, as he pushed the chair aside.The gathering stood up, giving a curt bow, arranging their folders, before the door dinged, as a sign of their dismissal.Jeremy sighed wearily, massaging his temples, he left the meeting room, walking to the receptionist. “Any appointment?”The receptionist nodded her head. “Actually, the CEO of GameInc has booked a meeting with you, then after her, is a woman called Miss. Clare.”He quirked his brows slightly, CEO Emma. Right, he hadn’t seen her for weeks, and now she was already creeping to his side, he chuckled slightly, who ever could resist the charms of Jeremy Hart.“When?” He asked, his voice tensed.Through her glasses, the receptionist peered into the screen, before she looked back at him. “In the next five minutes sir,” She gazed around, noticing his dim reaction. "If you want, I can cancel the appointment." Her hands made to the delete button.He raised his arms. "Don’t you dare do that!"The r
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Chapter 5:
"What do you imagine?" Her voice was rough.How badly he wanted to pull her closer, her face was nearly close to his, and her eyes twinkled dangerously, he breathed heavily.Her hands rubbed his chin, her touch, as warm as silk, he closed his eye lids melting in her gentle gaze. She was gentle, her breath rowdy in his face. Her lashes making contact with his cheek.Slowly, she retreated, her hand no longer making chemistry with his jaw, she positioned her self and walked back to her seat.He bobbed his eyes open immediately, "What happened?" What happened to the pleasure he was receiving? Damn, what in the heck happened?"I won a point. Mr. Hart." Her gaze was sinister, and only then, did it dawned on him that he had lost.Emma: 1Jeremy: 0"I can't believe that you just did that." He said through gnashed teeth. She had tortured him with her touch, she had made him feel like he was in heaven and the next minute he was transported to hell. She grabbed her bag. "I have a favour to ask,
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Chapter 6:
The figure stepped in, performing a curt bow mostly to Sadie. "Mother. It's so nice seeing you again. You look more pretty than the last time I saw you." He pulled the chair and took a seat, a commending smile on his face.Emma adjusted in her seat to catch the reaction of her mother, and like she had expected, it was plain real, her mother had dropped the bread back to the bowl, the sound thinner than before. "Jeremy?"He gave her a cheeky smile. "At your service."Sabrina gazed at the handsome god in front of her, her cheek blaring red, and when he looked at her and smiled, her collarbones turned a lighter shade of red."Thank you once again for honouring me here," His hands sneakily made a grip around her waist, of course, no one noticing.She casted him a dark look for his unnoticed movement, and he smiled rather dotingly. 'You started it.'Sadie picked the bread lowering it to her lips. "It's really a surprise seeing you here; honestly, I hadn't expect it." She smiled warmly. "Bu
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Chapter 7:
The next day, as soon as Emma descended the stairs of her office, she walked towards her car, dark shades etched around the corner of her face, her lips parted apart as she twisted the knob of her car.Just when she was about getting in the car, the phone in her Louis Vuitton bag chimed loudly, before she opened the bag, and brought out the phone, swiping through the message that popped in.Her face squeezed together in dissatisfaction when she realized it was her grandmother, Old Mistress Martha, her lips formed into a sly sigh, when she read the message.Old Mistress Martha- I have organized a family meet together. Be there.She sighed, she hated going to a family meet together because all they ever said were ways to get more money, ways to improve their net worth, and ways to convince her to shut down her game company.She got into the car, placing the key into its appropriate place, before the engine sounded and soon, she twisted the wheels with her hands, and slowly, the car mad
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Chapter 8:
Emma froze, her eyes trailing across the room until it landed back at Old Mistress Martha.Her eyes trickled slightly. "What do you mean?"Pure anger seem to swell up in Martha's face, as her hand made to hit Emma, "I said, what's your damn relationship with a Hart? are you out of your mind?"Emma shivered as she took a step back, her heart pumping with anger. She didn't get it, why would Old Mistress Martha try so bad to control her life? it was sickening to the ears, it made her whole body shake violently."You can't control my life, grandmother." Her voice laced with anger.Old Mistress Martha breathed heavily, her face squishing in rage, she pointed her hand at her, "Don't you disrespect me, I am your grandmother." She yelled furiously."I don't care!" Emma fought back her anger, suppressing her self. "What I do with a Hart is none of your business."Old Mistress Martha stood up from the chair walking towards her, Emma took a step back.She flaunted the cane in her direction. "You
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Chapter 9:
Emma stumped the office in a fit, her eyes blaring with anger as she walked into Jeremy's company, she just has to quit the game, she couldn't take her grandmother rage, Old Mistress Martha isn't all that she seemed but she was sly and dangerous, and she wouldn't want to play with the fire itself.He bag etched around her arm protectively, as she walked towards the receptionist, her hands scrubbing against the counter. "I want to see the CEO now." A heavy yet dark snort escaped her nostrils The receptionist arched a brow at her, her hands screeching on the keyboard. "Did you book an appointment?""I didn't." Emma's eyes darkened."Sorry ma'am-""I want to see him." Emma tilted her head, as voice coming out dark, dangerous and we'll gothic.The receptionist took a step back in the counter, a whimper nearly escaping her lips. "I understand. I will try to book you an appointment.""Now." Emma said slowly, her words registering into the receptionist's brain, "I want to see him now!""Oh.
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